Substitution of Foam in a Fibre Heat Absorber Panel Essay

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction

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Substitution of Foam in a Fibre Heat Absorber Panel Essay
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Malaya is good known as a state which is acquiring more develop. The rapid building leads to the development of the economic growing. But, alternatively of trailing to be a good develop state within the twelvemonth 2020, the major jobs has arises non merely for Malaysia but it is covered all around the universe.

Presents, due to all of world activities held to develop the state, the ozone bed has going dilutant and planetary heating issue is originating. Harmonizing to Webster, K ( 2010 ) , planetary heating can be defined as an addition in the mean temperature of the Earth atmosphere particularly a sustained addition to do clime alteration. Due to climate alteration, the Earth surface will experience excess hot and gives uncomfortable conditions to the people.

We know that planetary warming bash non has any remedy but there are some solutions to minimise this consequence before it is going worst. The authorities should take an exigency action to trip people particularly to give consciousness about the consequence of planetary warming toward the Earth. Government should pass some money on research and development ( R & A ; D ) section to make a new innovation or invention of green merchandise which the merchandise will minimise the degree of heat base on ballss to the edifice. This scheme is more eco friendly and it has low cost which everybody can afford to implement the merchandise at their place or edifice.


As planetary heating is giving rapid climatic alteration which it can be precise as the presence of inordinate heat which it will harmful and give uncomforted state of affairss to the human. Weaponries K ( 1998 ) said that town is hotter than the state side because they lie in urban heat bubbles formed by the energy used in the town for warming and lighting as it rises into the air. The heat will be blown out if there is a blowy conditions but if there is no wind the heat will pin down and it will do the environment become hotter.

For the past old ages, our building industry is utilizing heat panel absorber made by froth or glass wool. It has been proven by Wilson R. et. Al ( 1999 ) that man-made vitreous fibres ( SVFs ) have been widely used as insularity stuff in topographic points where asbestos was used many old ages ago and hence the jeopardies have been compared. Since the asbestos fibres caused lung malignant neoplastic disease at high exposures glass wool is five to ten times less hazardous ( and of class the hazard might be zero ) . But, National Toxicology Program stated that, mechanistic survey have shown that some glass wool fibres have the possible to do the amendss to DNA.

Therefore, by experimenting some invention of heat panel absorber and use the panel to all of the edifice in a town or congested country, it may cut down or minimise the degree of heat entree into the edifice therefore it will give a balance temperature for people inside the edifice to make the activities. The panel will be made with the combination of agribusiness waste such as coconut coir and paddy chaff. In peninsular Malaysia, a sum of 4.2 million dozenss of harvests residue and 2.3 million dozenss of farm animal waste were green goodss ( greenpages, 2006 ) . So, one of the best solutions to do usage the waste is by recycle it.



Malaysia is known as a tropical state. It has warm and humid temperature throughout the whole twelvemonth. But, today since there are rapid development undertaking, the environment temperature is increasing easy and it cause planetary heating.

Harmonizing to Dr Zainal Ariffin, ( 2010 ) the deputy of illness control at the ministry of wellness, those who are worked as a workingman, ground forces, and kids are more inclination to acquire heat shot where it can do people weak all of a sudden.

It is supported by Dr Lailanor, ( 2010 ) where she said that due to increasing in temperature, it will impact people emotion and they are easy acquiring tired.

Therefore there is a demand to make a farther research merely to minimise the degree of sound and noise from come ining to the edifice. Hence the invention of panel heat absorber can be design so that the jobs will easy be solved in the future clip.


The purpose of this research is to come out with panel usagepermutationnatural coir and coir fiber assorted with paddy chaffs for heat absorber panel. This is in order to convert the provider and the contractor to put in the permutation of froth to a fiber heat absorber panel. In order to accomplish this purpose the undermentioned aims are identified:

  1. To analyze the heat and the causes of heat itself.
  2. To manufacture the heat absorber panel.
  3. To prove the capableness of the panel towards heat.


This research is expected to better the workability of the panel heat absorber. Since there are many type of heat absorber in the market, this new execution of the design of panel heat absorber will convey new method in the building field.

This research is anticipating the panel will be one of the heat absorber panels and the stuff used will be acceptable for the heat optical density.

This result of merchandise from this research will give benefit to the building sector and agricultural sector and it will lend to fulfillment one of the Construction Industry Master Plan ( CIMP ) objective that is to advance more advanced building environment.


There are some trying frames and targeted group which this thesis is concentrating on such as the research is targeted to all stuff providers in Malaysia which are involved in building industry which they will happen this advanced design of heat absorber panel as a convenient and economical. Since in this epoch people are taking attention on the environment, this eco friendly heat absorber panel made by the agricultural waste such as coconut coir and paddy chaff will go a high in demand since the stuff used in this panel is reclaimable and easy to acquire.

Second, the targeted group for this research is the design and built squad. This group of people will do this panel adaptable in this building industry. Since the panel is categorized as new invention, the design tem such as the designer and applied scientist can use this panel to the new develop houses which this panel will give high heat absorber and cut down the heat from penetrate inside the edifices.

Last, the community who suffered from this nuisance can be one of the mark groups which this group will be interested if this panel will be the solution to cut down the heat from doing them experience uncomfortable. Besides, the pick to put in this panel is depending on the client demands. If this panel is success in cut downing the heat optical density it may increase the demand and may be this panel will go one of the popular method of heat absorber in the hereafter.


1.8 Chapter Summary

As a decision, planetary heating has giving a batch of impact or effects onto the Earth particularly the nursery consequence which it will let the increasing in the climatic alteration. Since the building industry is acquiring more develop, the country of the building go more engorged than earlier. Therefore, the trapped heat comes from the solar radiation and heat from the occupant inside the edifice will take to the uncomfortable state of affairs and it will upset the day-to-day activities.

So, one of the options to cut down the heat radiation to a edifice, a low cost heat panel absorber has been designed and all of the features of the natural stuffs have been studied by the research worker. We know that the


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