Taking on Russia's Ubiquitous Bribery Essay

According to the Interior Ministry’s Department for combating Economic crimes, the average bribe amounted to “9,000 Rubles 2008; 23,000 Rubles In 2009; 61,000 Rubles 2010; and 236,000 Rubles 2011 “( Alexandra Salina, 2013). After the article was published, SPASMS received an order from the Ministry of Health to meet with university administrators to deal with the situation. The Ministry of Health suggested that professors involved in past bribery should reassign voluntarily, so that the school may keep their reputation.

No there concrete proposal or rules were put forward at the meeting to curb bribery. According to a poll of 17,500 people by the Public Opinion Foundation, an Independent group in Russia, participants identified higher education as the most corrupt sector of public life, with 40 percent of parents paying illegal fees for their child to get a passing grade In class without putting In the effort (Peter-Finn, 2008). In a global perspective, corruption on education and development will result in misapplication of talents. There is a negative connotation of being an applicant from a entry where the corruption in education Is common.

Employers can no longer trust the college graduates and know what they are capable of completing. Therefore, tofu tense applicants will letter De anneal Day International Tells walkout ten necessary skills and qualifications, or they will never be considered credible when international firms are trying to access possible Job applicants from other countries all over the world. The growth of acceptance of manipulation is becoming the way of life for the future, and then this corrupted and blurred line between right and wrong, legal and elicit will become the new way of management.

Students will graduate these kinds of corrupted school and become important individuals in society such as doctors, police officers, lawyers, and even professors. Doctors who have poor skills will be dangerous for their future patient’s health; a surgery room is not a good place to make a mistake. In today’s competitive society, giving someone a Job means taking away someone else’s chance of getting that Job away. If the person who has all the skills and qualifications, but failed at getting the appropriate career because they refuse to heat their way through college, it would be a total misapplication of talents and extremely unfair.

In the recent years, professors in the department switched from U. S. Dollar to Euro rates, as 1 US dollar is equivalent to 0. 72 Euro (Nancy Toreros, 2010). Vladimir told The Chronicle that before his exams, his mother helps him pay $200 to $450 in under-the-table payments to faculty members. In exchange, professors help student survive the stress of mountain high exams and homework. But unlike Vladimir family, many other families cannot afford this type of cost on top of the expensive tuition of universities. Children are often denied access to schooling due to limited financial resources.

Education is tied to long term development, it cannot wait for the society to wake up and open their eyes to differentiate between right and wrong, or funding to be available. Education cannot wait, and children certainly cannot wait. Conclusion The First Moscow State Medical University should educate the student and faculty body about having responsibility to be corruption- free. Equal and fair Justice within the school is a crucial element for stability and growth of students. It will help to effectively fight against corruption and other activities such as plagiarism.

Everybody deserves a chance to equally compete for a higher grade depending on their personal skills and qualifications. No one should be able to cheat their way through school, or buy their way through college and put someone else’s future at risk. A proper way to solve this situation would be to encourage the students to report incidents of corruption, and also having the school to create a set of rules in order to fight this illicit activity. The education of our children cannot succeed when irruption is over taking the schools and universities.

It Jeopardizes the reputation and academic benefits of universities, and may even lead to the collapse of a country entire education system. Students should be able to trust their professors to be fair for all, and they should be getting the grades that they earned with hard work and dedication. Any signs of cheating or bribing the professor will be resulted in a non-passing grade in the class, and the case will be forwarded to the university disciplinary office. Reference Page Alexandra Salina. (2013, January 29). Corruption in Russia as a Business.

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Taking on Russia's Ubiquitous Bribery Essay
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