Taiwan Government Sample Essay

As a Social Sciences and Humanities university pupil. I am prosecuting my Bachelor of art grade and traveling to finish the plan in June. 2011. I am composing survey program to use for Taiwan Government scholarship. I have studied Chinese and some things related to China such as economic system. civilization. political relations and history. Beside Chinese. another of import linguistic communication I have learned is English. I ever seek my best to acquire a good consequence by pull offing my timetable clearly to equilibrate analyzing and taking portion in societal activities. I attend every category to have teacher’s usher and do research to acquire more cognition from cyberspace and library by myself. To use the theory and better my accomplishments. I frequently traveling to the unfastened houses with different groups to give HIV kids gifts and drama with them. When I look at them I have particular emotion and I wish they would hold better life thanks to generous support from society. Furthermore. I am proud of executing as a terpsichorean for many exchange civilization events and festivals. I believe I contribute partially in stand foring diverse civilizations of Asiatic states.

After graduating at university. I would wish to go on to analyze in Taiwan. because of three grounds as follow. First of all. Taiwan has developed instruction. Many universities and colleges in Taiwan range to international criterions and the figure of international pupil addition in recent old ages. So Taiwan truly becomes an international perusal environment. The 2nd ground is that Taiwan Government ever creates chances for Vietnamese pupils to analyze and make research in Taiwan. I think it is truly a good opportunity for me and Vietnamese pupil who want to analyze in Taiwan. Finally. with the young person and enthusiasm I want to larn profoundly and dispute myself in international working and analyzing environment. There are grounds that I want to go on to analyze in Taiwan.

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Taiwan Government Sample Essay
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If I am received Taiwan Government scholarship. I will pass two old ages to study…at…This is a major that I am truly interested in. Working in this field I would wish to pass on with many people and acquire more societal relationships. In my sentiment. Viet Nam is a underdeveloped state and its economic system has to confront with many challenges. so I think this major will give me knowledge to confidently confront and work out the economic troubles of my state. Furthermore. there are so many Taiwan companies in Viet Nam. and I want to be a “bridge” to link the companies of Viet Nam and Taiwan so that both of them can acquire benefit and impulse the development of the countries’ economic system. For grounds above I will analyze MBA in Taiwan.

During learning clip in…I will pass much clip reading book and researching related information on cyberspace and library. Furthermore. I will seek to happen a portion clip occupation to larn working experiences and accommodate myself to a new circumstance. After analyzing. I want to roll up experience in Taiwan and so. I will come back Viet Nam to work and I will utilize what I study to lend for society.

I would wish to show my thanks for your scholarship plan. because it gives me and Vietnamese pupils more chance to follow our calling desire and to lend our ability society. Your faithful.


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