Term Definition
Skeleton Your framework in your body.
Vertebrae 26 bones in you back.
Joint Is a place in the body where two bones connect.
Ligament Connective tissue.
Cartilage More flexible than bone.
Compact Bone Hard and dense type of bone.
Spongy Bone Has many small spaces within it.
Marrow Soft, connective tissue found in the spaces of spongy bone.
Osteoporosis A condition where the body's bones become weak.
Involuntary Muscle The muscles that are not under your control.
Voluntary Muscle The muscles that are under your control.
Skeletal Muscle Provides the force to move your bones.
Tendon A strong connective tissue.
Striated Muscle These are just skeletal muscles.
Smooth Muscle Involuntary muscles.
Cardiac Muscle The muscle only in your heart.

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