Success in Eighth Grade Essay

Eighth grade is the last year of middle school and a stepping stone to the highly anticipated high school. To ensure that one makes this transition, important commitments need to be made. Eighth grade is a time to get organized, put forth one’s best effort, and acquire effective study habits. In order to be successful in the eighth grade and guarantee a prosperous future, one must make these three important commitments. To start with, being organized in every class is essential to success. That involves having every single binder divided into sections and assuring that each hand out given by the teacher be placed in the appropriate section.

Therefore, when the teacher asks for a certain material to be pulled out, one can easily find it. The agenda must be kept neat and all homework assignments and important dates must be written down in the appropriate boxes. Organization will make life in eighth grade a breeze. Furthermore, putting forth one’s best effort is another crucial commitment that needs to be made. This involves going to school everyday and paying close attention to all of the teacher’s instructions. Participating in class to the best of one’s ability will also bring great rewards. Whether one likes it or not, obeying the rules is a necessity in eighth grade.

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Success in Eighth Grade Essay
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Eighth grade is the year to try one’s very best and show the teachers, parents, and peers that one is mature and ready to take that step to the high school. In addition, common sense tells one that having effective study habits is a key commitment that leads to success. One must study for quizzes, tests, and book reports. A major test to study and review for is the Eighth Grade Writing Assessment given to all 8th graders in Georgia in the month of January. The CRCT is another crucial exam that all 8th graders need to pass and that is given in the month of April.

However, preparation for that test began on the very first day of school. It is obvious to all eighth graders that studying is a key to success. High school is but a short step away from the middle school. In order to make it there, one must be successful in the last year of middle school, the eighth grade. This can be possible if one is committed to putting forth one’s best efforts which include being well organized and studying effectively. If one makes these commitments, one is guaranteed success in the eighth grade and a prosperous future. High school here I come!


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