Systems and Sub Systems Inter- Relationships Essay

Systems and Sub Systems Inter- relationships Bernard White, Theresa Tetrault, James Lytle Paul Iweze Trevor Napier University of Phoenix BSA/310 Terry Potts Systems and Sub Systems Inter- relationships Riordan Manufacturing current resides in four locations throughout the world. Corporate Headquarters is located in San Jose, California which uses 100 Base T fast Ethernet 2 24 port Cisco 5950 switches. The other locations end user interface are comparably different the sub systems are very similar by design.

Most of these sub-systems are created on a site to site basis to fulfill the needs of that site particle goals or responsibilities. The attributes that are common in most of these systems are: 1. Personal Information Systems 2. Office Automation Systems 3. Group Work Information Systems The information systems are a technology based image of the business system. This image is used by the decision systems to control day to day operations, managing resources, decision making and problem solving and business improvement and innovation.

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Systems and Sub Systems Inter- Relationships Essay
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The information system is not a single system but a set multiple interrelated subsystems. The multiple subsystems are categorize as follow: 1. Business improvement and innovation structure which consist of Personal Information System (PIS) and the Workgroup Information System (WIS). The PIS supports the knowledge of the individual and the individual data. The WIS supports the formalized knowledge of the department. 2. Information Technology (IT) supports the information processing task of creating and conveying and storing this data or information.

These computer based tools allow interaction between: Business 2 Consumer (B2C) by means of the internet and intranet in their efforts to compete within the e-commerce field. Business 2 Business (B2B) which could include wholesalers and manufactures and distributors. The systems also allow the other locations to communicate and view inventory share ideas and thought about the overall process of the new and old business practices of the company.

To access any part of the systems whether at the headquarter office or the location in China, the user must use a login id and password. Once the inputted data is authenticated then the user is allowed to proceed to their desired destination. But not all users are allowed to access all of the information on the system. Most users will have limited access to certain areas of the system. This will ensure that the overall system remains safe and secure because of the time sensitive data that is stored within the system itself.

Riordan Manufacturing support system will transition to a business object-oriented support system that will allow the distribution of data base management along with data remote access. Once this transition is completed by Riordan Manufacturing the factory in China will have a global workflow of the business process. This will solidify the company structure as a whole because all will be operating on the same format but with different business strategies.

All sub systems will have the ability to upgrade and add more services if needed and or subtract services as needed. The flexibility of these information systems are design to be user friendly and cost efficient to the business as a whole. The cutting of technology dictate that all of these systems and sub systems be flexible and reliable in a market that changes on a daily basis. Riordan Manufacturing will lead the way by ensuring that all forms of communication will benefit the bottom line of the company and not place huge cost on the company to maintain.

Team, you’ve talked a bit about the network and about access controls, but haven’t gone very far to describe the interrelationships. Here’s what the syllabus says: • “Identification of inter-relationships of business systems and sub-systems between each organization. (An architecture or data flow diagram may be helpful here. This is not an analysis of the network, rather an analysis of relationships between business systems, such as Finance, Manufacturing, etc. ). Once the as-is state is analyzed, please ecommend improvements. What we’re really looking for here is how these systems interact in terms of what data or information do they feed to and from each other. The charts to support this could be a data flow diagram or simple architecture diagram. You’ll find a simple example of an architecture diagram in the course materials section. Reference: Baghdadi, Ph. D. , Youcef. “Web-Based Interactions. ” Informing Science 5. 2 (2002): 1-17. Designing Information Systems. Web. 25 July 2010


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