Suspence Story worth C Grade in GCSE Coursework Essay

I couldn’t see because I was blinded by the darkness that shun In front of me. Darkness accompanied me all around and I then realized I was In the forest. The Black Hills as they were known as. I can now see why but how have I ended up here? I made myself get up. The moon was full and the stars were bright and the howling of animals surrounded. Not a cloud in the sky and it added effect to the bitterness of the cold air which seemed to force on me. I was dressed in Goth as that drunken Halloween night had ended and I was black as a phantoms cape.

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Suspence Story worth C Grade in GCSE Coursework Essay
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I Egan to weep because of the isolation and confusion and knelt on the ground with my arms in my head. Morning. I awoke to an alarm of birds fluttering above me. I must have passed back out that night but what am I still doing here? It was early morning and I was laid on piles of leaves and by me noticed a creek. I lay up, wiped my eyes and my mascara eyes were runny from the tears I wept the night before. The forest was a lot clearer now and I could here the happy chirping and tweeting of birds. Though the bitter cold was still here I could see and feel the suns warmth bouncing on my body.

I got p from the rough but soft leaves and stood to look around. “What am I doing here? ” I said in a groan. “My parents are guan kill me if they knew id been up in these hills. ” I looked around and saw a black object on the floor. It was quite hard to see from where I was stood but I rushed over and picked up the object. The object was wooden and it looked like a mat what you’d put your drink on and it was shaped circular and inside the circle was a star. It was a pentagram. Like the one I was wearing round my neck from the Goth costume I was wearing from the night before. “Oh no” I said nervously and rushed.

If this Is a Joke It’s not funny,” my voice panicked. The Black Hills were known for many crimes. Even from the 1 sass. In the asses the town I lived in was once a little village named Blair. Now named Versatility. In it there was an Irish immigrant named Eely Steward. Eely was accused of being a witch as did many women of that time possibly because she was a Catholic living in a Protestant community. Alleyways banished to the wood in the middle of winter. It was assumed she died of exposure yet the following year all of her accusers and half the town’s children had vanished.

Fearing accusers, The Township fled as soon as the either was better and vowed never to utter the name Eely Steward again. Old folk tales Like these are heard of all over Fortunetellers of the Black Hills since that Incident but the most recent and true story remains In our heads. It Is said of a man named Rusting Parr who once lived In the Black Hills In the sass’s kidnapped four children from Versatility and killed them in his cellar all because of an old lady I shuddered at the sight of the Pentagram in my palm. I walked over to the creek and wiped my face and hands with the bitter cold water.

I had a flash of a little girl being lulled in the water by a ghostly white hand and I Jumped back from the creek and shuddered. “k, k it’s Just a bunch of old myths for all I know it could be Just a lame prank and I’ll probably get found in an hour or two and if not then people will noticed I’ve gone. k? k” I said in a shaky way. I find myself waking up again to the voice of a kind old lady saying my name. But this time I was somewhere else. I was in a stone cottage. I looked around and I could see a great fire burning by my side and to the front of me was a window and door.

The place was lovely and coos as it had a vibe of protection. Through the window I saw trees. I was still in the Black Hills. “How are you doing darling’? ” I failed to see the haggard old lady in the corner. She was sat plump and coos in a wooden rocking chair in the corner. “I’m good thanks but ERM who are you? ” “Iv known you for a very long time,” replied the old lady. “That’s good but who are you? ” “I’m Eely Steward child. ” I shuddered. “Erm Very nice to meet you. ” I said very shaky and slowly. “Don’t be afraid child. I shard’s’ hurt you. ” Said Eely in a soothing way. Erm. Wait, if your really Eely you should be dead now,” I said angrily. L died long ago child,” Eely said calmly. Had I Just entered a house of spirits or was this Just a dream. “Take this brew child,” Eely handed me a cup of tea. “Thank you” I said. I sipped the warm tea and it was the most gorgeous bit of tea id had. “Ah Rusting here! ” Eely popped up and moved over to the door. Rather bizarre but Eely feet never touched the ground as if her feet were invisible. It seemed to be her and her plump black dress floating on air and for some reason made more sense whilst I was there. Ah dear old Rusting. ” Rusting was a slim, tall man and wore a wool leech with big boots and a beard that covered half of his face. Rusting also had an axe in his hand as if he’d Just been wood cutting. It was weird because Rusting presence also felt warm and safe although he was known to be a serial killer. “Hello there,” said Rusting. “Hey” I replied. I remained in that bed for the rest of the day until night time fell where I chatted and joked with the two of them. It was getting late and I was getting very tired. I’d seem to have forgotten all about my connections with the outside world.

I fell asleep in the essence warmth and safety and I felt as if it were my new home. It was morning once more and I open my eyes, look around and its still darkness but this time the darkness was very thick. The cold was stupidly cold to say I was in a nice household but wait. The floors stone. I’m not in a bed anymore. Where am l? There was a light on the ceiling. It was coming from a wooden trapped door. I got up. I realized my clothes were ripped. I headed for the trap door. I knew it would lead back into the house. Suddenly my sense of safety had washed away. “Where daddy think your going’? It was the sound of Rusting voice and this time he was angry. “Rusting help me! I said in disbelief. “I’m sorry Chelsea. She’s making me do this,” Replied Rusting. “Who? ” I asked. “Eely,” He said. “Stop this now Rusting! ” I exclaimed. “She’ll beat me! I’m sorry Chelsea, I’m so sorry,” Rusting began to cry. I began to cry. “Rusting? Rusting where are you? ” The voice of Rusting seemed to have disappeared. He had gone. I didn’t waste a second. I ran to the stairs to the trap door and pushed the door wide open. The house was empty and everything was grey and damp in the house. The fire was not lit. The carpets were not here.

In fact it looked like an abandoned house 50 years later. Have I really stayed in a house of spirits? I didn’t wan stay and find out. I rushed to where there was once a door and ran down the stairs outside. The cold was still bitter as I’d not been outside for a while. I ran through the forest tree after tree. I had an instinct I was being chased until the point I knew I was. Eely was screaming my name. I could hear it. She was after me. “l know where you are Chelsea! ” The voices got nearer and nearer. I kept looking behind me. Looking out for Eely when suddenly I tripped and fell. I fell far down into the creek when I took a big HE END


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