Teamwork: Problem Solving and Team Essay

CheckPoint 9: Teamwork Due Date: Day 6 [Assignment] section Compose a response to the following: Employees from the billing department are not receiving the accurate codes and information needed for data entry, slowing production and payment for the doctor. As head of the billing department, you have been delegated to lead a problem-solving team to resolve this issue. How will members of the team be chosen? How will effective teamwork to solve this problem be promoted? How will members of the team be chosen? Response should be at least 150 words. As the head of the billing department the problem is the most important concern until this situation is fixed. I will create a team that will be able to determine the issue and will insure that that the current issue is resolved, by doing so I will be able to ensure that this issue does not occur in the future. The team that I will chose will be effective and maintain proper communication skills. I will place a small test that will help me choose members to effectively work in a team environment and have the knowledge that understands the billing system.

I would like to have members that are motivated and work with team members that are concerned for future billing success. I will choose members that hold good work standards and are concerned with solving company situations. After we are done fixing this situation I would like to make it possible to not have this occur in the future and if it does then I will have a team that can help with billing solving issues. | How will effective teamwork to solve this problem be promoted? Response should be at least 150 words. The effective teamwork will solve these issues by having good communication skills with the other members of the team. Working towards solving the problems, and having the team motivate others around them to strive and fix the issue which can keep it fixed if the team has the ability to help others succeed. During meetings there are some things that will help the team with effective teamwork. Coming together as one group and helping each other with ideas or even problem solving techniques.

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Teamwork: Problem Solving and Team Essay
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Having the team understand what each one is responsible for during the time of this process. I would like to have the team members express there thoughts and ideas because this could help resolve the issue faster. The team members should never be in fear of there opinions, there opinion could possibly be the answer to success. Having the right team and the team leader working together can strive to fix problems thought out the company could be the perfect team for goals in the company. |


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