Teaching as a Profession Essay

Running Head: Teaching as a Profession Teaching as a Profession Bennetta Trotter Grand Canyon University Edu 215 August 15, 2010 Teaching as a Profession I believe that teaching is one of the most demanding careers one might choose from. Teaching is a one of a kind profession; this career choice can be frustrating, exciting, and also very fulfilling, for those who are really dedicated to choose teaching as their long life career. Deciding to become a teacher means a lot of time and dedication, because it involves becoming one with teaching and learning.

It identifies the differences in the lives of children, by helping each individual learn how to read, how to write, and how to do mathematics to include: adding, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Teaching also includes other advantages such as teaching and learning a child how to discover different elements throughout their lives, things such as plant growth, environment changes, history etc, learning’s that will give them the tools to want to learn, and continue to learn throughout their entire lives. For one to become a teacher, one has to really understand what a “Teacher” really does, and what a “Teacher” really is.

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Teaching as a Profession Essay
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A teacher is defined as someone who is very open minded, and has the willingness to instruct others or an “Intellectual” leader a person that will create opportunities and help a student or students acquire their skills and knowledge. Teaching as a profession would go into a variety of things and become certain roles, and have certain characteristics such as becoming a skilled listener, motivator, and a disciplinarian. One must posses a positive attitude, preparedness, a sense of humor, be creative, have the willingness to admit to their mistakes, display fairness, and maintain high expectations for their students.

In my honest and fair opinion, teaching as a profession to me means, that one would have to become a better person, a better listener, and learn to use their already known skills and knowledge to fullest of their abilities, also it would mean that they would have to be ready for any and all types of cultural differences and attitudes. One would have to be ready to utilize a vast majority of their time and apply themselves to their chosen profession.

The last but not least of what I think it means to be a professional teacher, I would also have to say that it would mean changes in the way that one might speak, and how they would dot their I’s, it would mean not to take short cuts on anything that they do, it also means, that they would continue to educate themselves, and learn new and different advantages that are offered through education. After reading a lot of information about teaching as a profession, I have come to understand and comprehend what is required and what it takes to become a professional teacher and the criteria that must be needed and used.

Although I am not a professional teacher yet, my understandings are set but not foundationally set as they should be. I say this because when I read the Professional Teacher Standards, I read how it really is important to be focused, and to be very communicative with the community, students, teachers and parents. I have a little trouble staying focused at times, and I only communicate with people that I know, but I would have to say, that I am very tactful and respectful when I do have to communicate with others that I am not familiar with.

I remember when I did my Practicum 1 at the Tri-County Head Start Program; I did access all the required professionalism that I needed while I was in the classroom. So I am not too lost to the fact of what is needed to become a professional teacher. The Standard Code of Professional Teaching, and the Professional of Ethics, has brought me to a whole other level on teaching as a profession. A Professional teacher has to encourage, assess, maintain, design, create, listen, respect, and demonstrate their knowledge and skills and abilities at all times whether it be in the classroom or in the community.

With the information given from the different websites such as: The Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development gave me so much insight and support of becoming a new educated teacher. Their motive is to learn teach and lead. They also gave information on how to help struggling students and how to produce teacher effectiveness. As I have come closer to becoming a teacher, I am required to take certain classes, and I find myself struggling and the information that was presented made me feel more at ease because I now see that there is help that is available to me.

Other information from Phi Delta Kappa International gave a lot of information on Curriculum Management, scholar ships and how to become a future educator. My future as an educator I am very excited. I never knew there so many opportunities and advantages in the education field. Me being an educator will brighten my future as well as the ones I will have the pleasure of teaching. Although many may see as being an educator dissatisfying, I see it as very rewarding. Without teachers, where would the education for our children be?

I believe that teaching is the essential profession, without well qualified caring and committed teachers, how would the children of today reach their excellence for tomorrow’s future? Teachers of today are shaping our children’s tomorrow. Education is the key to a vibrant and prosperous America (Clinton 1998) Everyone has their own opinions of what education should be and how a teacher should teach, but, as far as I am concerned, if one is willing to dedicate his or her time, and if they want to achieve greatness then I think an educator is the way to go.

I have been dreaming of being a teacher my entire life and I refuse to give that up on being stereotyped. “Every child need and deserves-dedicated, outstanding teachers who know their subject matter, are effectively trained, and know how to teach high standards and make learning come alive” (Clinton 1998). I am a firm believer..


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