Sustainable Design And Its Application Towards Modern Spaces Construction Essay

Interior designs are the design and redevelopment of interior infinite within edifices. An interior interior decorator is a professional that has practical and proficient expertness to make interior environments that serve their terminal users with functionality and better the quality of life, increase productiveness and protect the wellness, safety and public assistance of the populace. Professional inside interior decorators are able to visually heighten infinites with originative solutions that are developed through researching and detecting the physical environments.

Presents, depletion of resources and clime alterations that change the Earth and our lives go more and more earnestly. Therefore, the chief content of this thesis is chiefly discussed on what are green design or sustainable design and its application towards modern infinite. There are several elements that needed to take into consideration when concept and design a sustainable infinite such as airing, energy efficiency and use of stuffs. Analysis of the elements listed supra will be clearly explained in the organic structure of the essay. In add-on, four instance surveies will besides be mentioned to compare the differences of infinite, and system applied due to different fortunes of the demands. These instance surveies come with a class of larning infinite, working infinite, public infinite and private infinite. At the terminal of the essay will be a decision follow by a sum-up of the whole essay.

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Sustainable Design And Its Application Towards Modern Spaces Construction Essay
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Harmonizing to McLennan, sustainable design is a design doctrine that seeks to maximize the quality of the reinforced environment, while understating or extinguishing negative impact to the natural environment. Undoubtedly, design can be a powerful tool. It determines our motion through infinite, offers focal points or distractions for our ideas, and controls interactions with others. This impression can work against us or for us. A good understanding and taking control of design can heighten the possibilities of enjoyment of our infinites. In add-on, well-designed infinites can besides assist us populate more to the full than we had imagines. ( Dean, 2003 )

The connexion between sustainable design and how it affects human behavior is a major concern for humanity. As we can see, pollution has caused serious catastrophe to our natural environment, so that it is now pressing for us to fly from the wasteful and unworried being to a sustainable manner of life. The unworried life styles and abundant usage of energy caused ozone depletion, the steadily increasing sums of extremely radioactive spent fuels, planetary heating, mass pollution, acerb rain and etc.

As an interior interior decorator it is of import to make a better edifices for people, better merchandises for our usage and better topographic points to populate. Architect and designer necessitate to alter it roles in acknowledgment of ecology. In add-on, human psychological science is besides portion of the research because of a infinite might impact a individual ‘s feelings. Therefore to plan a good infinite is non merely about how good it looks but besides how the infinite interacts with the residents. All researches done are related to my work base on green design and I hope to integrate sustainability design into my future undertakings.

Within this study, there are four eco edifice has been chosen to analyse and analyze based on the different design, construct, stuff, infinite and green system applied. The first 1 is the Ben Franklin Elementary School designed by the Mahlum Architects. The undertaking was chosen as an AIA Committee on the Environment Top Ten Green Project for twelvemonth 2006. Following is the Eastern Sierra house designed by David Arkin from Arkin Tilt Architects as the designer. This undertaking won the Environmental Design & A ; Construction Magazine Excellence in Design Awards 2005 in the single-family residential class and AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Projects in 2005. The 3rd 1 goes to the Aberici Corporate Headquarters designed by John Guenther from Mackey Mitchell Associates. This undertaking entails the adaptative reuse of an bing fabrication works into a corporate central office for one of St. Louis ‘ oldest and largest building companies. The last 1 is Seonyudo Park which is an award-winning ecological park, created by the transition of a former H2O intervention works. The undertaking design squad for this undertaking are Seoahn Total Landscape, Jphsungyong Architecture Office.


Sustainable design is an thought that has come in clip. For many old ages, professions like designers and applied scientists are seeking greater apprehension of sustainability to make a new attack in design. Businesss realized that in order to derive competitory advantage in this rapid turning market, they must hold cognition about sustainable designs and in what ways it will do an impact in constructing transmutation every bit good as the edifice professions.

Although there is an increasing consciousness in sustainability, there are misconceptions exist because the direct significance of the term sustainable design is non adequate to do a right description of the doctrine or the motion behind it. Peoples may presume that the purpose of sustainable designs is merely preserve of the natural resources or believe that a green edifice is a edifice that contains characteristics that has lesser environmental impact, that a edifice with good Windowss or utilizations recycled merchandises is good plenty. However, it is non true ; a green design is non about characteristics. Besides that, confusion existed is because the misconception of sustainable design that has been articulated as a motion which is still in an immature beginning phase where some motion would look to be irrational or ill-defined. Furthermore, the operation of sustainable design has been outside of the mainstream design and building industry for a long period of clip contributes to this misconception. Most people may believe that this is a major alteration in their usual constructs in their profession. However, this state of affairs have been improved as the younger coevalss today are educated to larn more about sustainability and patterns in this manner.

A sustainable edifice ; it is a construction that is designed, built, renovated, operated, or re-used in an ecological or resource efficient mode.

Jason F. McLennan ( 2004 ) defined the term sustainable design as “ a design doctrine that seeks to maximise the quality of the reinforced environment, while minimising or extinguishing negative impact to the natural environment ” It is a philosophical footing to a turning and powerful motion by persons or organisations to be more responsible to the environment and antiphonal to people. This definition is considered to be really utile because it established sustainable design as a doctrine. It is of import to forestall one of the earliest barriers arose when sustainable design was wrongly assumed to be a stylistic enterprise. Besides that, it is besides a philosophical attack to plan. There are no physical barriers to follow designs, it can be used on any type of edifice which no specified graduated table and may include any objects or undertakings under design. Furthermore, this definition is that it shows an importance in quality. One of the chief purposes of a green edifice is to heighten quality which means bettering the physical artefact to make more benefits to people. Finally, the last portion of the definition clearly showed the importance to cut down the environmental impacts.

Jason F. Mclennan ( 2004 ) acknowledged that “ sustainable design implies duty and it implies a far-reaching regard for natural systems and resources, regard for people and regard for the rhythm life ” .

Furthermore, the purpose of sustainable development is to keep or make a balance between the human demand to better life styles and feeling of wellbeing on one manus, and continuing natural resources and ecosystems, on which we and our hereafter coevals depend on.

Aims of green edifices are to protect the wellness of the resident, increase employee productiveness, efficient usage of H2O, energy and other resources. Besides that, a sustainable edifice should be aimed to cut down the overall environmental impact and to make optimum environmental benefits such as to cut down the impact of ingestion of natural resources and economic public presentation which means a decrease in costs, to derive selling advantage, increased edifice rating or optimistic life rhythm public presentation cost. Community benefits such as a minimized strain on local substructure may besides be gained in structuring green edifices.


Sustainable design or environmental design is the adept design of objects to get the better of negative environmental impacts that involve the usage of non-renewable resources. The quality of the environment – clean air and H2O, to regenerating and protection of life, sustainable architecture and design helps better these facets to do a better topographic point to populate in.

Green design is an component of sustainable design. Green edifices are constructed utilizing natural resources, recycled stuffs and make full their interior infinites with natural visible radiation. The usage of ecological sensitive stuffs during building and do non hold a negative consequence before, during, after building or during deconstruction. Green design implements high public presentation engineerings and efficient runing systems but still maps with the usage of fossil fuels. These green edifices help take down the pollution crisis but due to the fact that they still rely on unsustainable beginnings for power, the design is non sustainable.

Sustainable design differs from green design in which it continues, survives, thrives, and adapts to the site of the edifice where it becomes a inactive and active construction that is designed to maximise all the natural resources around the site. These edifices are sustainable due to the fact that they operate utilizing the regional renewable energies of the site. The demand for non-renewable energy is unneeded with the execution of sustainable design while supplying people with a healthier environment to populate in every bit good as an improved quality of life. Sustainability design is green design that is being sourced by sustainable energies. They last, they endure, and they function when the non-renewables are unavailable any longer. (


Learning Space: Ben Franklin Elementary School

The Ben Franklin Elementary School is a 2 narrative edifice with the size of 26,800 square pess which is 5, 280 metre square. The undertaking was completed in grand 2005 and it is located in Kirkland, Washington. The Ben Franklin Elementary School can suit in approximately 450 kinder garden pupils ; pupils are group into little larning groups and organized in bunchs of four around a shared multipurpose activity country. The schoolrooms are of course ventilated and twenty-four hours lighted therefore organized in two narrative wings. The undertaking was chosen as an AIA Committee on the Environment Top Ten Green Project for twelvemonth 2006 submitted by Mahlum designers in Seattle, Washington. ( CASCADIA, 2006 )

Fig 1. This exposure shows the west lift of the schoolroom bunch.

Environmental Aspects

The edifice expands larning beyond the schoolroom by linking the territory ‘s educational teaching method with environmental sustainability at every degree. It was designed to continue and tackle the environment as a learning chance. Making connexions to rich natural environment was a primary end in the design procedure. Within the edifice there is a two-story schoolroom wings which reach like fingers towards the forests to link pupils visually with the nature. Daylight and indoor air quality play an of import function in the acquisition infinite, it is of import that the pupils has sufficient daytime in order to concentrate on their surveies and during lessons, while air airing for comfort of the pupils therefore the edifice was designed to maximise public presentation in these countries. In order to accomplish that and remain sustainable it was designed to hold natural airing and twenty-four hours visible radiation within the schoolroom infinite. ( CASCADIA, 2006 )

Indoor Environment

The purpose of the whole undertaking is to remain sustainable therefore there is no installing of managing equipment or auxiliary fans in all learning infinite but of course ventilated by the design layout of the infinite. Without any energy ingestion on electronic the design group uses operable Windowss and airing chimneys which are installed in every schoolroom to bring forth a natural stack consequence that consequences in 10 air alterations per hr, supplying comfort indoor air quality. All suites use computing machine simulation to supervise the thermic public presentation within the infinite and in order to make certain degrees of comfort the U.S. Green Building Council ‘s LEED boundary comfort parametric quantities were used as benchmark. There are tonss of operable Windowss installed throughout the full edifice that is because to derive natural air airing from the environment. Due to sustainable facet without use of electrical contraption 80 % of the edifice necessitate natural airing which can be achieved through a system of margin louvres located behind heating units. Carbon dioxide detectors and tenancy detectors automatically adjust louvres to command airing and conserve energy, outside air are draw through lower louvres through thermic chimneys. No canal line drives were used in the supply ducts in some certain countries with forced-air airing such as the parks country and the gym.

Most learning infinite are oriented along an east West axis, with glazing confronting north and south in order to maximise and command the natural daytime within the edifice. Configuration of Windowss and extent of shadowing devices are uses to command blaze and maintain diffuse, balanced daytime in all learning infinite. ( AIA, 2008 )


The undertaking was an simple school so most of the infinite is chiefly usage by kids therefore it is indispensable that the stuffs applied in the infinite are either suited for kids or non. The stuffs non merely hold to be non-toxic and low impact, it has to be lasting and eco-friendly due to sustainable facet. Materials used in the edifice are no-good resilient flooring, pigment with low emanations of volatile organic compound besides known as VOCs, ground-face concrete block, recycled glass cullet, wool wall coverings, and cement board siding. These stuffs in many instances meet all three standards mentioned above. For illustration, the retro-plated concrete floor, a three times harder than normal concrete stuffs provide the infinite with an highly lasting coating. A floor surface that can utilize hot swabbing for cleansing will forestall the demand of utilizing chemicals and high PH detergents to clean the floor. Interior finish stuffs were chosen that can allow several factors, such as acoustic soaking up, lastingness, light coefficient of reflection and comfort. For illustration, the wool wall covering is a warm, maltreatment resistant and renewable stuff that achieves the undertaking ‘s demands for both a removable surface and acoustically absorbent surface. ( AIA, 2008 )

Green Schemes

Ocular comfort

Design unfastened floor programs in order to let natural daytime from the Sun to travel through the inside infinite of the edifice. Use big exterior Windowss and high ceilings to increase the sum of twenty-four hours illuming that radiance through the infinite. During dark clip uses light detectors to command the brightness of the infinite.


Operable Windowss are accessible by the residents of the infinite harmonizing to their demands. Space was designed to hold natural air airing through Windowss within use of electronic contraptions in order to forestall energy ingestion.

Indoor pollutants

Reduce or extinguish indoor pollutants to the lowest by using sustainable stuffs into all infinite. Uses easy cleaning coatings stuffs and low or non VOC pigments.


Private Space: Eastern Sierra house

The Eastern Sierra House is a 2 narrative edifice with the size of 3,450 square pess which is besides 321 metre square. The undertaking was completed in December 2004 and it is located in Gardnerville, NV. The edifice was to map as a individual household residential place. This edifice is meant to be a sustainable presentation place, it was designed carefully to take advantages of its surrounding, the beauty of its site on the eastern incline of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, overlooking the Carson vale. Around the house is a courtyard oasis and it is shaded by a photovoltaic array in order to work with the incline, orientation and besides the dramatic positions of the site. While the garage and invitee wing to the West blend into the landscape via turf roofs, the chief signifier juts out like a bowlder, its south-facing roof skining up at the corner for inactive solar addition and for a dramatic position of snow-capped Job ‘s Peak to the sou’-west. This undertaking won the Environmental Design & A ; Construction Magazine Excellence in Design Awards 2005 in the single-family residential class and AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Projects in 2005. ( AIA, 2008 )

Fig 2. Overview of Eastern Sierra House


Sustainable development has becomes an of import issue due to human sweetening of the nursery consequence. On the same clip, energy demand is likely addition quickly and the proportion supplied by electricity besides grows faster. This phenomenon is besides increase the earnestness of planetary heating. Therefore Sustainable design and building done decently at the really early phase are wholly patterns that protect the wellness of edifice residents. During the pre-design phase, the probe of the site and clime, designation of clime response schemes and besides the scheduling were carried out. Layout of the site and the place of the edifice will besides find the sum of natural energy the edifice can have. Due to climate alteration and there is demand for bioclimatic design. The edifice is broken down into several constructions to maximise twenty-four hours illuming and airing chances. ( AIA,2008 )

Indoor Environment

A good designed indoor environment is non merely a affair of holding a beautiful infinite. Day illuming and airing schemes are applied efficaciously in the whole instance survey 1. Majority of the exterior Windowss tailored for twenty-four hours lighting, solar addition, and positions, glass floor tiles are used for light transmittal to the lower hallway. Utility cupboard and translucent fanlight panels from the maestro bathroom besides can reassign daytime to the dressing country. Besides that, high clearstory Windowss spread light across the light coloring material ceiling planes. In each of every room, operable Windowss and an air managing system are applied to continuously feed filtered fresh air. The exhaust air is pushed to have excess on demand airing through the kitchen and bath fumes canals. During summer darks the whole house is filled with cool air to enable the thermic mass to keep a stable and comfy interior temperature even when the conditions is hot. Humidity and temperature detector were used to command canal and simple fan from the nursery to equilibrate the clime ‘s highly low humidness. Solar design is used sharply in this Eastern Sierra House so that it can run into all of its energy demands with no trust on fossil fuels. In order to run into the house ‘s warming and chilling demands, a combination of inactive and active solar schemes is used.

In the edifice, there is seven 4’x10 ‘ solar aggregators ‘ heat fluids used for domestic hot H2O and besides for the usage of infinite warming. Sufficient thermic mass in the type of concrete floor slabs and two to three inches of soil-cement coating on the straw bale and insulated concrete signifier walls, holds direct solar addition and maintain internal air temperature comfy through the cold darks. Because to the site ‘s location there is a mountain on the West which does limited afternoon solar addition during the winter, nevertheless this benefit becomes a job during summer which is excessively much heat consumption.


Sustainable stuffs are non merely to cut down pollution but besides can conserves the natural resources and protect environment for future coevalss. However, there are still many people unwilling to do capital investings in utilizing sustainable stuffs and resources with a less than really short term return on investing, particularly in these ambitious economic times.

This design system of the edifice was based on several resources efficient constructing systems and the usage of salvaged resources and atoxic stuffs. For illustration, insulated concrete signifiers that require 50 % less concrete than conventional are used for the Earth bermed and retaining walls. The chief degree has straw bale walls, finished indoors and out with sprayed Earth. In add-on, the exterior walls by utilizing wood frame are sheathed with splines of stained fiber-cement-board panels, which weather good in this high-UV environment.

An insularity value of R-45 is utilizing with this instance analyze roofs that are ten-inch structural insulated panels ( SIPs ) .

Green Schemes

There were several schemes applied the indoor infinite of the Eastern Sierra House. For illustration, schemes like utilizing sky visible radiations and clearstories for twenty-four hours lighting and taking interior and exterior glazing to maximise daylight transmittal for ocular comfort and the edifice envelope, supplying residents with entree to operable Windowss and heat recovery airing for the natural airing, put ining a quiet and effectual fan in the bathrooms and guarantee the kitchen scope goons exhaust to the out-of-doorss for direct fumes from high beginning locations, utilizing rooftop rainwater aggregation system to deviate H2O from the edifice and avoiding wall to palisade rug to cut down indoor pollutants. Besides that, painting interior walls with light coloring materials and choosing extremely brooding ceiling stuffs can better illuming indoor suites therefore the lighter the coatings, the fewer figure of visible radiations that need to be installed for a edifice.

Conservation is less expensive than any energy retrofits. Sustainable constructing design can be achieved such as utilizing twenty-four hours illuming for energy efficiency by holding south-facing Windowss for twenty-four hours lighting and utilizing edifice elements to airt daylight and control blaze, utilizing operable Windowss to do a high internal thermic mass edifice for non-solar chilling tonss system, utilizing solar H2O warmers for energy economy, utilizing Earth sheltering for the land coupled systems, pointing the edifice decently and shadowing south Windowss with overhangs, utilizing a photovoltaic system to bring forth electricity on site and arrange for sale of extra electricity into the grid, exposing southern site of the edifice and utilizing heat recovery airing and demand controlled airing. Besides that, choosing of visible radiation coloured exterior wall stuffs besides can reflect solar addition into the interior infinite of the edifice.

Case study 3

Working infinite: Alberici Corporate Headquarter

Fig 3. The edifice ‘s south-facing “ saw-tooth ” add-on is shown here.

The Alberici Corporate Headquarter is one of St. Louis, Missouri ‘s oldest and largest building companies. The undertaking was involved in the reuse of an bing fabrication works, turning it into the corporate central office. The construct was to hold an office with unfastened office environment, structured parking, preparation suites, exercising installations, and dining installations were specifically required. This undertaking was chosen as an AIA Committee on the Environment Top Ten Green Project for 2006. A big sum of planning was undertaken in the design of the new ‘green ‘ central office. These included H2O preservation, energy ingestion decreases and environmental friendly building stuffs and resources. ( Constructing Green, 2010 )


Energy was an of import issue for the company. To keep an environmental friendly edifice, every facet to cut down energy ingestion was taken into history. A control system paths and steps factors runing from gas, electricity, and H2O use to atmospheric elements, rain sums, and air current velocities. The control system ‘s metering equipment interfaces with an internal computing machine web, into which all information is sporadically transferred for in-depth analysis and long-run storage. ( Constructing Green, 2010 )

The edifice consist of a 65-kilowatt air current turbine provides 92,000 kWh, 20 % of the installations electrical demands, yearly. Hot H2O is preheated by utilizing solar panels. The undertaking features natural twenty-four hours illuming in 75 % of all infinites. The chilling works uses two 100-ton water-cooled hair-raisers with a 12.9 EER. The chilling tower features a variable-speed fan. The works can utilize the tower in a water-side economiser manner. The warming works uses two 1.2 MMBtu-per-hour end product boilers modeled with 86 % efficiency at full burden. The edifice exceeds minimal energy efficiency demands by 60 % . Onsite renewable beginnings generate 17 % of the edifice ‘s required energy. ( Natural Matters, 2005 )

Green Schemes on Energy

Sustainable design can be achieved by insulating a whole wall R value of 15 or greater for wall insularity, utilizing south facing Windowss, atrium and North or south roof proctors and clearstories for twenty-four hours lighting, utilizing solar H2O warmers for H2O warmers system, and utilizing H2O cooled mechanical chilling equipment and committee the HVAC system for chilling system. If the design for no more than 1.0 Wattss or square pes for light degrees, It can utilize high public presentation Windowss and doors such as Windowss with a whole unit U Factor less than 0.32 and utilize air current turbine system to bring forth electricity. ( Constructing Green, 2010 )


The stuffs that used for the building of edifice are chiefly manufactured near to the undertaking took topographic point. These stuffs are manufactured locally, which included the shopfront system, fabricated steel, concrete block, concrete, cabinets, and casework. Recycled stuffs used within the building procedure which includes the man-made gypsum, steel framing and rebar, concrete block including flyash, rug backup, and semitransparent panels. Besides that, more than 10 % of stuffs were salvaged or refurbished. There are other green merchandises are besides used as stuffs within the building of the edifice which include: ( EERE, 2010 )

A· Bamboo Panelling, Plywood, and Veneer

A· Cork Flooring

A· Full-cut off Luminaires

A· Hydro powered Sensor-Activated Faucet

A· Manufacturing-Scrap Ceramic Tile

A· Natural Linoleum Flooring

A· Non-Water-Using Urinals

A· Recycled-Rubber Flooring

Green schemes for Materials and Resources

Sustainable stuffs are stuffs that can be used without any negative consequence on the environment and which are produced locally in regard of cut downing the demand of conveyance. Green schemes for stuffs can recycle the bing construction of edifice deconstruction, can utilize an entree floor to ease reconfiguring of infinites and telegraphing systems, can utilize wood merchandises from independently certified, good managed woods for finish woodworking and usage stuffs that are sourced and manufactured within local country. ( EERE, 2010 )

Indoor Environment

Fig 4. Shows the inside of Alberici Corporate Headquarters.

The indoor environment of the edifice was planned out to to the full do used of natural resources such as sunshine and natural air airing alternatively of to the full trusting on electrical contraption such as visible radiations and air conditioning. About 75 % of the interior infinites are of course daylight by big margin Windowss or clearstory glazing and cross-ventilation was provided by operable Windowss in order to derive natural airing. There are three atria which are non merely to increase twenty-four hours illuming to the infinite but besides bring on airing as thermic flukes, leting hot air to stratify at the top infinite, off from residents. The whole edifice can be of course ventilated when it is in free chilling manner. In add-on, residents can manually command the thermal, airing, and illuming systems through floor registries, hard-wired undertaking visible radiations at each work station, and operable Windowss. ( EERE, 2010 )

Green Strategies for Indoor Environment

Green schemes for indoor environment are such as supplying residents with the will to command temperature in their country for thermic comfort, utilizing of sky illuming for ocular comfort and edifice envelope, planing unfastened floor programs to let exterior daylight to perforate into the interior infinite, supplying residents with entree to operable Windowss, design for optimal cross airing through window arrangement and supply heat recovery airing for the airing and filtration systems, utilizing merely really low or no VOC pigments to cut down indoor pollutants and besides stipulating usage of merely atoxic cleansing merchandises for care for IEQ. ( EERE, 2010 )

The edifice is besides a no smoke constructing more than a smoke free edifice it is a smoke free belongings so that the resident can hold a clean air environment during their work. The edifice direction system monitors the sum of C dioxide within the on the job infinite so when degrees exceed set criterions, the accountant signals the chief airing system to present extra fresh air into the edifice. The edifice stuffs that release gases or atoms into the air are the chief job the affect the indoor air quality hence indoor pollutant control are needed to forestall bad air quality flow in the edifice. There are designated suites for hive awaying and blending chemicals. Copying and publishing operations have been consolidated into the transcript centres. These chemical storage suites and transcript centres are individually ventilated out of the edifice in order to maintain clean air within the edifice. ( Alberici, 2010 )

Case study 4

Public Space: Seonyudo Park

Fig 5. The Water resort area includes gently inclining coiling hills and shallow H2O pools where kids can play and parents can chill down on a hot twenty-four hours

Seonyudo Island was a new built ecological park established in twelvemonth 2002 in which convert from bing sewage intervention works. This undertaking was aimed and tend to heighten the citizens live ability by supplying high quality of diversion park that revert back the construct of environment duties to the populace. Strategic location of the island that lies in Hangang River acts as a important standard in implementing this undertaking. The island is so accessible by the surrounding citizens throughout assortment of conveyance installations such as walkers ‘ overcrossing, motor span, and ferries.

20 old ages of service rhythm from 1978 until 1998 had provided by the Seonyudo ‘s sewage intervention works to the metropolis of Seoul. The Seoul Metropolitan Government view the undertaking as an chance for ‘New Seoul ‘ enterprise by provide and making more leisure infinites and cultural programme. The construct design and ecological planning for the Seonyudo Park were derived from the bing frame and substructure of bing sewage intervention works. Consequently, it engages with small amendment of the original topography, construction and contraptions therefore optimize the map and surface visual aspects. ( CABE )


The country of Seonyudo Park is more than 100,000 metre square and consists of four chief zone and seven key installations. Each individual zone categorized consequently and hold necessary. Zone one was the H2O purification ; zone two was the Garden of Green Column ; zone three was the Aquatic Botanical Garden and in conclusion zone four, which is the Garden of Transition. Among the four zones, the several countries are by and large converted from H2O purification basin, old reservoirs ‘ foundation, shallow filtration basin and chemical colony installations.

Basically, the four zones are connected with one another with and including the populace installations through a series of paseos. The extra H2O generated from the basins will finally deviate to the Ecological Water Playground. Assortment of native Korean works can be found in the born-again basins. Diversity of garden exist in zone four such as aroma garden, vine garden, moss garden and fern garden. Besides that, grennhouses were built for the purpose tropical and sub-tropical aquatic workss nidation. The transitions allowed kids and grownups to bask the stopping point up implant floras. Ocular esthesis through improved architectural visual aspect can be found in zone two with the Hedera helix cladding fixed on the old reservoirs.

Albeit with the improved ocular and ecological esthesis, the design layout did non bury the commissariats of public installations to better the quality and user experience and value. Such as two hundred seats unfastened air amphitheater, exhibition hall, observation deck and cafeteria. ( CABE )

Design Process

Design procedures are important in finding the result of design. Series of feasibleness surveies were done before the transportation of client ‘s brief into conceptual design. Among the feasibleness assessment, background cheque, new Seoul enterprise, design competition and overcrossing were considered and benchmark for better practicality, quality and tantrum for intent. ( CABE )


The beginning of Seonyudo Island was named by the poet and philosophers in 18th century as remainder site, Muse and inspiration. In 20th century, the Japan Colonies executed rather a batch of building undertakings by using the regional nature stuffs such as stones and littorals. Additionally, coincident quarrying extended the consequence of separation from the riverside. By 1965, the Seonyudo Island acts as a structural center for vehicles to traverse by. During 1978, the site had eventually plunged into H2O purification installations that support the turning community. ( CABE )

New Seoul Initiative

New Seouls enterprise was implement by the Seoul planning authorization in twelvemonth 1998 which aimed to supply sustainable environment, diversify the civilization programme and for the human benefits. The planning Torahs have important consequence on the economic as the planning consensus have the direct consequence on the value of land and edifice. However, this planning has an consequence that coincided with the confrontation of 2002 FIFA World Cup. ( CABE )


Evaluation of undertaking public presentation is a important phase to find the success of a peculiar undertaking non merely in term of basic building demands ( clip, cost, quality ) but besides the sustainability, environmental and societal public presentation. Furthermore, equal rating and feedback may lend important expressed cognition for future development. This undertaking viewed as first ecological park in South Korea and received a well repute and success in term of landscape sensitive and design. This urban development had established a case in point undertaking that contribute and inspire in future development. Furthermore, the feedback of this undertaking can be classified in term of ecology, instruction, socialism, handiness, transit and future developments. This undertaking had guided the citizen with little and big image which was the consciousness in term of flora types and the importance of recycle and reintegrate of bing industries constituent. In fact, the aesthetic environment that furnish with leafy vegetables constituent and cultural exhibitions generate involvements to public. Hence, motivate of school Tourss for educational intents. The island is so accessible and suited for all people. This undertaking besides achieved first-class evaluation in socialism as the island provided of natural diversion infinites to alleviate the tenseness metropolis life. ( CABE )


Based on the analysis of the four instance surveies shown supra, green edifice can convey a broad scope of benefits.

For a little extra investing in capital cost, sustainable design will salvage on operating costs for old ages to come. Many green edifices are designed to utilize less energy than current codification ; some edifices achieve even higher efficiency degrees. Therefore, many developers and edifice proprietors are seeing that it ‘s a wise concern determination to procure long term nest eggs. In add-on, green edifices are besides be givening to be much easier to run and keep so that to cut down care costs. By carry oning comprehensive functional testing of all energy utilizing systems before tenancy, it is frequently possible to hold a drum sander running edifice for old ages because possible jobs are fixed in advanced.

On the other manus, since most companies are efficaciously self-insured and most authorities bureaus and big companies are self-insured in world, I makes god economic sense for them to be concerned about the wellness effects of constructing design on people ‘s wellness. For illustration to concentrating on steps to better indoor environmental quality, such as increased airing, twenty-four hours lighting, positions to the out-of-doorss, and low toxicity coatings and furniture. By holding the edifice certified by an independent 3rd party and by planing good above codification required lower limits, a company might hold a better defense mechanism against employee cases for ill edifice syndrome symptoms, edifice related unwellnesss, and other complaints.

The benefits of green edifices besides reinforce a company ‘s trade name image. Besides that, communities are besides more likely to back up green undertakings than traditional undertakings, and it is easier for such undertakings to measure up for many authorities contracts, subsidies, grants and revenue enhancement credits.


Undoubtedly, for the hereafter everyone in the green edifice industry will be focused on take downing the cardinal barrier of cost. Interior designers are besides responsible to working hard to convey the costs of green edifices into line with benefits.

All the participants within building industry have to work sharply to take down the costs of constructing green by roll uping their ain undertaking experience and beef uping their focal point on incorporate design attacks that might take down some costs while increasing others, but with a net positive cost decrease impact.

Other than that, interior decorators have to happen ways to finance green edifice betterments that cut down or extinguish the first cost punishment that frequently frightens off prospective purchasers, utilizing incentive payments from public-service corporation “ public intent ” plans, and local, province, and federal authoritiess to maximize purchase. There are besides a turning figure of 3rd party funding beginnings for energy-efficiency and renewable energy investings in big edifice undertakings that can defray or countervail added initial costs. ( Yudelson, 2008 )

Furthermore, it is besides of import to utilize good undertaking direction and cost direction package to demo the benefits of assorted green edifice steps in existent clip. Having good information about costs, benefits, and return on investing can be critical to maintaining good green steps under consideration, alternatively of losing them to purely fiscal considerations.


Basically for the four of the instance survey that I have studied each has their ain characteristic base on the map of the infinite. First of all the size of undertakings is a really large contrast due to tenancy of the infinite. The Ben Franklin Elementary school is a learning infinite for kinder garden pupils which can suit in approximately 450 pupils, Eastern Sierra House is a individual household residential place, Alberici Corporate Headquarters consists of around 200 people each twenty-four hours and Seonyudo Park is a public infinite for people to rest and walk.

The cost of all undertakings besides gave a really large difference. A kinder garden school and An office needs a large sum of money to keep the whole edifice while a residential and a public park does n’t necessitate such sum of money to keep. An office is a topographic point where the residents work and the infinite that being occupied is largely the working country while the kinder garden school is largely for pupils to remain focus within the infinite to larn both have somewhat similarity which is require to hold sufficient visible radiation and air airing to remain focus and comfort because the resident usually remain within the infinite for certain sum of clip. Compare with a house and park, it ‘s a topographic point where the resident feel relax and alleviation from the nerve-racking office or larning infinite. Therefore remaining for a long period of clip in the office or school will do the resident feels emphasis, force per unit area and tiring which is a entire contrast with a house and park. Some of the green schemes applied in a on the job infinite and learning infinite are besides different comparison with a private and public infinite. For illustration an office or school demands sufficient lightings such as cool visible radiations to maintain the workers stay focus on their plants while a life place normally uses warm visible radiations, for the park it is chiefly natural sunshine due to it is an unfastened air infinite. Case surveies one, two and three utilizations natural twenty-four hours illuming to illume up the whole infinite but the Alberici Corporate Headquarters and Ben Franklin Elementary School consists of more and bigger Windowss for more twenty-four hours illuming to come through the infinite and better air airing which is different from Eastern Sierra House. Some of the stuffs used are different as good due to the lastingness and cost. For illustration for the kinder garden school, the furniture applied in the infinite should be safe for kids in which they should non hold crisp borders, stuff used should besides be nontoxic as the kids ‘s wellness is precedence to larning environment. As for an unfastened air park the stuffs applied should be highly lasting because they are exposing to sunlight, rain and other component that may do the construction to deteriorate.

Decision, sustainable design can be applied to every infinite but different system is require base on the map and use of the infinite. Different stuff plays a different function in each infinite every bit good depends on the environment and clime. Throughout the whole essay I gain more cognition of sustainable design and how it affects the whole infinite.


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