System Development Life Cycle Essay

Methodology of the Study Analysis Design Implementation Maintenance Planning System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) The proponents will use System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to explain each phases in the development of the proposed system, SDLC is easy to understand and it is really suited for presenting and explain every step for the development of the system. The following figures are the phases of SDLC: Planning Phase In this phase develop a project plans.

Provides basic acquiring the resources needed to get the solution where the proponents plan and set the needed information for the system. Determining the goal in which the system needs to reach. Before the proponents start creating program, the proponents need to know what create. In this stage determines the need of the present problem in the system. Conducting interview and project proposal are included here. Analysis Phase The goal of this phase is to determine where the problem is in an attempt to fix the system.

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System Development Life Cycle Essay
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It involves breaking down the system in different pieces and draw diagram to analyze the situation. Analyze project goals break down and function that needs to be created. In this phase, the proponents will gather enough the data to analyze what will be the requirement for the development of the system. The proponents carefully analyzed and studied the existing manual operation of the client. Design Phase In design phase functions and operation are describe in detail, such as screen layouts, business rules, process diagram, etc. he output of this stage will describe the new system as a collection of modules. The design stage takes as a initial requirement identified in the approved documentation. These design elements are intended to describe the software in sufficient detail that skilled programmers may develop the software with addition input. These phase where drafting the work flow the software is done. The proponents design the solution system on the requirement designed and decision during analysis phase. Implementation Phase

The implementation stage is a true display of defining moments that make a system success or failure. The phase is initiated after the system has been tested and accepted by the user. Once testing is finished the software is proven good for implementation. It is release to the client. It is where the proponents expect if there is any error in the runtime mode. The proponents will implement the proposed system by conducting client testing. Maintenance Phase The deployment of the system includes changes and enhancement before the decommissioning or sunset of the system.

Maintaining the system is an important aspect of the system design life cycle (SDLC). As a key personnel positions in the organization, new changes will be implemented which require system updates. If the software properly implemented the developer’s role in this software does not end instead, the proponents work reactively for the software. The proponent’s objective in this phase is to keep the system running productively during the years following its initial installation.


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