Teacher Dispositions Essay

Assessment of Teacher Dispositions Julissa Anderson University of District of Columbia What are teacher dispositions? To answer that questions one may ask themselves what is a disposition? A disposition is someone’s state of mind on a certain matter. Moreover, teacher dispositions are what teachers think will help students become successful. Teachers Dispositions are things they should know and be able to do when they are face with certain situations in their classrooms. In the article “Assessment of Teacher Dispositions,” authors are investigating present teacher dispositions that are beneficial.

The aim of this article was to find out are teachers doing what is in the best interest of the students. The article itself said, “Dispositions lie inside us. ” If teachers do not value these dispositions then most likely the teacher is not dedicated to helping the students in their classroom. In order to conduct a conclusion on their study they collected data through a self-assessment tool. (Teacher Dispositions Assessment) They used 86 graduate and undergraduate teachers.

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All teachers were majoring in programs such as Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Physical Education, Early Childhood and Special Education. Most of the teacher candidates were female. They were between the age of 20 and 35. All the candidates were white. They used an instrument called Eastern Teacher Dispositions Index (ESTDI). They were tested on the 5 scales of the ESTDI, Perception of self, perception of others, perception of teacher knowledge, perception that all students can succeed, and the relationships and bonds teachers build throughout the school year.

After observations and self- assessments and all data were collected, all the dispositions had a positive outcome. All teacher candidates strongly agreed teachers should be able to maintain positive attitude during any situation that takes place in the classroom. Also, no matter what that teacher teaches they should know enough reading, math and writing to help their students in any way. The candidates included in this study believed that teachers should have a passion for teaching, should be leaders and role models.

The data collected showed that teachers should be able to communicate to any students, parents, or colleagues in a positive way. Teachers should take into consideration things students may be going through. Every student is different and learns in various ways. Teachers should get students involved and not just give lectures and students take notes. Although, these teacher dispositions were strongly agreed with a high percentage of the candidates, there are places that could be improved. Teachers should have more confidence in their students.

Also, teachers should observe but not intervene and let students solve their problems by themselves. Furthermore, the teacher candidates involved in the study were all white. I believe the study could have had more ethnical backgrounds. They could have also used students to get an idea of how students think teachers handle situations by, talking to them, and understanding their beliefs about the faith teachers have in students, and ways teachers work with student different learning styles.

I can agree with the dispositions listed in this article. In order for u to be a good teacher, you have to be able to communicate at any time no matter how you feel or what is going on at home. You have to be ready and aware of everything that is going in your classroom. Teachers have to have assurance in their students. If teachers do not encourage the students when they may not be doing so well students are just going give up and quit. Certainly if you are serious about your job you will help every student by any means.

A great teacher to me is someone who loves their students as a child. They will do anything to help the student succeed. They will come in to work and stay after work to help students who want to better themselves. Teachers also, should never complain or stress because they should do it because they love what they are doing and the difference they are making in the students life. They are role models and understand that there is always someone looking up to them.


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