Substance Abuse Paper Essay

Substance abuse is the abuse of drugs or alcohol for a long period of time. When someone is affected by substance abuse they don’t know how to conduct themselves in public. In America, the most widely used drug is Alcohol. Most people have an experience with alcohol earlier than the age of 13. Alcohol and drugs also affect students in college. 28 percent of college dropouts are alcohol users. Marijuana and prescribed drugs are commonly abused by college students.

The abuse of drugs has a terrible effect on college students psychologically and physically. The psychologically effect drugs has on a person tends to be permanent. The main signs of psychological effects of drugs in college students are depression, anxiety and paranoia. With most students the use of a drug increases the tolerance for the drug and it takes larger amounts to get high. When the high is not achievable it can lead to depression. Drugs also make students paranoid. The excessive use of marijuana and cocaine can lead make one paranoid.

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And anxiety occurs when the drug users becomes unable to focus on a task or responsibility for too long without getting distracted. This is also the reason people lose their Jobs because of the lack f focus in the work place. The physically effects of drugs are worst because people notice them right away. The most common physical change you notice when someone is under the influence is sudden weight loss or weight gain. You can also notice different sleep patterns, blood shot red eyes, unusual smells on their body or breath and impaired coordination.

Students under drug use also show behavioral problems while under drug abuse. The behavioral problems are usually drop in attendance in school, need for extra financial assistance, sudden change in friends/hobbies and getting into trouble/fghts. In college, students go through the many phases of pressure. Most people try to do things to feel cool and popular. The people that do try the drugs continue to do it and Just get used to the feeling of the drug in their body.

Others students try drugs because they are stressed and overwhelmed and they don’t they know any other way to cope but then to get high. Man campuses offer a free counselor that they can talk to help them with their problems. Most college campuses are “dry campus” and don’t allow alcohol or drugs on campus. When students are caught with these substances there are many different outcomes. Some chools automatically kick the student out and others give the student the opportunity to make it right. IVe personally have gotten caught smoking marijuana on my college campus.

The experience I had to go through wasn’t the most pleasant experience. I don’t really have a reason as for why I was smoking marijuana. In my case I was lucky enough not to get kicked out of school and was given a second chance but being put on disciplinary probation. I now know the serious effects of drugs and what and addiction or drug abuse can do to me. Drug abuse affects a lot of college students for a long period of time and I wouldn’t want that to happen to e because I know I do have a bright future.

My mother didn’t send me to college to get caught up in the college life she sent me to school for one reason and that is to get a proper education and make something out of my life. In conclusion, after typing Getting all the facts together and understand what really happens I know that I cant continue the use of marijuana. I also know that if I feel like that I’m over whelmed and stress there is a school counselor that is more than willing to talk to me and hear what I’m going through and help me make the best decisions for my life.


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