Summary ”Paradise Lost” Book 1-4 Sample Essay

Book 1
Book I of Paradise Lost begins with Milton depicting what he intends to set about with his heroic poem: the narrative of Man’s first noncompliance and the loss of Eden. His chief aim. nevertheless. is to warrant the ways of God to work forces. The scene opens in a fiery. yet dark. lake of snake pit. Satan. confused. seems to be coming to consciousness after his autumn and finds himself chained to the lake. He so broke off from his ironss and stood. and saw his 2nd in bid. Beelzebub. They so gather the remainder of the fallen angels. and name a meeting to calculate out what to make next. Book 2

In book 2 of Paradise Lost Satan debates whether they should travel to war to recover Heaven. He so opens the floor for the other fallen angels to propose thoughts. Moloch so suggests they go to an full-scale war with God stating that contending was better than being in Hell. Belial contradicts Moloch by stating we shouldn’t travel into war with God we should merely be peaceable. and hope Gods will forgive them and take them back. Next. Mammon suggests that they should remain in Hell and do it their land. and that he will ne’er bow down to God once more. Last. Beelzebub tells them that there were rumours in Heaven stating God was making a new universe. and making Man. who God will prefer more than the angels. He tells the other fallen angels that they should acquire back at God by perverting this new creative activity of God. Book 3

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Summary ”Paradise Lost” Book 1-4 Sample Essay
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In Book 3 of Paradise Lost. Milton focuses on Satan and his evil behaviors onto God. Besides. God and his boy are looking back at all that has happened so far. God has seen Satan seeking to destruct adult male. Besides God predicts that adult male will fall easy due to his ain will. God explains that he created adult male “sufficient to hold stood. but free to fall. ” Book 3. Line 99. In other words. adult male has free will with which he can take to make right or incorrect. God besides predicts that Adam will eat the fruit of the out Tree of Knowledge. even after Adam and Eve have pledged their obeisance to God. Book 4

In Book 4 of Paradise Lost. Satan. now back on Earth. has a minute of uncertainty and desperation ; he remarks. “The snake pit I suffer seems a heav’n. ” Book 4. line 78. Meanwhile. he has let down his camouflage and Uriel realizes that he has been tricked. Satan regains his bravery. springs over the wall of Eden. and sees a brilliant universe. Milton describes all the assortments of trees. Satan turns himself into a sea bird and flies into the Tree of Life. Following to it is the Tree of Knowledge. Satan so notices two worlds – Adam and Eve. He notices that they are “both non equal. as their sex non equal seemed. ” Book 4. lines 295-6. Satan explains that Adam’s “eye sublime declared absolute regulation. ” Book 4. lines 300-1.


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