Successful Implementation of Electronic Recruitment Tools in Pakistan Essay

Presently, the concern environment is confronting challenges related to globalisation and human resource. As planetary competition intensifies, and industries have become more intensive towards accomplishment, the demand for endowment, cognition and skill-based workers is increasing. Due to this, companies and organisations are following sophisticated and high-end enlisting and choice schemes in order to acquire the right employee for the right place at the right clip. As a consequence, e-recruitment had emerge and go more easy, accessible and efficient than the traditional methods ( Tong and Sivanand, 2005 ).

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Successful Implementation of Electronic Recruitment Tools in Pakistan Essay
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The Internet Business Network, a US recruiting consulting house, reported that the figure of worldwide web sites which contain occupation listing had increased from 500 to 200,000. In add-on, the figure of resumes being posted and uploaded in e-recruitment web sites had increased from 100,000 in 1995 to 2.5 million in 1998. Harmonizing to the Forrester Research ‘s survey, a sum of 124,000 companies will be enrolling on-line ( cited in Harvard Update, 2000 ).

E-Recruitment in Pakistan.

In Pakistan today, on-line occupation searching has become really popular. This is because of the popularity of the Internet. Online occupation posters started in 1990, when different IT companies and universities began to utilize the Internet extensively. The first mention to online enlisting emerged in the mid-1980s, and systematic mentions to online enlisting in HR began in the mid-1990s. During the two old ages between 2008 and 2010 in Pakistan about 3,000 companies used on-line calling Centres ( OCC ), besides known as on-line occupation portals ( Rehman Khan, 2010 ).

Entree to the Internet had been available in Pakistan since the early 1990s. PTCL was one of the companies in the state to take advantage of the benefits of the Internet, by offering different Internet services via nation-wide local call webs. “ Presently, the Internet had become a critical portion of the state, peculiarly for the younger coevals ” ( Rehman Khan, 2010 ).

In a qualitative, open-ended study, 30 senior executives were interviewed to place the bing HR tendencies in the IT industry of Pakistan. The consequence showed that 43 % of the respondents prefer on-line vacancy posting or on-line poster in order to choose and enroll campaigners. Furthermore, 80 % of the full population chose as the chief finish for on-line head-hunters, while the staying 20 % consists of,, yokel groups, and LinkedIn, which are considered as the secondary finishs ( Pervaz, 2009 ).

Context of the Survey:

Recent survey in 1999, study conducted in order to analyse the tendencies and development of on-line occupation seeking procedures in the occupation market of the state. The consequence of the survey shows that time-saving is the primary incentive for Internet occupation seeking, followed by, researching a broad country of occupations, supplying planetary coverage, easiness, and cost-saving. The study shows that the Internet had been a really of import agencies or channel of happening occupations for fresh alumnuss and jobholders ( Rehman Khan, 2010 ).

These are the primary grounds why the popularity of e-recruitment service suppliers is increasing. However, a survey of Kin Tong and Sinavanand ( 2005 ) showed that even though the grosss of e-recruiters are turning in quickly, their net incomes are still elusive.

Reasons for Choosing the Research Environment

Pakistan has been chosen for the research environment, because I live at that place and therefore it will be executable and accessible for me. The company PTCL has been chosen because the primary informations can be easy accessed within the locality.

Nature of Organization or Case Study:

Pakistani Telecommunications Company Limited ( PTCL ) was incorporated in Pakistan on December 31, 1995. The organisation commenced concern on January 1, 1996. It is listed an all of the three stock exchanges in Pakistan. The company was established in order to set about the telecommunication concern that had been foremost offered by Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation ( PTC ). This concern was transferred to PTCL on January 1, 1996 under the Pakistan Telecommunication ( Reorganization ) Act, 1996, which enabled the company to take all of PTC ‘s resources, including belongingss, rights, assets, duties and liabilities of PTC, except those that were transferred to the National Telecommunication Corporation ( NTC ), Frequency Allocation Board ( FAB ), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ( PTA ) and Pakistan Telecommunication Employees Trust ( PTET ) ( Forex PK 2010 ).

PTCL was chosen by the writer because it is considered as one of the largest and biggest companies in the state. Presently, it is serving inventions and engineerings towards 1000000s of people, bettering their life. In 2010, the PTCL Group declared its 2009 gross of Rs 49.4 billion, which was higher by 6 %, comparison with 2009 ( Forex PK 2010 ).

Purposes and Aims:

The chief purpose of the survey is to research the different factors that can impact or act upon the successful execution of e-recruitment tools in Pakistani organisations. In line with this, the followers will be the aims of the survey:

To analyse the preparedness of Pakistani concern environment for execution of e-recruitment systems in different organisations ;

To place the different issues faced by engaging directors in Pakistan ;

To analyse how e-recruitment system can work out the jobs and issues in enlisting procedure in Pakistan.

To urge different procedures and processs on successful execution of e-recruitment system in Pakistan.

Questions and Hypothesiss:

The survey intended to reply the inquiry:

1-What are the barriers to implementing an e-recruitment or on-line enlisting system in Pakistan?

2-How can these barriers can be overcome? In line with this, the survey will work on the undermentioned premises:

User credence of engineering can take to loss of money and resources and failure of e-recruitment system in Pakistan ;

Perceived hazard and perceived credence can impact the determinations of organisations in Pakistani in make up one’s minding about execution of e-recruitment ; and

Job force per unit area towards the staff can impact the success of e-recruitment inside the organisation.

Literature Reappraisal:

There are much literature has been written about e-recruitment. However, most of this literature concentrating on the different benefits of e-recruitment inside different organisations. The survey of “ Online enlisting connects “ 3 ” with top endowment: HR specialist “ ” can larn a batch from marketing ” reveals how mobile-telephone company “ 3 ” is using its e-recruitment in order to pull top endowment in a extremely competitory market. The survey shows that e-recruitment has helped to increase the efficiency, easiness and velocity of the hiring procedure, which made it easier for the directors to manage big volumes of applications and interviews. The consequence besides shows that there has been a great alteration in the enlisting procedure in the company, compared with earlier, when the company was utilizing combination of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Outlook in recruitment direction.

Therefore e-recruitment increased applier ‘s assurance in the equity of the enlisting procedure. The consequence was supported by a instance survey of Superdrug, a UK wellness and beauty retail merchant which focuses on depicting the failings of the paper and electronic mail based enlisting system that the company used to use. The consequence shows that the full enlisting procedure has become quicker, more efficient and the company experienced 87 % nest eggs in utilizing e-recruitment ( 2007, 26 – 28 ). The same consequence was experienced by Nike, a taking maker of places and athleticss dress, with the debut of e-recruitment in Europe, Middle East and Asia. The consequence shows 54 % nest eggs upon the debut of the system, and at the same clip, the mean clip in make fulling vacancies had fallen from 62 to 42 yearss ( Anon,, 2005 ).

The survey of Zafar, Shaukat and Mat ( 2010 ) about the e-human resource direction patterns inside State Bank of Pakistan of 37 employees, shows that e-HRM, together with e-recruitment, were applied and used inside the organisation in order to get efficiency and effectivity. In add-on, the study besides showed that the employees and possible employees were satisfied with the current execution of the system inside the organisation. Therefore, it enables the full HRM section and the Bank to take advantage of IT in order to work with the different minutess related with HRM, peculiarly enlisting, choice and hiring.

The survey of Kin Tong ( 2009 ) enables to demo some of the possible hazards or hinderances in the success of e-recruitment execution in an organisation. Using Technology Acceptance Model ( TAM ), Perceived Privacy Risk ( PPR ), Performance Expectancy ( PE ), Application-Specific Self-Efficacy ( ASSE ) and Perceived Stress ( PS ) as cardinal external factors, the writer analyzes the perceptual experiences and behaviors of the jobseekers towards the e-recruitment acceptance in Malaysia. The consequence shows few cardinal determiners to the acceptance of this engineering.

Many surveies show that the credence of the engineering, perceived hazard and credence and occupation force per unit area of both employees ( HR and IT section of companies ) and the appliers are the major issues and challenges which affect the success of execution of e-recruitment system. First, harmonizing to Lin and Stansinskaya ( 2002 ) the deficiency of cognition of e-recruitment of the HR community every bit good as the limited committedness of senior directors towards the system can greatly impact the measure and quality of the campaigners utilizing the application. In add-on, like any other application of the Internet, its users are concerned with the issue of confidentiality of of import personal information. As a consequence, it hinders the openness of the appliers or campaigners to utilize e-recruitment system ( Kerrin and Kettley 2003 ).

On the other manus, Lin and Stasinskaya ( 2004 ) suggest that companies are slightly loath in utilizing e-recruitment because of the issues sing the truth, verifiability and answerability of the information about the appliers, which might restrict the diverseness among appliers. In add-on, Lin & A ; Stasinskaya further argue that deficiency of personal interactions in the procedure of on-line employment applications can do restrictions in communicating flow between the campaigners and the employers, which leads to frustration on the portion of the campaigners and lost chances for the employer to garner more of import information.

Above all, the survey of Stanton ( 1999 ) shows that e-recruitment can do menace towards equal chance, because it may halter the attempts of the organisation in advancing diverseness in their work force. This is because, harmonizing to Sharf ( 2000 ) there are still critical differences in the per centum of families which possess Internet entree within the hapless community and handicapped people.

Even though, there are different researches which focus on the advantages and disadvantages of e-recruitment for organisations and single calling huntsmans, therefore, there are Numberss of research which chiefly focus on the instance of Malaysia, UK and the United States, there are few, if none, which focus on the instance of Pakistan. This is really of import because, it is critical to look into farther the impact of engineering spread in the effectivity of e-recruitment towards organisations and campaigners for employment.


This survey will garner both textual and numerical informations from the selected population of respondents. Therefore, it will use qualitative and quantitative method. With this, study interview and questionnaire will be used in order to garner primary information. Questionnaire will be delivered and conducted towards the respondents with the supervising of the research worker, in order to forestall disadvantage of self-administered questionnaire. On the other manus, due to fiscal and clip facet, interview will be conducted via phone. By and large, this survey will be descriptive in nature. This will concentrate on analysing the current job by concentrating on the responses of the respondents.. Harmonizing to Creswell ( 1994 ), it will concentrate on showing facts about the nature and position of a given state of affairs as it exists during the clip of the survey, hence, it will be helpful in analysing the connexions and patterns that exists, beliefs that are ongoing, effects that are being felt and even tendencies that are being developed ( Best 1970 ).

As a consequence, it can assist in order to depict the present or bing conditions and conditions based on the perceptual experiences and sentiments of the respondents of the survey ( Creswell, 1994 ). In general, descriptive surveies non merely concentrate on supply of cognition sing the different variablenesss and regularities, but besides stimulate the research workers to concentrate on the definition of maestro footings in univocal mode ( Vallier, 1973, 217 ). In add-on, this survey will analyze and research the jobs and inquiries by taking transverse subdivision of it one clip – utilizing cross-sectional survey ( Rubin and Babbie, 2009 ).

With this, it can offer great advantage and benefits towards the research worker, because the research can be taken or implemented in a short period of clip. Furthermore, because the subject, jobs and inquiries associated with the survey does non demand long-time observations and analysis, this method is of great usage. In add-on, instance survey will be used in the survey. Case survey are considered as set in temporal, geographical, organisational, institutional and other context which enable boundaries to be drawn around the said instance, therefore it can be defined by persons and groups that are involved, together with their functions and maps in the instance ( Cohen, Manion & A ; Morrison, 2003, 182 ).

Data Collection Methods:

Survey questionnaire and interview will be implemented. The name of the respondents to fall in the research will be chosen in random mode. The names of the full population of the selected instance will be listed in strips of paper, and so will be drawn. A sum of 60 employees will be selected to reply the questionnaire administered by the research worker. Because the research worker believes that he/she will be taking working times of the respondents, the questionnaire will be employ closed inquiries. This is the type of inquiry which all of the possible replies are identified and the respondents are asked to take one of the replies. This was chosen because it will be good both for the respondents and the research worker. It is easier to administrate, easier and quicker to enter the respondents and easier to code. In add-on, its major disadvantages, which are the inability to raise new issues, will be complemented by the interview procedure.

Out of the 60 employees, 10 will be selected in order to undergo interview. Unlike the study questionnaire, the interview will use unfastened inquiries in order to raise new of import issues sing the job of the survey. The agenda of the interview will be dependent towards the handiness of the respondents. Because of fiscal and clip issues, phone interview will be implemented.


Data analysis will be done in two ways: mathematical and document analysis. In papers analysis, different information gathered from past literature, articles, surveies every bit good as one-year studies and newspaper articles about the instance will be analyzed, which will be used in order to back up the mathematical consequence of the survey, together with the interview consequence. On the other manus, the replies by the respondents in the study questionnaires will be encoded in the SPSS, a statistical computing machine application, which will assist the research worker to easy analyse the consequence of the study. The following are the statistical expression to be used:

Percentage – to find the magnitude of the responses to the questionnaire.


% = — — — — ten 100 ; n – figure of responses

N N – entire figure of respondents

Weighted Mean

f1x1 + f2x2 + f3x3 + f4x4 + f5x5

ten = — — — — — — — — — — — — — — ;


where: f – weight given to each response

x – figure of responses

xt – entire figure of responses

Quality Issues: Reliability, Validity and Generasability of Intended Work:

The concerns of the research worker upon the aggregation of informations focal point on the agencies of mensurating the instruments: cogency and dependability of the instrument used. Reliability pertains on the appraisal of internal consistence which pertains on the degree to which the amount of tonss from a given set of points letter writers to the tonss that would be obtained from a parallel set, which include the equal figure of points which measure the same phenomenon. With this, coefficient alpha will be used in order to mensurate dependability ( Burton & A ; Steane 2004 ). On the other manus, cogency pertains on the estimation of the extent to which the information step what is intended to be step ( Brewer & A ; Ware 2002 ). Therefore, in order to keep cogency of the instruments to be used in the survey, initial study of 5 respondents will be conducted, which will non be included in the concluding informations assemblage process. The participants will be asked to bespeak any parts of the questionnaire which need altering. Therefore, in conformity with their demands, the questionnaire will be changed in order to guarantee that it will be easy understood and answered by the hereafter respondents.

Sample Frame:

The primary informations will be gathered from the IT and HRM section of PTCL. A sum of 50 respondents are targeted in this survey, which include HR officers, IT staff and freshly hired employees ( hired via the e-recruitment procedure ). The names of the respondents will be chosen in random choice mode, which will assist in order to forestall prejudice from the personal sentiment and perceptual experience of the research worker towards the respondents. The name of the full population of the said three groups will be listed on strips of paper and will be drawn at random by the research worker ; his procedure is called the lottery

Ethical issues.

The likely ethical issues in the survey are informed consent and confidentiality. First, it is of import to see that right to privacy follows from the premise that independent persons have the right to do determinations sing their lives, together with the information and information that are related to it. Therefore, it is the determination of the respondents if he or she will desire to take part in the survey. Even though the usage of informed consent will be helpful, it is non considered as a Panacea for the ethical jobs. Therefore, this research worker will inform the participants of the survey in front of clip, sing the different information and facets of the survey, which will assist in order for them to be informed, therefore clear up future misconceptions and misinterpretation ( Kitchener, 2000 ). Another of import issue is confidentiality, this pertains non merely towards the existent usage of the informations, but besides in the procedure of assemblage of informations – how the interview inquiries and study inquiries are constructed. The research worker will non unwrap personal information of the respondents, therefore ; the information gathered from the respondents will be used entirely for the appraisal.



Calendar month










Select subject

Undertake preliminary literature hunt

Define research inquiries

Write-up purposes and aims

Choice appropriate methodological analysis and locate beginnings of information. Confirm entree.

Write-up Dissertation Plan

Undertake and write-up bill of exchange critical literature reappraisal.

Secondary and Primary Data Detailed



Research Findingss:





Research findings evaluated and discussed in relation to the literature reappraisal

Methodology written-up

( including restrictions and restraints )

Main organic structure of the study written-up and checked for logical construction

Decisions drawn

Recommendations made

Introduction and Executive Summary written-up

Final format and indexing


Benefits of the Survey:

The proposed survey will be really good towards different types of organisation, peculiarly, to those from the telecommunication industry. Overall, this will be helpful in analysing and measuring the different factors that are related to the e-recruitment procedure, peculiarly its advantages and disadvantages, which can assist the most of import resource in any concern – human resource.

Restrictions of the Survey:

The chief restriction of this paper focuses on the clip that the writer will pass in analysing the instance. Due to this, it had affected the methodological analysiss, attacks and tools to be used in order to garner primary and secondary informations. Consequently, this will hold an impact towards the consequences and findings of the survey. Chiefly, this survey is limited to one organisation. It is of import to see that each and every organisation, in different sector or industry is alone in their ain manner, due to the different internal and external factors which affect the organisation. This is peculiarly of import in the instance of e-recruitment, because it will hold to concentrate on the economic, societal, technological and policy facet of the macro-environment scene of the company.


Merely like all of the states in the universe, Pakistan had been affected, and is continuously being affected by the Internet and globalisation. Therefore, it besides affect on how people seek occupations for money and day-to-day life, and how companies look for utile people in order to accomplish their organisation ends and aims. It can be applied in the instance of PTCL, where in the company strive for the better in order to better their human resource direction procedure, to catch the biggest fishes in the sea of pool of endeavoring campaigners.


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