Substance Abuse Essay

Substance Abuse I agree with the behavioral/cognitive theory, the biological theory, and the sociocultural theory. These three viewpoints share certain elements that are all important. The sociocultural theory states that substance abuse is a result from stress as well as environmental factors. When there is low socioeconomics and unemployment is high, drugs may used to relieve stress. The behavioral/cognitive viewpoint sees the situation as contributing to the use of substances. This viewpoint shows that substances abuse patterns are developed through operant conditioning when the person uses to relieve stress.

The relief of stress through using a substance eventually turns into a habit as the person expects the reward when they use. This causes the individual to start using the substances even when the stress level is not high and becomes a motivation for reward. The behavioral/cognitive and the sociocultural views are seen throughout socioeconomically depressed communities, as well as middle-class communities that may be experiencing stress from jobs and the economic situation. In the biological theory, research demonstrates a link between substance abuse, genetics, and biochemical factors.

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This is when a person may become an addict because there brain chemicals are not all the normal levels. They often self medicate with substances to alter their biochemical levels in an artificial way. In sociocultural therapies, community prevention programs, self help programs, and gender sensitive programs are common ways for treatment. In all three theories social group therapies are used. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are just two examples of a social group therapy. Relapse prevention therapy and behavioral control are used in Behavioral/Cognitive therapy.

Biological therapy treatments use detoxification, antagonistic drugs and maintenance therapy. Methadone is an example of maintenance therapy. This is where the patient is prescribed methadone to be able to stay stable without the use of harmful drugs. An antagonistic drug induces a chemical ill feeling when a drug is consumed. I believe all of these viewpoints have positive and negative effects to the cause and effect of substance abuse. I believe the best treatment for substance abuse is the behavioral/cognitive theory as well as drug therapy.


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