Swot analysis small Ophthalmologic clinic new information technology Essay

Arthur Berry, the concern director of Cedar Rapids Vision Center – a little Ophthalmologic clinic with 12 clerical and medical employees – is about to get down full execution of the new information engineering that should to the full automatize the clinic ‘s back-office processs. However, the procedure of execution involves managerial accomplishments, which Berry lacks to some extent since he had been involved in the execution of an information system merely as a user before, non a undertaking director. Berry besides has to cover with other restraints such as the low budget of the clinic and the proprietor and disposal ‘s opposition to the alteration. He has to move rapidly in order to prosecute his program and its justification otherwise he may lose the foreman ‘s trust in him.

The undermentioned head map will assist us better find the cardinal issues and factors and what needs the immediate attending. It is clear that hapless direction planning in the clinic was the consequence of the job with implementing the new information engineering. We know that successful execution of any new information system involves pull offing activities such as systems analysis and design, prototyping, application scheduling, undertaking direction, and system care for all major concern /IT development undertakings ( O’Brien, 2006, p. 483 ) . Unfortunately, Berry does non look to hold mastered these qualities and hence will hold to look for all possible solutions to work out the job. This should be done together with the physician of the clinic, even though he is instead loath to near this issue with an open-minded attitude.

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Swot analysis small Ophthalmologic clinic new information technology Essay
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The alternate classs of action are the undermentioned.

O Hire IS professional who can convey specific/desired IT expertness

O Provide preparation for both the director Berry and the employees every bit good. If possible, the physician could go to the preparation excessively in order to better understand the complexness of utilizing information system particularly if he plans to spread out its clinic and set up orbiters offices.

O Return to the traditional manner of back-office processs and avoid other disbursals connected with the above solutions.

Evaluation of the given options is done utilizing the SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis – 1st option



– Know-how IS professionals

– Aid better the clinic ‘s application development attempts

– Immediate aid and proficient

– Relatively expensive to engage full clip IS specializers

– Requires extra clip to do it all work



A A A -A A A A A can set up a successful direction of IT and aid with the enlargement of the clinic

– Incapability of the execution of the current IS

– Need to engage more than one IS specializers

SWOT Analysis – 2nd option



– easy to execute

– time-friendly

– professional aid

– expensive and instead time-consuming procedure of educating the staff



– All administrative could acquire an drawn-out IS cognition which would assist them do better determinations in the hereafter in footings of IS

– The physician would obtain a greater position on his program to spread out the clinic and all that it involves in footings of IS

– Employees resistance to the class and version of new thoughts and engineerings

SWOT Analysis – 3rd option



– no demand to habituate to the new engineering

– non really effectual solution

– No direct bringing to families and houses



– Avoid sweeps and possible jobs with IT

– Need to implement an IT in the hereafter

– Conservative attack which brings tonss of administrative work and deficiency of unity in informations and information

– Need to engage extra staff – clerks/administration

When sing the SWOT analysis, the combination of the first and 2nd option shows to be the best solution provided. There is a great chance to successfully set up information engineering direction which would supply all the necessary managerial cognition and actions and aid with the enlargement of the physician ‘s clinic. Such squad might precisely be what Cedar Rapids Vision Center is looking for and demands.

Successful direction of corporate IT involves a close partnership with broad assortment of service suppliers and sellers ( O’Brien, 2006, p. 482 ) . The physician ‘s purpose is to develop satellite offices. If this is of all time to go on, the execution of information engineering is a must hold. What ‘s even more of import is the successful application of the IT. We know that the director of Cedar Rapids Vision Center is at a deadlock. He has to move rapidly. And he knows he is incapable of pull offing the whole procedure of implementing the IT by himself merely. Therefore, engaging IS specializers and preparation will guarantee the clinic is traveling the right manner alternatively of being unmindful and godforsaken extra clip and money seeking to get away this unfortunate state of affairs. Sooner or subsequently, all the loath employees with the physician would happen out that this is the lone solution there was ; successful execution of the IT in Cedar Rapids Vision Center.

The function of the physician, who is besides the proprietor of Cedar Rapids Vision Center, is really important. First, Berry needs to confer with this state of affairs with the physician and explicate the earnestness of the issue. Then the physician should talk to his employees and explicate the benefits and promote them to go to the preparation. Then Berry can look for “best in position” IT specializer and have the physician to engage them. This first stage should non take more than a two weeks in order to avoid any other complications. After the preparation session, both the director and the physician should closely supervise the advancement and do certain everything is traveling good. If there are any jobs at any clip during the procedure, the director should see seeking farther aid in professionals if he ‘s non able to cover with the state of affairs with his squad.

The concluding rating will be the duty of the director and the physician. Good communicating among all employees and thorough monitoring of the procedure are required. Good consequences should come really shortly after the execution of the program. However, if this is non the instance, the director and the physician should revise the scheme and guarantee everything is working decently. In instance the consequences would non get for excessively long, so a reclamation of the scheme will be considered necessary.


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