Tata Tea Ad Analysis Essay

Tata Tea Ad Analysis Tata Tea “ Jaago Re” Ad Campaign Analysis ? Tata Tea Overview oFormed in 1983 from the erstwhile Tata Finlay Company, a joint venture company formed in 1964, Tata Tea Limited is a group Company of TATA Group. ?Positioning in the market oTata Tea announced a new chapter in its evolution by unfolding an innovative positioning and presentation of its largest tea brand – Tata Tea. oThe brand shifted its positioning from a brand that wakes people up, to one that ‘awakens’ them – into being aware of the societal problems surrounding them. The four Tata Tea brands Tata Tea Premium, Tata Tea Gold, Tata Tea Agni, Tata Tea Life have now been consolidated and unified under one umbrella brand- oTata Tea; aiming to communicate to consumers in terms of Emotional-Moral Appeal. oJaago Re , the new campaign, has kick started across the country on leveraging a unique position that tea enjoys in our culture with attempting to migrate tea from being a physical and emotional revitalizer to becoming a catalyst for ‘social awakening’. Spanning the length and breadth of India, Tata Tea appeals to a wide spectrum of consumers of all demographics. oTo internalize the tea experience and externalize social awakening , probably the first time any brand is taking on the mantle of social responsibility in such a manner. ?Immediate Objective of the campaign oThe campaign has aimed to clearly establish o‘ Thought Leadership’ for the brand to go along with its market leadership. Charting a course to be India’s foremost tea based beverage company; they have directed their key mission towards achieving an image through ‘Self Empowerment’ and ‘Leadership’ oAs a category leader Tata Tea functions ‘Reinforcement’ in the minds of the customer that allows them to enjoy quintessence through Social Empowerment. oTata believes its youth oriented market and operational focus will emotively connect with issues that drive the Heart, Mind and Soul of India’s emerging social consciousness. The campaign focuses on consumers intellect to ‘awaken’ to what is around them. The act of drinking tea is more or less like a culture in India which evolves its essence from cultivating and practicing a habit. oHere the campaign personifies a steaming hot cup of tea beyond a revitalizing beverage to an act of awakening through the social awareness. oIt moments the occasion of ‘Change – whose time has come. ’ ? What to Say “Har Subha Sirf Utho Mat Jaago Re” oThe ad has primarily targeted the Indian youth who is eligible to vote, in turn to make them prospective consumers. The Jaago Re campaign was devised with an aim to establish a social awakening among the youth, to motivate them to vote. ?Visual Implementation of the Objective oRational Moral Appeal: oA blend of Moral realization and Practicality has well personified Tea to a revitalizer in the true sense of knowledge. oAlthough they do not have a brand ambassador the impact off the entire Jaago Re campaign resulted into a revolution. oA “Brand” – New Awakening oUnifies four brands to create a mega Tata Tea brand. The campaign is not only a call to action but a platform which provides any potential voter all the information and facilitation he or she needs to become part of the electoral process. ?Aaj Se Khilana Bandh,Pilana Shuru- Now TATA Tea is back with its new campaign on similar lines ‘Aaj Se Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru’. This version takes the issue of corruption and urges citizens to awaken and fight against it. Corruption is something that is eating india from within from years. This campaign hits the problem of corruption right on the head. Result/Conclusion- Over the last few years, the entire tea segment was on a decline,but due to ‘Jagoo Re’ campaign TATA tea acheived a whopping annual turnover of Rs 4,800 crore. (source Business Standard). oThe website garnered 40,000 clicks within the first 15 days of its launch. Tata Tea brand advertising for the year has focused on creating awareness and inspiring the youth of this country to participate in the voting process. I hope this campaign actually brings in change in our country. But just what TATA Tea has to figure out is that two similar campaigns one after the other dont cause customer fatigue or lack of interest ?


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