Sun Tzu: the Art of War Sample Essay

Sun Tzu is the writer of “Art of War” . one of the most influential and sought-after books about schemes in conflicts. However. the Art of War now applied in other Fieldss like political relations. concern. athleticss and many more. Sun Tzu is a military general and philosopher who led several conflicts into a success with the usage of misrepresentation. use and unpredictable tactics. Sun Tzu was believed to hold lived in the period of warring provinces. He worked under the leading of Wu. a little semi-barbaric province. Wu. a adjacent land. one time conquered Chu and won. After some clip. Nang Wa. the premier curate of Wu. decided to kill some of the royal posterities of the Chu land in fright of being a victim of their retaliation. Old ages passed by and Wu decided to suppress the Chu with Sun Tzu now on their side. Nang Wa led the military personnels of Wu. The Chu’s program was to at the same time assail the Wu soldiers from the forepart and the dorsum. However. there were some struggles between Nang Wa and his other leaders which led their program to neglect and doing Sun Tzu in an advantage point. Sun Tzu’s scheme on the other manus was to withdraw but progressing at the same clip.

He lured the military personnels of Chu into a fraudulence trap right from the start by losing. The Chu lost conflicts one after the other. Sun Tzu besides faked licking until the Chu advanced really deep into Wu land where the best Wu combatants are. The first few soldiers were the old and ill while they placed the hungry and strong soldiers at the terminal where the opposition lost most of its energy. One of his rules that is applicable in this conflict is “Know your enemy and yourself and you will ne’er be in Peril. ” Sun Tzu’s rule were besides helpful in the Vietnam War. Ho Chi Minh. the leader of Vietnam at that clip. is similar to Sun Tzu. They both believed that it is better to outthink the opposition instead than outfighting them. Besides this. Ho Chin Minh were besides appealed to Sun Tzu’s rule such as the one mentioned above “to learn to understand both the enemy and yourself. to seek out his failings and your ain strengths. and act consequently. ”

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Sun Tzu: the Art of War Sample Essay
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One application of this that is shown in the movie is how the Vietnamese use their cognition of the battleground ( it is their ain state ) to surprisingly attack the Americans like the usage of surprise bombs. Another illustration is the thought of the Vietnamese to delve belowground to do a secret transition and a trap for the Americans. Ho Chin Minh besides
applied to his leading the rule of Sun Tzu to do ample usage of blind and ploy in order to get the better of or demilitarize your antagonist every bit good as to utilize straight-out force merely when perfectly necessary in the belief that political battle was more effectual than military battle particularly sing that Americans has more firepower than did his ain forces. However. both of them still believe the importance of military strength. One of the techniques of Sun Tzu that was applied by Ho Chi Minh is seting his Vietnamese soldier in decease land. doing them understand that they’re land is being conquered and that they’re households are in hazard so that they would transform and contend at their best. Sun Tzu’s constructs of the four of import factors in a conflict besides helped the Vietnamese win the war. These four factors are the conditions. terrains. leading and military power.

Last. the most of import rule that helped the Vietnamese was the construct of undercover agents. Vietnamese deep-rooted undercover agents on a saloon near the American base where they normally hang out. This helped in acquiring an penetration and fixing the Vietnamese or undermining the programs of the opposition.

The conflict of the allied forces at the Normandy besides applied Sun Tzu’s art of war’s rules. In the twelvemonth 1944. the Alliess were faced with a challenged of an onslaught by the allied when their battlewagons landed on the Normandy beaches. The Germans had the most advanced engineering. They have foreknowledge or the encrypting. decryption and stoping messages of the oppositions. They were able to expect the programs of the oppositions and therefore prepare for it. Similarly. precognition is a type of descrying. Sun Tzu was a immense truster in the usage of undercover agents. Germans besides used undercover agents. However. Sun Tzu besides found a manner to cover with undercover agents which he called cross-over. Cross-over undercover agents are besides called dual agents who used to work for one group but was converted by the opposing group to supply the resistance with false information. During this conflict. the undercover agents sent by the Germans to mouse into the allied forces was discovered the Britain and therefore converted them to dual agents. which are now being paid by Britain to give Germans incorrect information about were the Allied Forces would be set downing at.

They asked the undercover agents to state the Germans that the allied forces would be set downing at Calais which would be truly set downing at Normandy and therefore they focused all their attending at that place opening all their other ports and bases leting the oppositions to freely assail them. Another Sun Tzu rule applied in this conflict is the bombardment of the Germans from the North to do it look hat the allied forces are truly coming from that way and traveling to the North and taking the Germans to follow and travel further to the North to support was being bombed. Like what Sun Tzu said “make your enemy prepare on his left and he will be weak on his right” . The success of the allied forces in winning the war was chiefly because of this ground and the cross-over undercover agents. Another factor that led to the failure of the Germans in the war is their concatenation of bid system. Sun Tzu says that “it is of import that generals are non constrained by their leaders” . The German generals are in direct control of Hitler so the concluding call comes merely from Hitler and the generals are non allowed to do their determinations of their ain. they should ever wait for Hitler’s go signal. Another job with this is that Hitler tends to do incorrect determinations.

The last conflict is at Johannesburg. We weren’t able to complete the movie so I merely researched the conflict in the cyberspace. Harmonizing to the mentions. the Johannesburg was a conflict civil war caused by inequality in the past. people in poorness and anomic communities that refuse to populate together. One of Sun Tzu’s rule that was applied in this batlle was “The art of war Teachs us to trust non merely on the likeliness of the enemy non coming but on our ain preparedness to have him ; non on the opportunity of him non assailing but instead on the fact the we have made our place impregnable. ”


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