Polyatomic Ions

NO3 – Nitrate ClO3 – Chlorate CH3COO – (*train joke*) Acetate OH- (If you want to remember this better, hydro = hydrogen/oxide = oxygen. Or just remember it because its like the easiest goddam thing) Hydroxide SO4 2- Sulfate CO3 2- Carbonate PO4 3- Phosphate NH4 + Ammonium one less O and same charge as …

Common polyatomic Ions CHEM 102

Mercury (I) Hg2 2+ Ammonium NH4 + Nitrite NO2 – Nitrate NO3 – Sulfite SO3 2- Sulfate SO4 2- Hydrogen sulfate/ bisulfate HSO4 – Hydroxide OH – Cyanide CN – Phosphate PO4 3- Hydrogen phosphate HPO4 2- Dihydrogen phosphate H2PO4 – Thiocyanate SCN-/NCS- Carbonate CO3 2- Hydrogen carbonate/ bicarbonate HCO3 – Hypochlorite ClO-/ OCl- Chlorite …

19 Common Polyatomic Ions

C2H3O2- Acetate NH4+ Ammonium CO3-2 Carbonate ClO3- Chlorate ClO2- Chlorite CrO4-2 Chromate CN- Cyanide C2O2-2 Dichromate HCO3- Hydrogen Carbonate (bicarbonate) OH- Hydroxide ClO- Hypochlorite NO3+ Nitrate NO2- Nitrite C2O2-4 Oxalate ClO4- Perchlorate MnO4- Permanganate PO4-3 Phosphate SO4-2 Sulfate SO3-2 Sulfite

Monatomic and Polyatomic Ions

SO₄⁻² Sulfate PO₄⁻³ Phosphate NO₃⁻¹ Nitrate CO₃⁻² Carbonate FO₃⁻¹ Fluorate ClO₃⁻¹ Chlorate BrO₃⁻¹ Bromate C₂O₄⁻² Oxalate IO₃⁻¹ Iodate TeO₄⁻² Tellurate AsO₄⁻³ Arsenate SeO₄⁻² Selenate Al⁺³ Aluminum Ion Zn²⁺ Zinc Ion Ag⁺¹ Silver Ion Cu⁺¹ Copper (I) Ion Fe⁺³ Iron (III) Ion Co⁺² Cobalt (II) Ion K⁺¹ Potassium Ion Ba⁺² Barium Ion Mg⁺² Magnesium Ion F⁻¹ …

AP chem units 1&2 test:-) ((review labs & POLYATOMIC IONS!))

all digits of a measured quantity, including the uncertain one! significant figures- solids have a definite shape & volume, liquids have a definite volume, and gas has neither! matter classification (look at charts in notes)- can be observed without changing the identity and composition of the substance (phase change)! physical properties- describe the way a …

Elements and Polyatomic Ions

H Hydrogen He Helium Li Lithium Be Beryllium B Boron C Carbon N Nitrogen O Oxygen F Fluorine Ne Neon Na Sodium Mg Magnesium Al Aluminum Si Silicon P Phosphorous S Sulfur Cl Chlorine Ar Argon K Potassium Ca Calcium Sc Scandium Ti Titanium V Vanadium Cr Chromium Mn Manganese Fe Iron Co Cobalt Ni …

Chemistry Exam #2 - Chapters 5 and 6

Sulfate SO²⁻₄ Chlorate ClO⁻₃ Nitrite NO⁻₂ Chlorite ClO⁻₂ Perchlorate ClO⁻₄ Phosphate PO³⁻₄ Hypochlorite ClO⁻ Ammonium NH₄⁺ Carbonate CO²⁻₃ Sulfite SO²⁻₃ Permanganate MnO⁻₄ (Mom = Perm) – how I remember the name Bicarbonate HCO⁻₃ Nitrate NO⁻₃ Metal preceding a Nonmetal: Cation + Anion + -ide suffix Naming Binary Ionic Compounds Two different Nonmetals/Metalloids: 1-mono 2-di 3-tri …

Naming Ionic Compounds with Transition Metals/Polyatomic Ions

copper (I) chloride CuCl mercury (II) oxide HgO iron (III) oxide Fe₂O₃ manganese (IV) oxide MnO₂ lead (IV) chloride PbCl₄ cobalt (II) bromide CoBr₂ chromium (III) chloride CrCl₃ lead (II) bromide PbBr₂ lead (IV) bromide PbBr₄ iron (II) sulfide FeS iron (III) sulfide Fe₂S₃ cobalt (III) chloride CoCl₃ copper (II) oxide CuO titanium (IV) chloride …

The 9 Common Polyatomic Ions

NH4 + Ammonium NO3 – Nitrate SO4 2- Sulfate CO3 2- Carbonate PO4 3- Phosphate C2H3O2 – Acetate OH – Hydroxide CN- Cyanide HCO3 – Hydrogen Carbonate

Apologia Chemistry Polyatomic Ions

NH4⁺ ammonium OH⁻ hydroxide ClO3⁻ chlorate ClO2⁻ chlorite NO3⁻ nitrate NO2⁻ nitrite C2H3O2⁻ acetate CN⁻ cyanide CO3²⁻ carbonate CrO4²⁻ chromate Cr2O7²⁻ dichromate SO4²⁻ sulfate SO3²⁻ sulfite PO4³⁻ phosphate

polyatomic ions mnemonic

NO₃⁻ Nick BrO₃⁻ Brit CO₃²⁻ Camel IO₃⁻ Inch ClO₃⁻ Clam CrO₄²⁻ Crepes SO₄²⁻ Supper PhO₄³⁻ Phoenix +1 per___ate ___ate -1 ___ite -2 hypo___ite

10th Grade AP Chemistry: Polyatomic Ions

Hg2 2+ Mercury(I) NH4 + Ammonium NO2 – Nitrite NO3 – Nitrate SO3 2- Sulfite SO4 2- Sulfate HSO4 – Hydrogen Sulfate (Bisulfate) OH – Hydroxide CN – Cyanide PO4 3- Phosphate HPO4 2- Hydrogen Phosphate H2PO4 – Dihydrogen Phosphate SCN – Thiocyanate CO3 2- Carbonate HCO3 – Hydrogen Carbonate (Bicarbonate) ClO – Hypochlorite ClO2 …

25 Common Polyatomic Ions

N H4 + Ammonium H2 P O4 – Dihydrogen Phosphate H C O3 – Hydrogen Carbonate H S O3 – Hydrogen Sulfite H S O3 – Hydrogen Sulfite N O2 – Nitrite N O3 – Nitrate O H – Hydroxide C2 H3 O2 – Acetate C N – Cyanide Mn O4 – Permanganate Cl O …

Chemistry 1 Monatomic and Polyatomic ions

H+. 1+ monatomic ion Hydrogen Li+. 1+ monatomic ion Lithium Na+. 1+ monatomic ion Sodium K+. 1+ monatomic ion Potassium Rb+. 1+ monatomic ion Rubidium Cs+. 1+ monatomic ion Cesium Ag+. 1+ monatomic ion Silver Be2+. 2+ monatomic ion Berylium Mg2+. 2+ monatomic ion Magnesium Sr2+. 2+ monatomic ion Strontium Ba2+. 2+ monatomic ion Barium …

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Polyatomic Ions Mnemonic Devices

CO₃⁻² ‘car’= 3 letters → 3 oxygen carbonate SO₄²⁻ ‘self’= 4 letters → 4 oxygen sulfate BrO₃⁻ ‘bro’= 3 letters → 3 oxygen bromate ClO³⁻ ‘clo’= 3 letters → 3 oxygen chlorate CrO₄²⁻ ‘crow’= 4 letters → 4 oxygen chromate IO₃⁻ ‘ion’= 3 letters → 3 oxygen iodate NO3- ‘nick’= 3 consonants → 3 oxygen, …

Common Polyatomic Ions Charges

1+ Ammonium 1- Nitrite 1- Nitrate 1- Hydroxide 1- Cyanide 1- Hypochlorite 1- Chlorite 1- Chlorate 1- Perchlorate 1- Permanganate 2- Sulfite 2- Sulfate 2- Carbonate 2- Dichromate 2- Chromate 3- Phosphate 1- hydrogen sulfate 2- hydrogen phosphate 1- dihydrogen phosphate 1- Hydrogen carbonate 1- acetate 1- Hydrogen Sulfite 2- Oxalate 2- Silicate 3- Phosphite

AP Chemistry 50 Polyatomic Ions

CH3COO -1 Acetate NH2 -1 Amide N3 -1 Azide C6H5COO -1 Benzoate BrO3 -1 Bromate ClO3 -1 Chlorate ClO2 -1 Chlorite OCN -1 Cyanate CN -1 Cyanide H2PO4 -1 Dihydrogen Phosphate HCOO -1 Formate HCO3 -1 Bicarbonate HSO4 -1 Bisulfate HS -1 Bisulfide OH -1 Hydroxide ClO -1 Hypochlorate IO3 -1 Iodate NO3 -1 Nitrate …

Polyatomic Ions List 1 (Skinner)

NO₃⁻ Nitrate NO₂⁻ Nitrite SO₄²⁻ Sulfate SO₃²⁻ Sulfite PO₄³⁻ Phosphate PO₃³⁻ Phosphite AsO₄³⁻ Arsenate SiO₃²⁻ Silicate

Chemistry Monoatomic and Polyatomic Ions (Quiz 1+2)

Group 1 has ⁺¹ Charge. (Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs) Group 2 has ⁺² Charge. (Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) Other is diagonal on the periodic table (Ag⁻¹, Zn⁺², Cd⁺², Al⁺³) Monoatomic Ions (Cations) Group 17 has ⁻¹ Charge. (F, Cl, Br, I) Group 16 has ⁻² Charge. (O, S Se, Te) Group 15 has ⁻³ …

Common Polyatomic Ions - Zumdahl

Mercury(I) Hg2(2+) Ammonium NH4(+) Nitrite NO2(-) Nitrate NO3(-) Sulfite SO3(2-) Sulfate SO4(2-) Hydrogen sulfate (bisulfate) HSO4(-) Hydroxide OH(-) Cyanide CN(-) Phosphate PO4(3-) Hydrogen phosphate HPO4(2-) Dihydrogen phosphate H2PO4(-) Thiocyanate NCS(-) Carbonate CO3(2-) Hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate) HCO3(-) Hypochlorite ClO(-) Chlorite ClO2(-) Chlorate ClO3(-) Perchlorate ClO4(-) Acetate CH3COO(-) (or C2H3O2(-)) Permanganate MnO4(-) Manganate MnO4(2-) Dichromate Cr2O7(2-) Chromate …

Chemistry polyatomic ions

ammonium NH4+ dihydrogen phosphite OR Phosphoric Acid H2PO3 hydrogen carbonate HCO3- nitrite NO2- hydroxide OH- acetate CH3COO- chromite CrO2- cyanide CN- hypochlorite ClO- chlorite ClO2- hydrogen phosphite HPO32- hydrogen phosphate HPO42- carbonate CO32- sulfite SO32- peroxide O22- phosphite PO33- phosphate PO43- When an acid and a base are mixed and the chemical reaction that take …

Polyatomic and Transition Metal Ions

hypochlorite ClO⁻ chlorite ClO₂⁻ chlorate ClO₃⁻ perchlorate ClO₄⁻ phosphite PO₃ ³⁻ phosphate PO₄ ³⁻ hydrogen phosphate HPO₄ ²⁻ dihydrogen phosphate H₂PO₄ ⁻ sulfite SO₃ ²⁻ sulfate SO₄ ²⁻ hydrogen sulfite (bisulfite) HSO₃ ⁻ hydrogen sulfate (bisulfate) HSO₄ ⁻ carbonate CO₃ ²⁻ hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate) HCO₃ ⁻ nitrite NO₂ ⁻ nitrate NO₃ ⁻ ammonium NH₄ ⁺ …

Polyatomic Ions (Nick the Baby Camel)

# of Oxygen consonants charge # (-) vowels NO – 3 Nick BrO – 3 Baby CO 2- 3 Camel IO – 3 Inch ClO – 3 Clam SO 2- 4 Supper PO 3- 4 Phoenix Nick the Camel ate an Inch Clam for Supper in Phoenix. What is the whole sentence?

AP Chemistry Polyatomic Ions

Bicarbonate HCO₃⁻ Nitrate NO₃⁻ Cyanide CN⁻ Hydroxide OH⁻ Permanganate MnO₄⁻ Chlorate ClO₃⁻ Acetate C₂H₃O₂⁻ Acetate CH₃COO⁻ Iodate IO₃⁻ Sulfate SO₄²⁻ Carbonate CO₃²⁻ Chromate CrO₄²⁻ Dichromate Cr₂O₇²⁻ Thiosulfate S₂O₃²⁻ Silicate SiO₃²⁻ Peroxide O₂²⁻ Oxalate C₂O₄²⁻ Phosphate PO₄³⁻ Ammonium NH₄⁺

Balancing Equations Polyatomic Ions

NO3 -1 Nitrate NO2 -1 Nitrite SO4 -2 Sulfate SO3 -2 Sulfite PO4 -3 Phosphate NH4 +1 Ammonium O2 -2 Peroxide OH -1 Hydroxide HCO3 -1 Hydrogen Carbonate (Bicarbonate) CO3 -2 Carbonate


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