TCS IT WIZ BY Harshit2031998 AAT??”Average Access Time AA??”Anti-Aliasing AAA??”Authentication Authorization, Accounting AABB??”Axis Aligned Bounding Box AAC??”Advanced Audio Coding AAL??”ATM Adaptation Layer AALC??”ATM Adaptation Layer Connection AARP??”AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol ABCL??”Actor-Based Concurrent Language ABI??”Application Binary Interface ABM??”Asynchronous Balanced Mode ABR??”Area Border Router ABR??”Auto Baud-Rate detection ABR??”Available Bitrate ABR??”Average Bitrate AC??”Acoustic Coupler AC??”Alternating Current ACD??”Automatic Call Distributor ACE??”Advanced Computing Environment

ACID??”Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability ACK??”ACKnowledgement ACK??”Amsterdam Compiler Kit ACL??”Access Control List ACL??”Active Current Loop ACM??”Association for Computing Machinery ALIJA??”Asymmetric Logic Unit Access ACME??”Automated Classification of Medical Entities ACP??”Airline Control Program ACPl??”Advanced Configuration and Power Interface ACR??”Allowed Cell Rate ACR??”Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio AD??”Active Directory AD??”Administrative Domain ADC??”Analog-to-Digital Converter ADC??”Apple Display Connector ADB??”Apple Desktop Bus ADCCP??”Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures

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ADO??”ActiveX Data Objects ADSL??”Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ADT??”Abstract Data Type AE??”Adaptive Equalizer AES??”Advanced Encryption Standard AFP??”Apple Filing Protocol AGP??”Accelerated Graphics Port AH??”Active Hub A1??”Artificial Intelligence AIX??”Advanced Interactive executive Ajax??”Asynchronous JavaScript and XML AL??”Active Link AL??”Access List ALAC??”Apple Lossless Audio Codec ALGOL??”AIgorithmic Language ALSA??”Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Arithmetic and Logical Unit ALU??” AM??”Active Matrix AM??”Access Method AM??”Active Monitor AM??”AIlied Mastercomputer AM??”Amplitude Modulation

AMD??”Advanced Micro Devices AMQP??”Advanced Message Queuing Protocol AMR??”Audio Modem Riser ANN??”ArtifIcial Neural Network ANSI??”American National Standards Institute ANT??”Another Neat Tool AoE??”ATA over Ethernet AOP??”Aspect-Oriented Programming APCl??”Application-Layer Protocol Control Information API??”Application Programming Interface APIC??”Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller APIPA??”Automatic Private IP Addressing APL??”A Programming Language APR??”Apache Portable Runtime ARC??”Adaptive Replacement Cache ARC??”Advanced RISC Computing ARIN??”American Registry for Internet Numbers

ARM??”Advanced RISC Machines AROS??”AROS Research Operating System ARP??”Address Resolution Protocol ARPA??”Address and Routing Parameter Area ARPA??”Advanced Research Projects Agency ARPANET??”Advanced Research Projects Agency Network AS??”Access Server ASCII??”American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASG??”Abstract Semantic Graph ASIC??”Application-Specific Integrated Circuit ASLR??”Address Space Layout Randomization ASM??”Algorithmic State Machine ASMP??”Asymmetric Multiprocessing ASN. 1??”Abstract Syntax Notation 1 ASP??”Active Server Pages ASP??”Application Service Provider ASR??”Asynchronous Signal Routine

AST??”Abstract Syntax Tree ASSP??”Application-SpecifIc Standard Product AT??”Advanced Technology AT??”Access Time AT??”Active Terminator ATA??”Advanced Technology Attachment ATAG??”Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines ATAPl??”Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface ATM??”Asynchronous Transfer Mode AVC??”Advanced Video Coding AVI??”Audio Video Interleaved AWK??”Aho Weinberger Kernighan AWT??”Abstract Window Toolkit B2B??”Business-to-Business B2C??”Business-to-Consumer BAL??”Basic Assembly Language BAM??”BIock Availability Map Bash??”Bourne-again shell BASIC??”Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BBP??”Baseband Processor BBS??”Bulletin Board System BCD??”Binary Coded Decimal BCNF??”Boyce-Codd normal form BEEP??”BIocks Extensible Exchange Protocol BER??”Bit Error Rate BFD??”Bidirectional Forwarding Detection BFD??”Binary File Descriptor BFS??”Breadth-First Search BFT??”Byzantine Fault Tolerant BGP??”Border Gateway Protocol BiDi??”Bi-Dtrecnonal bin??”binary BINAC??”Binary Automatic Computer BIND??”Berkeley Internet Name Domain BIOS??”Basic Input Output System BJT??”Bipolar Junction Transistor Blob??”Binary large object Blog??”Web Log BMP??”Basic Multilingual Plane BNC??”Bayonet Neill-Concelman

BOINC??”Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing BOM??”BYte order Mark BOOTP??”Bootstrap Protocol BPDU??”Bridge Protocol Data Unit BPEL??”Business Process Execution Language BPL??”Broadband over Power Lines bps??”bits per second BRR??”Business Readiness Rating BSA??”Business Software Alliance BSB??”aackstde sus BSD??”Berkeley Software Distribution BSoD??”Blue Screen of Death BSS??”Block Started by Symbol BT??”BitTorrent ST??”Bluetooth BTAM??”Basic Telecommunications Access Method BW??”Bandwidth BYOD??”Bring Your Own Device CA??”certificate Authority CAD??”Computer-Aided Design

CAE??”Computer-Aided Engineering CAID??”Computer-Aided Industrial Design CAI??”Computer-Aided Instruction CAM??”Computer-Aided Manufacturing CAPTCHA??”Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart CAT??”Computer-Aided Translation CAQ??”Computer-Aided Quality Assurance CASE??”Computer-Aided Software Engineering cc??”C Compiler CD??”Compact Disc CDE??”Common Desktop Environment CDMA??”Code Division Multiple Access CDN??”Content Delivery Network CDP??”Continuous Data Protection CD-R??”CD-Recordable CD-ROM??”CD Read-only Memory CD-RW??”CD-Rewntable CDSA??”Common Data Security Architecture

CERT??”Computer Emergency Response Team CES??”Consumer Electronics Show CFD??”Computational Fluid Dynamics CFG??”Context-Free Grammar CFG??”Control Flow Graph CG??”Computer Graphics CGA??”Color Graphics Array CGI??”Common Gateway Interface CGI??”Computer-Generated Imagery CGT??”Computational Graph Theory CHAP??”Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol CHS??”Cylinder-Head-Sector CIDR??”Classless Inter-Domain Routing CIFS??”Common Internet Filesystem CIM??”Common Information Model CISC??”Complex Instruction Set Computer CJK??”Chinese, Japanese, and Korean CJKV??”Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese

CLI??”Command Line Interface CLR??”Common Language Runtime CM??”Configuration Management CM??”Content Management CMMl??”Capability Maturity Model Integration CMOS??”Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor CMS??”Content Management System CN??”Canonical Name CN??”Common Name CNC??”Computer Numerical Control CNR??”Communications and Networking Riser COBOL??”Common Business-oriented Language COM??”Component Object Model CORBA??”Common Object Request Broker Architecture COTS??”Commercial Off-The-Shelf CPA??”Cell Processor Architecture CPA??”Converged Packet Access CPAN??”Comprehensive Perl Archive Network

CP/M??”Control Program/Monitor CPRl??”Common Public Radio Interface CPS??”characters per second CPU??”Central Processing Unit CR??”Carriage Return CRAN??”Comprehensive R Archive Network CRC??”Cyclic Redundancy Check CRLF??”Carriage Return Line Feeds CRM??”Customer Relationship Management CRS??”Computer Reservations System CRUD??”Create, Read, Update and Delete Select CS??”Computer Science CSE??”Computer Science and Engineering CSI??”Common System Interface CSP??”Communicating Sequential Processes CSRF??”Cross-Site Request Forgery CSS??”Cascading Style Sheets CSS??”Content-Scrambling System CSS??”Closed Source Software

CSS??”Cross-Site Scripting CSV??”Comma-Separated Values CT??”computerized Tomography CTAN??”Comprehensive Tex Archive Network CTCP??”Cltent-To-Cltent protocol CTl??”Computer Telephony Integration CTL??”Computational Tree Logic CTM??”Close -ro Metal CTS??”Clear -ro send CTSS??”Compatible Time-sharing System CUA??”Common User Access CVS??”Concurrent Versioning System DAC??”Digital-To-Analog Converter DAC??”Discretionary Access Control DAO??”Data Access Objects DAO??”Dtsk-At-once DAP??”Directory Access Protocol DARPA??”Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DAT??”Dtgital Audio -rape DBA??”Database Administrator

DBCS??”Double Byte Character Set DBMS??”Database Management System DCC??”Dtrect Client-to-Client DCCP??”Datagram Congestion Control Protocol DCCA??”Debian Common Core Alliance DCL??”Data Control Language DCMl??”Dublin Core Metadata Initiative DCOM??”Distributed Component Object Model DD??”Double Density DDE??”Dynamic Data Exchange DDL??”Data Definition Language DDoS??”Distributed Denial of Service DDR??”Double Data Rate DES??”Data Encryption Standard dev??”development DFA??”Deterministic Finite Automaton DFD??”Data Flow Diagram DFS??”Depth-First Search DFS??”Distributed File System DGD??”Dworkin’s Game Driver

DHCP??”Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHTML??”Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language DIF??”Data Integrity Field DIMM??”Dual Inline Memory Module DIN??”Deutsches Institut for Normung DIP??”Dual In-line Package DIVX??”Digital Video Express DKlM??”Domain Keys Identified Mail DL??”Download DLL??”Dynamic Link Library DLNA??”Digital Living Network Alliance DLP??”Digital Light Processing DMA??”Direct Memory Access DMCA??”Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMI??”Direct Media Interface DML??”Data Manipulation Language DML??”Definitive Media Library DMR??”Dennts M. Ritchie DN??”Distinguished Name DND??”Drag-and-Drop

DNS??”Domain Name System DOCSlS??”Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification DOM??”Document Object Model DoS??”Denial of Service DOS??”Disk Operating System DP??”DOt Pitch DPC??”Deferred Procedure Call DPI??”Deep Packet Inspection DPI??”Dots Per Inch DPMI??”DOS Protected Mode Interface DPMS??”Display Power Management Signaling DRAM??”Dynamic Random Access Memory DR-DOS??”Digital Research – Disk Operating System DRI??”Direct Rendering Infrastructure DRM??”Digital Rights Management DRM??”Direct Rendering Manager DSDL??”Document Schema Definition Languages DSL??”Digital Subscriber Line DSL??”Domain-Specific Language

DSLAM??”Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer DSN??”Database Source Name DSN??”Data set Name DSP??”Digital Signal Processor DSSSL??”Document Style Semantics and Specification Language DTD??”Document Type Definition DTE??”Data Terminal Equipment DTP??”Desktop Publishing DTR??”Data Terminal Ready DVD??”Digital Versatile Disc DVD??”Dtgital Video Disc DVD-R??”DVD-Recordable DVD-ROM??”DVD-Read only Memory DVD-Rw??”DVD-Rewntable DVI??”Digital Visual Interface DVR??”Digital Video Recorder EAl??”Enterprise Application Integration EAP??”Extensible Authentication Protocol EBCDIC??”Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

EBML??”Extensible Binary Meta Language ECC??”Elliptic Curve Cryptography ECMA??”European Computer Manufacturers Association ECN??”Explicit Congestion Notification ECOS??”Embedded Confgurable Operating System ECRS??”Expense and Cost Recovery System EDA??”Electronic Design Automation EDI??”Electronic Data Interchange EDO??”Extended Data Out EDSAC??”Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator EDVAC??”Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer EEPROM??”Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory EFF??”Electronic Frontier Foundation EFI??”Extensible Firmware Interface EFM??”Eight-to-Fourteen Modulation

EGA??”Enhanced Graphics Array EGP??”Exterior Gateway Protocol elD??”electronic ID card EIDE??”Enhanced IDE EIGRP??”Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol EISA??”Extended Industry Standard Architecture ELF??”Extremely Low Frequency ELF??”Executable and Linkable Format EMACS??”Editor MACros EMS??”Expanded Memory Specification ENIAC??”Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer EOF??”End of File EOL??”End of Life EOL??”End of Line EOM??”End Of Message EPIC??”Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing EPROM??”Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory ERP??”Enterprise Resource Planning ESB??”Enterprise service bus

ESCON??”Enterprise Systems Connection ESD??”Electrostatic Discharge ETL??”Extract, Transform, Load ESR??”Eric Steven Raymond EUC??”Extended Unix Code EULA??”End User License Agreement EXT??”EXTended file system FAP??”FORTRAN Assembly program FASM??”Flat AsseMbler FAT??”File Allocation Table FAQ??”Frequently Asked Questions FBDlMM??”Fully Buffered Dual Inline Memory Module FC-AL??”Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop FCB??”File control Block FCS??”Frame Check Sequence FDC??”Floppy Disk Controller FDS??”Fedora Directory Server FDD??”Floppy Disk Drive FDDl??”Fiber Distributed Data Interface FDMA??”Frequency-Division Multiple Access

FEC??”Forward Error Correction FEMB??”Front-End Motherboard FET??”Field Effect Transistor FHS??”Filesystem Hierarchy Standard FICON??”Flber coronectNit-y FIFO??”Ftrst In First out FIPS??”Federal Information Processing Standards FL??”Function Level FLAC??”Free Lossless Audio Codec FLOPS??”FLoating-Point Operations Per Second FLOSS??”Free/Libre/Open Source Software FMC??” Fixed Mobile Convergence “Mobile UC or Unified Communications over Wireless” FOLDOC??”Free On-line Dictionary of Computing Formatted Output Specification Instance FOSS??”Free and Open Source Software FP??”Function Programming

FPGA??”Field Programmable Gate Array FPS??”Floating Point Systems FPU??”Floating Point Unit FRU??”Field Replaceable Unit FS??”File system FSB??”Front Side sus fsck??”File System Check FSF??”Free Software Foundation FSM??”Finite State Machine FTTC??”Fiber -ro The curb FTTH??”Fiber -ro The Horne FTTP??”Fiber -ro The premises FTP??”File Transfer Protocol FQDN??”Fully Qualified Domain Name FUD??”Fear Uncertainty Doubt FWS??”Folding White Space FXP??”File exchange Protocol GI 1 N??”Globalization Gas??”GNlJ Assembler Gb??”Gigabit GB??”Gtgabyte GCC??”GNU compiler collection GCJ??”GNU Compiler for Java GCR??”Group Code Recording

GDB??”GNU Debugger GDl??”Graphics Device Interface GFDL??”GNU Free Documentation License GIF??”Graphics Interchange Format GIGO??”Garbage In, Garbage Out GIMP??”GNU Image Manipulation Program GIMPS??”Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search GIs??”Geographic Information System GLUT??”openGL utility Toolkit GML??”Geography Markup Language GNOME??”GNU Network Object Model Environment GNU??”GNU’S Not untx GOMS??”Goals, Operators, Methods, and Selection rules GPASM??”GNU PIC AsseMbler GPFS??”General Parallel File System GPG??”GNU privacy Guard GPGPU??”General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units GPIB??”General-


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