Swot-Analysis Essay

TODD BRODER EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / DIRECTOR Member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Member of the Producers Guild of America 917. 701. 2052 / [email protected]. com / www. broderville. om TELEVISION Dual Survival The Marriage Ref My Fios Home (Exec Producer) Operation Salvage (Showrunner) Bodyguards (Showrunner) It’s All Geek to Me (Showrunner) Don’t Sweat It (Showrunner) Food Trip with Todd English (Prod) WifeSwap Throwdown with Bobby Flay Honey, We’re Killing the Kids The Agency While You Were Out Town Haul Chappelle’s Show (sketch) Thirteen SundayArts Sesame Street (interstitials) (ExecProd) Chomp Chat 50 Funniest Women Butch in the City Ice Diaries Bounce Laughing Pizza (Pilot) Los Descamisados National Training Center SimMan Fat Like Me (Anim.

Director) PRODUCTION CO. Original Media Shed Media USA Broderville/Campfire NAHB Productions MarkMark Productions CityLights CityLights Todd English Prods RDF Media Dan Cohen and Sons BBC Entertainment GRB Productions BBC Productions True Entertainment Lovett Productions Thirteen B3 Pictures CityLights CityLights B3 Pictures TWI Productions RxEntertainment Cartoon Pizza B3 Pictures B3 Pictures B3 Pictures Lovett Productions NETWORK Discovery NBC Fios / Fox DIY Network Fox Reality Discovery HGTV PBS ABC Food Network TLC VH1 TLC TLC Comedy Central PBS PBS Discovery Kids Oxygen Here!

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TV TLC PBS Sprout Sony CurrentTV CurrentTV CurrentTV ABC NETWORK Comedy Central TeenNick Scott Naturals CBS Sports / Heavy Discovery Discovery Comedy Central Heavy Heavy Heavy Comedy Heavy Heavy Heavy Intensati WEBISODES (EXEC PRODUCER) PRODUCTION CO.

Rahzel Music Minute ) Broderville Pictures Ask Sylvia Broderville Pictures Green Done Right Digital Broadcast Group Burly Sports Show-WON 2008 WEBBY Broderville Pictures Origins Broderville Pictures Spaced Out Broderville Pictures Will the Farter Broderville Pictures Jose Canseco Show Broderville Pictures TechSmart with Ron Jeremy Broderville Pictures From Ashy to Classy Broderville Pictures The Crew Broderville Pictures Flex and the City Broderville Pictures Adventures of Nick and Joey Broderville Pictures Workout from the Pen Broderville Pictures Warrior Workouts Broderville Pictures

COMMERCIALS / PROMOS “HGTV / Kraft Salad Dressing” “World Focus” Promo “Thirteen” Branded Promos “Lifetime / Redbook Promos” “Style Promos” (producer) “Paper Problems” “Elevator Hair” “Couples” “Office” “Hospital Help” “Capture What’s Real” “Comcast” (animation dir) “Trap” “Glue Paper” “Party Crashing” “Kitchen Staff” “Purse Snatcher” “Romantic” “Nursing Home” (spec) “You So Sexy” (spec) “I See Sound” (Producer)

PRODUCTION CO. Stick’e Creative B3 Pictures B3 Pictures Stick’e Creative RxEntertainment Plaster City Productions Deutsch Advertising Deutsch Advertising Deutsch Advertising Deutsch Advertising CurrentTV Dimassimo Brand Advertising Dimassimo Brand Advertising Dimassimo Brand Advertising Dimassimo Brand Advertising Lovett Productions Lovett Productions Lovett Productions Lovett Productions B3 Pictures Simon Productions

CLIENT HGTV/Kraft PBS PBS Lifetime Network Style Network H & R Block Mitchum Deodorant Mitchum Deodorant Mitchum Deodorant American Med Assoc Sony Style HBO on Demand Great Pointed Archer Great Pointed Archer Great Pointed Archer MTV2 MTV2 MTV2 Apple Converse Virgin Records FEATURE FILM PRODUCTION CO. “The Deported” (Producer) 701 Productions starring Nick Turturro / Michael Rappaport Biohazardous (Asst.

Director) MooDude Productions MUSIC VIDEOS “Sometimes” “Suburban Gangstas” “Hello” NARRATIVE Out of Place What Adam Knows Oldham County I am Lindsey The It Factor Luna (Producer) Boogeyman (Producer) Jack for President (Producer) CORPORATE FILMS Pershing Christie’s Chinese Art STD Testing Student Photo Comp. Police/Fire Working Together ARTIST Dujeous 00Agents Jordan Batliste PRODUCTION CO. WaxPo Records Confidential Records Noble Beast Records

Short Film Short Film Short Film Short Film Short Film Short Film Short Film Short Film B3 Pictures McGuffin Filmworks B3 Pictures B3 Pictures B3 Pictures Levine Films Live Feed Films Live Feed Films Broderville Pictures Broderville Pictures Broderville Pictures Lovett Productions Lovett Productions Financial Corp Video Christie’s Auction NYC Health Department Washington Mutual Emergency Mngmt.


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