Teamwork: Employment and Billing Department Essay

Teamwork Leah Mayfield-Nash HCA-230 September 03, 2010 Malinda Sever As head of the billing department my job duty is to establish a strategy for a team to resolve the issues within the billing department. For instance, the billing department receiving inaccurate billing codes and information needed for data entry, which slows down production and payment for the doctor. Choose people that are already employed by the billing company and maybe one or two new employee(s), look at each person’s work ethics attendance, and performance record as well.

The team that I choose will have to have and maintain proper communication skills. Each team member must be knowledgeable with the billing, coding, data entry, and be able to type at least 50 words per minute. After selecting hard working and motivated individuals, I would talk to the billing department employees and monitor each area within the billing department for a day or two throughout the work day to see where the issues began and end.

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Teamwork: Employment and Billing Department Essay
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Next if their needs to be some training or retraining to do within the billing department, I will make that an requirement, rather offered through the company or at each employee’s own expense, hold weekly or daily half hour or hour meetings before work or after work if possible. Furthermore, to promote effective teamwork I would have each team member and other billing department employees share their ideas during meetings or through a suggestion box and if reasonable implement them and give gift certificates to each department when they meet the company work quotas and to each individual for outstanding work ethics and less mishaps.


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