Techniques of Studying a Lesson Book Essay

Give a description of the techniques of studying a lesson book When I study a book I like to first page through the book and look at what the contents contains. I then like to start browsing through the book however I always start from the back and move to the front of the book. I look at chapters that interest me and I like to read them. During the first reading I don’t do anything and then during the second reading I may make notes in the book or on a paper in an exercise book.

The techniques of studying a lesson book would be to first browse through the book and get an overall view. Look at the book as while and then look and sort out the details such as facts, figures, numbers, graphs etc. It is then recommended to get the habit of dong an eye guide when reading as this helps the memory during studying. The next step is to create a memory aid. This simple means that you write down important facts that you want to memorise, you read it and then you tear the paper and write it down again.

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Techniques of Studying a Lesson Book Essay
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As you write you are registering facts in your brain and by tearing and re writing you are remembering more and more facts. If this is done a few times you memorise a lot of information. Underlining is another way of remembering important facts. As you read you literally underline the important facts or metaphorically at the your mind, this would not work for me I have to use a pencil and underline things. By doing this information is imprinted in your memory bank.


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