Sustainable design Essay


Sustainable design is the doctrine of planing physical and conceptual objects, the built environment and services to carry through the rules of economic, societal, and ecological sustainability. Sustainable designs are more normally seen presents because of the rise in environmental issues like nursery consequence and planetary heating. With mention to a study done by Autodesk Inc, the consequences indicate that mechanical applied scientists expect to see an addition in sustainable design work in 2010. “According to study consequences, designs that usage less energy or cut down emanations remain the most of import sustainable engineering pattern, while fabricating procedures that use less energy and natural resources were besides a priority.”

There are several factors to see when making a sustainable design. They are ecological sustainability, built environment, economic sustainability and societal duty. Ecological sustainability trades with issues sing the natural

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Ecological Sustainability – environmentally-friendly designs

Built Environment – semisynthetic design, indoor and out-of-door design

Economic Sustainability – marketability of the design

Social Sustainability -cohesion, topographic point and people

Social Responsibility

Ethical motives is basically a practical affair. It is concerned with how we should populate, how we should handle other people and the universe around us. It is how we should move in a moral and responsible mode. Sustainable designs are strongly encouraged because it is good to our environment. It is each and every one of our responsibilities and duties to protect and take attention of our environment.

Achieving Sustainable Design

Sustainable designs are achieved through sensitive designs, for illustration, energy efficiency. Sensitive designs include good contextual surveies of the milieus, factors like site location, conditions and local civilization. The pick of stuff for the design is besides an of import factor as good. It is encouraged that renewable resources are used for constructing stuffs as it is environmentally-friendly. An illustration of a sustainable design is the EDITT ( Ecological Design in the Tropics ) Tower ( Figure 1 ) in Singapore. It adopts many climatic responsive techniques: “wind walls” to direct air current to internal infinites, solar panels, automatically joined connexions between constructing constituents to ease recycling, rainwater aggregation, sewerage composting and grey-water reuse. The tower has well-planted frontages and vegetated patios which is about about 3800 sq metres, about

about half of the gross useable country of the edifice As seen from the layout program, the verdure are planted at the borders of each degree. The arrangement of the flora within the tower at different degrees correspond to the microclimates of each single sub-zone at the tower.

Human Nature Relationship

A good sustainable design should besides associate people with the natural environment. Human and nature interaction are encouraged in architectural designs by making gaps to make positions, leting people to be in touch with the natural milieus.

Man activities that destroy the environment and devour energy are nonmeaningful because they contribute small to our well existences and the quality of life. Recycled furniture is hence going a really popular pick. Wood and glass are good illustrations of recycled stuff. However, recycled furniture could besides intend to recycle old and unwanted points.

Figure 4 shows a recycled chair made of compact phonograph record. As information are handily stored into thumb thrusts and computing machines in modern yearss now, old and burned compact phonograph records are non wanted any longer. Alternate suggestions to recycle the phonograph record may include coasters, but the recycled chair in figure 4 is a good manner to recycle tonss of phonograph record all at one time. However, the comfortability of the chair is another issue. Figure 5 is a java tabular array made of bike wheel. Bent and spoiled bike wheel may be useless to some but after some changes, the faulty wheels could be turned into a utile piece of furniture.

Cons of Sustainability

The purpose of sustainable design is to suit people ‘s current demands and demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevalss to accomodate their ain demands. Many of the current processes the modern universe chooses to obtain and utilize our natural resources are short-sighted. Companies looking to do a net income right off can do long term harm to the environment when they do activities for illustration, cutting down excessively many trees or bring forth pollutants.

However, sustainable design would necessitate immense sum of clip, money and research to happen out which methods of production would damage the environment the least. This is the major ground why people are hesitating to back up sustainable development.

Case Study

The Marcus Beach House designed by BARK Design Architects in Australia has a coastal scene, supplying the proprietor with a relationship with the landscape and sensitive surrounding environment. This site explores filtrating natural zephyrs, elation, beds of transparence and incorporating between indoor and out-of-door infinites within dynamic forms of visible radiation and shadow, being a simple frame to enable a modern-day sustainable life style.

The Marcus Beach House Design uses unfastened construct where there are a batch of flexible infinites available. Walls are made retractable to let better air airing. As seen from figures 5 and 6, the blue arrows indicated the air current flow waies through Windowss and null infinites.

Such architectural designs made usage of available natural environing elements, for illustration the air current and the sunshine. Therefore, the energy ingestion is greatly reduced.


Sustainability in designs is greatly good to our environment and therefore strongly encouraged. The factors to see when making a sustainable design are ecological sustainability, built environment, economic sustainability and societal duty. Everyone is responsible for the natural environment that they are populating in and hence should play a portion in protecting our Earth. Sustainable designs can be created through sensitive designs with mention to the site context to accomplish energy efficiency.


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