Symbolism in The Book of Revelation Essay

The Purpose of Symbolism in the Book of Revelation I really enjoyed how the article started off with talking about how we as humans need something radical to get our attention. That to me, describes Revelation in a nutshell. A part of the Bible that is so “radical” in its wording that has brought with it a lot of questions through the years. The question being presented is if the book of Revelation is symbolic and why?

The author makes it quite clear in the first few pages that Revelation 1:1 directly correlates with Daniel 2 when it talks about the four ifferent metals representing the four different countries and the stone representing God and his power over all. They use the same Greek word here to describe symbolism referring to symbolic communication and not general understanding of information. It is like a really intense descriptive novel.

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Symbolism in The Book of Revelation Essay
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It paints a vivid picture for you. I found that in the article John wrote it that way because he could not describe what he was seeing into words, so he described it in a picturesque type of fashion, I thought this was interesting to do because not only does it grab your attention and ake you want to read it more and more but it also makes you dig deeper to find the meaning of what it is saying. It is also said that symbols help with continuity from the OT.

I am personally a fan of this, because as any great writer knows, a good book, or books, always coincides the beginning with the end. So not only do they have references from the OT, but now you get to go back and find those symbols to see what they mean to get the message the author intended. You end up going back and finding those references and than looking up what those references mean. So you re digging into the word even more. In the third section it talks about how John was prophet, so he wrote like a prophet would speak.

In that day, and honestly still today, people can be so Jaded by their sin and harden their hearts towards Christ that if you give them a straight forward message they will become annoyed and potentially even more hardend. But if you present the message in a Jolting, ear catching way, you will hear the hearts of many and grab people attention. This was a tactic used by John for Revelation. I find this to be very smart. Before I was a Christian the only book of the

Bible I ever read was Revelation, because I found it to be so interesting, I at least had read it a good twenty times before becoming a Christian. It was a message that caught my attention, that scared me, and most of all made me curios to what it all meant. So I finally asked, which led me to church, in turn led me to being saved. What a great tactic! I am in awe of how great the symbolism and writing is in Revelation. I thought this article was well written and presented in a way that I took a lot away from it, and I enjoyed reading it most of all. Symbolism in The Book of Revelation By angelnicole7


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