System analysis and design dvd store Essay


In September 2009 to March 2010 IADCS class, four assignments including that of SAD ( System Analysis and Design ) have to accomplished. This twelvemonth SAD assignment includes six undertakings, all of which are for developing computerized system for DVD Store.

Undertaking 1is the making a procedure theoretical account for the DVD shop system consisting. It include the context diagram of DVD shop, a statement of the purposes and aims of the DVD shop system and Data Flow Diagram.

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Undertaking 2is making a information theoretical account detailing the information construction required to back up the information and procedure demand of the DVD shop system. It include Entity Relationship Diagram, Entity Description, Attributes and Relationship inside informations.

Undertaking 3is for creative activity an Entity Life History for DVD point.

Undertaking 4is making a database design for the DVD shop. It includes standardization and informations lexicon.

Undertaking 5is making a paradigm user interface. It includes two entry signifier and one seeking signifier for the DVD system.

Undertaking 6is Making outline preparation and program Create a User Guide for the system. Otherwise, it is called by site readying and making a study for the whole DVD system from where.

( a ) CONTEXT DIAGRAM ( flat 0 )


Many sorts of amusements are required in our life for many grounds. They can assist us to do ourselves loosen up and hold strength to confront the twenty-four hours. Among them our system is about a loan DVD and sale DVD for people. We intend to loan DVD and sale DVD. We merely wish our customer/member to be relaxed from all the fatigue they got form their plants, schools and other topographic points by watching our DVD. Besides they can acquire fun, cognition, and information, learn things about different civilizations and any other utile thoughts from our DVD.

As our state is a underdeveloped state, many sorts of concern are altering their manual system to a computerized system in order to catch up the new information engineering. We intended to do our system more effectual efficient and systematic by altering our sale/loan procedure to computerise system.

( degree Celsius ) DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS ( flat 1 )


  1. Purchase Order procedure
  2. After telling, the DVD points will get from the providers. When occurs that points the director demand to look into reorder degree of stock is adequate or non. And the staff make the payment to the provider as buying procedure.

  3. Search Item procedure
  4. If the clients will seek DVD point at the Search page, it can seek by DVD Name ( vitamin E: g Title, Director ) , DVD Type ( vitamin E: g Action, Drama ) and Price. If you buy this point, you need to look into member or non. If non, you must register to a member.

  5. Registration procedure
  6. When the new client will get, the staff will cognize it is member or non. If non, the new client will necessitate to make full client information at the registry signifier to go a member of DVD shop. If the client is already holding at the member signifier, it can travel on to the sale procedure.

  7. Gross saless procedure
  8. The client can take the DVD points as they like by seeking at the seeking page. The staff must look into to the DVD point file and sale file and update when it is changed. If bargain, the staff will accept purchasing and send bill. Harmonizing bill, the client demand to do payment by hard currency.

  9. Loan procedure
  10. The member can take the DVD points as they like by seeking at the seeking page. The staff must look into to the DVD point file and loan file and update when it is changed. If loan, the staff will accept loan bill. Harmonizing bill, the member demand to do payment by hard currency.

  11. Payment procedure
  12. When a client makes payment harmonizing sale point file, the staff will look into the client ‘s hard currency to the Bank. When Bank will give information, the staff will take the payment. When the staff will have the payment, the staff will enter to the payment file.

  13. Report procedure

After all of above procedure or full a twenty-four hours, the director will necessitate to look into all of procedures and all files and reorder degree for points and able to bring forth gross revenues figures. And so, the system will bring forth day-to-day study for entire gross revenues and for monthly, will bring forth monthly study.


Our assignment scenario is DVD Store system. This assignment is make good usage of the Systems Analysis and Design.

Harmonizing to the undertakings 1, we have to analyst the needed system utilizing structured systems analysis methods. We have made the context diagram of the DVD shop system. We have to make the purposes and aims of the DVD shop system. This procedure is including many procedures, they are: purchase order procedure, seeking procedure, sale procedure, Loan procedure, receive payment procedure and study procedure. We have made the procedure descriptions, dataflow descriptions, informations shop contents, and external entity definitions of the system.

In the undertaking 2, we have used the structured systems analysis methods to analyst the needed system and we have to bring forth a information theoretical account. We have to pull the entity relationship diagram for the system. And so, we make the description of the all entities in the diagram. After, we have specified the primary and foreign keys for all entities. Then we have made the optionality and grade of relationships between entities.

For the undertaking 3, we have to do an Entity Life History for a DVD point.

For the undertaking 4, we have to do a relational database design for the system including. It is a set of to the full normalized tabular arraies demoing the standardization procedure for purchase order, modesty signifier, loan signifier and sale signifiers. After, we have described the informations dictionary entries for all points included in the database design. The information dictionary entries are include the information elements, informations constructions, informations shops and informations flows.

In the undertaking 5, we have made a paradigm user interface for the DVD shop system. It is create three signifiers. There are seeking for an point of DVD, treating the Loan, and Member enrollment. Then include the proof checking and grounds for each paradigm.



Strengths of our system

  • Our system is good for treating in a short manner.
  • Our system is fast and user friendly.
  • We have so many studies to delight store proprietor.
  • User can seek any DVD in this store, like Loan DVD, Returned DVD, Available DVD.
  • Our system is rather perfect system and does n’t hold many mistakes.
  • Our system is good in security and privateness to some of import information of the store.
  • Not all people can entree the plan, so all the database and records are merely updated and edited by authorised individual who knows the user log in and watchword.
  • Our system intends to delight people from the fatigue from their life and give pleasance and merriment.

Failing of our system

  • Our system has no finance parts so we could non do anything about buying and selling our DVDs. We intend to add that portion in the hereafter in our system.
  • Our system is merely for one Personal computer merely and could non utilize as a client waiter.
  • We can non make anything about the studies about the money flow of our system.
  • Merely the individual who knows the user name and watchword of the log in boxes can come in into the plan.


There are five site readying methods for the installing of the system as follow:

Power Supply

Most little computing machines and terminuss use the ordinary electricity brinies. However, even with these some readying is necessary. There is need the adequate electrical power mercantile establishments and that the capacity of the circuit is sufficient for the expected burden. There are besides needed the machines being installed near to other electrical equipment which may do rushs on the circuits. If so, it may be necessary to set isolators in order to forestall harm to the computing machines or terminuss.

Large machines may necessitate particular power providers and these will hold to be installed by the local electricity providers. Uninterruptible Power Supply units should be used to let the system to be closed down right in the event of a power cut, and to get by with power rushs.

Heat dissipation

Small machines do non usually necessitate air conditioning. This does non intend that the machines will run satisfactorily at all temperatures ( or that the people runing them will ) . Heat is usually merely a job on hot yearss when the Sun radiances through Windowss and adds to the heat being generated by the machine. Where big machines are involved, so a full air conditioning system will be necessary.

Office alternations

The demand for alternations to offices, or even the edifice of a new office, can originate for a figure of grounds:

  • new big computing machine
  • company reorganisation
  • air conditioning demands
  • security demands

Office Layout

With the debut of a computer-based system, the manual modus operandis of an office are bounds to alter. As a consequence, it may be necessary to alter the office layout to ease the new computerized process.

Office Furniture

With new computing machine equipment, it may besides be necessary to supply new office furniture. It is peculiarly of import to guarantee that any ergonomic demands of user are decently met. There is some office furniture as follows:

  • Office eq0uipment ( desks, duplicators )
  • Supplies ( pencils, documents, tapes, phonograph record, preprinted signifiers )
  • Telephones etc.

System Requirement

Software Requirement

  • Microsoft Window XP
  • Microsoft Access 2007
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007
  • Adobe Photoshop 7.0
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

Hardware Requirement

  • 17 ” SVGA Digital Control Color Monitor
  • Pentium IV ( 2.4 GHz )
  • 256 MB DDR RAM
  • 80 GB Hard Disk
  • Cadmium – RW
  • Keyboard ( PS 2 )
  • Mouse ( PS 2 )
  • USB 2.0
  • 180 Watts Speaker
  • Cannon Laser Jet LBP 1120


    Title System Analysis and Design

    URL Lecture Book

    Writer Name NCC instruction Centre

    Access day of the month & A ; Time 9 July 2009

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