Teacher Importeace Essay

| | | The Importance of Teacher in Student’s Life Education is one of the greatest services provided by teachers. It is vital for anything. The role played by teachers becomes a very important component and in fact it can be said that they are in way our nation builders. For any student, education and character are the basic foundations and it is laid by teachers as well as parents. They tend to instill values, attitudes and behaviors in children right from childhood.

Today with challenging environment, in any school or college, everything primarily depends on the teacher. If students perform well, the onus is on the school and teacher. In case the performance is bad, the blame ultimately falls on the teacher. The important point to be noted is that it is not only the teachers who are to be blamed but also there is equal responsibility on the parents as well as students. The role of teachers becomes very important as they are the ones who mould students in the right way.

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Teacher Importeace Essay
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There are various roles played by teachers in understanding students needs. Some of them are learning about students interests, planning and organizing classroom activities, assessing the students performance, understanding the basic needs of students, encouraging them to improve, calling for students-parents meeting and discussing with them about the students performance or discipline, motivating students to do more better, encouraging them to participate in extra curricular activities, etc. The role of teachers has become very challenging.

It is quite essential for teachers to be social, serious, understanding and friendly nature so that students feel comfortable to seek any help without hesitation. The basic role for any teacher is to create a very interesting classroom for students. Students must feel comfortable with the teacher and at the same time, teacher must encourage students. Students should be taught the right path and knowledge or matter should be conveyed in such a manner that students would find it very easy to understand. Teachers work in close co-ordination with students to help them in building up their future.

They mould the students to bring out their skills or improvise them, teaching good habits/attitudes and helping them to become good citizens of the nation. There are many students who feel shy or have some personality problems. It becomes quite important for teachers to attend to these students personally and encourage them to overcome this shyness or personality disorders. A good teacher in fact becomes a role model for students. Students tend to follow their teacher in almost every way like manners, style etc.

Students tend to get affected by the teacher’s affection as well as love for them. So the teacher should have the professional competence as well as good moral background in order to impart these values to students. With the changing environment and challenging careers, teachers are helping students to manage their careers as well as create solid foundation for them in different fields. Students are very busy making up their own decisions and teacher tends to become a sort of guide on their side. Today in this modern age, expectations as well as demands are more from parents.

They expect their children to do well in every field. This tends to create a major impact on students as well as teachers. The role of teachers becomes very challenging. There are numerous problems faced by teachers in schools, colleges etc. Bad Discipline, Poor Performance by Students, Student Absenteeism, Lack of Support from Parents, Lack of Ambition for students to do well, Low Self Confidence, Attitudinal Problems or Personality Disorders of Students are some of the common problems encountered by teachers.

In fact teachers become accountable for every progress of the student. With science advancing, computers and internet have been growing at tremendous pace. They are taking over from teachers. Lots of information is being offered to teachers online through webinars. Many courses are being conducted through webinars which have been helping teachers to do well in their respective fields. There are many webinar courses as well as webinar training which have been helping teachers to address their problems and overcome these problems by finding solutions to them


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