Team Work Is More Productive Then Individual Work Essay

“When people work in teams they are more productive then when they work individually” Teamwork is like Soccer game. The Workers are like players who are assigned roles in the playing fields and their function & role is defined inorder to successfully work towards accomplishment of a common Goal that is to WIN THE GAME . However when a player works individually without coordination of co players the probability of winning is nearly impossibly.

Teamwork drives ,Supports the workers and aids them in achieving success . In addition to this it imbibes a sense of commaraderie among each other. Many of the adversaries who believe that individual work is more productive as it doesn’t involve any additional task of coordinating with the mindset of all teammates ,are totally unaware of advantages of working in a team . We can now understand via an example how teamwork enhances the productiveness , Supports & drives the Co-workers to work.

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Team Work Is More Productive Then Individual Work Essay
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Example: In a task of getting business the following skills are expected in an individual : Good communication ,Convincing power ,Behavioral knowledge, Technical knowledge, Sound Commercial knowledge & Customer Relationship Handling. If a single individual has to achieve this task he is expected to be master in all the listed skills which rarely found and is challenging . However if the single Roles& functions involved here are assigned to each individuals who is artistic & proficient in any one particular skills the team thus found shall be a highly credible & proficient team.

As they work towards a common goal they shall work with full cooperation and during challenging situations at work every member is present to provide strength,help to his co-workmate,such benefit is not present when a person works alone. Thus coordination with different mindsets shall build and not hamper the productivity of work. In conclusion I would say that teamwork enhances the productivity & also imbibes a sense of commaraderie among the team ,which a person working individually shall lack.


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