Support Learning Activities Essay

Result 1

1. 1 Before Monday’s maths lesson started I met with the instructor and planned for today’s lesson. We evaluated what had happened. planned what we wanted to go on and so the merriment spot learning.

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Support Learning Activities Essay
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We talked about two kids who are happening maths hard. First of all we decided to travel two kids. who I noticed were copying each other’s work. In their new seats they couldn’t copy anyone. I so handed out the maths books and asked them to turn to the right page and write today’s day of the month. while the instructor was seeking to acquire her board to work.

I so had to maintain my oculus on these two kids throughout maths. to see how they coped on their ain and do certain no 1 else was assisting them. I floated between them both. look intoing their work and honoring them with a tick and a smiley face. besides a verbal good done good work.

1. 2 Being positive. consistent and enthusiastic.

Iam able to explicate to the kids instructions really clearly. if iam non certain I would inquire another member of staff.

Iam good at organizing. good at listening and assisting kids.

I feel that my strengths impact on the support that I can supply in a positive manner because I am a positive and enthusiastic individual. I find this normally encourages the kids to near their work and be this manner themselves.

Maths is my failing. but working in a twelvemonth 4 category I find it rather easy. iam larning with the kids. If iam non certain I ask the instructor.

1. 5Before the lesson I make certain each kid has a white board on their tabular array. it’s utile when they watch movies they can do notes to assist with their work.

Result 2

2. 2Two kids in my category need 1 to 1 aid. One miss is Lusitanian and the male child has dyslexia. We leave the category room to work in the shared country. I ask them inquiries about their work. seek and acquire them to do up their ain sentence. so I write it on the whiteboard for them to copy into their books. When we have finished the kids take their work back into category for the instructor to tag 2. 3All school Gatess are locked after 9am. so no 1 can go forth or acquire into school. merely via the office. All school cleansing closets are kept locked by the attention taker. When working in the shared country it doesn’t have any jeopardies.

Result 3

3. 4There shouldn’t be any jobs when back uping acquisition. Make certain you have your resources before go forthing the schoolroom i. e. pens. paper. white board and write. do certain you have someplace to work before go forthing the schoolroom and there is adequate infinite for everyone. Most of the clip we don’t have to portion with others. if we do there is a splitter so the kids can concentrate.

Result 5

5. 1When you have carried out your work with the kids. it’s utile to give the instructor an rating of what happened. Then the instructor can see how the category is working. Make certain you tell the instructor how good your clip with the kids went. if they worked all right and did as you asked. if there was adequate clip to finish what she had asked me to make. If there was anything you would alter for following clip you do an activity with the kids.

Evaluation is of import it plays a large function in our planning

5. 2My feedback with the instructor is chiefly verbal. Whichever child I have worked with. I ever take their work back to the instructor and discourse it with them. State them how much I have had to assist them or how good they did on their ain.

Result 6

6. 1The kid I worked with in the shared country. is non good at concentrating. tonss traveling on around. I used the white board to compose things on for him to copy. I found this helped him concentrate a spot more. When we went back into category and I gave the instructor my provender back I asked following clip can we travel to the little room to work where there is no breaks.

6. 2Maths is my chief country that I need more pattern. I am presently in a twelvemonth 4 category which the maths is rather easy. I feel confident working with them. When the instructor is explicating the lesson I ever listen like iam a pupi. cubic decimeter so I can understand how to assist the kids. If iam unsure of anything the instructor has explained I will travel and inquire her to explicate once more.


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