Target Market Paper Essay

Target Market Paper in order to find the correct target market for the product. Another critical point of this essay will be to create and develop a marketing budget designed to ensure that Vitamin Water is advertised in a financial fashion that supports healthy product growth and sales and at the same time does not hurt the company financially. Once the target market and characteristics of the target market have been identified and analyzed, and a correct budget has been formulated for Coke’s Vitamin Water the complete target market should be known and Coke will then be able to market their water to the right consumers.

One fact that is becoming more and more evident about enhanced water drinks is that they are not cheap by any means. At a local grocery store you can purchase classic sports drinks like Gatorade for less than a dollar, but any vitamin enriched water such as Coke’s Vitamin Water or Pepsi’s Life Water will cost an everyday consumer almost two dollars. In today’s economy it would make sense for consumers who are more financially conscious to purchase the cheaper sports drinks than the higher dollar Vitamin Water, but that simply is not the case.

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Target Market Paper Essay
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Consumers who are purchasing these enhanced waters are apart of the living healthier movement. Living healthier has been a major movement in America for a while now and any sort of product that promotes health awareness is consumer friendly for the most part. This is why Vitamin Water is experiencing so much success because it takes something that as vital and as simple as water and enhances it to the point to where consumers can drink a flavored water that tastes more vibrant than a regular water and also provides key vitamins and nutrients that the body needs that regular everyday water cannot provide.

The consumers that Vitamin Water targets want better, healthier, and more sustainable lives and Vitamin Water effectively delivers on those categories and should be advertised that it meets those requirements of specific consumers. Geographically Vitamin Water fits into all areas of America and can even tie into other countries globally; living healthier lives is not just an American idea.

Ideally Vitamin Water would be much more successful if everyone wanted to eat and drink healthier but it is well known that is not the case even with a healthy conscious trend that has been created. How Vitamin Water will attract casual drinkers will be with the variety of flavors that is made available to consumers. A knock on healthy products is that they do not taste very good, but with an abundance of flavors available that taste good and encourage healthy living even the casual consumer is a target.


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