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The ipad and the Client / Server Model

Executive sum-up

Technological promotion is tremendous. It is impacts are tremendous to the concern universe. The latest invention has stirred the market. The invention of the ipad by Apple Company is good intelligence to the business communities and workers. It really increases the flexibleness of the work force where you can work from anyplace multitasking. This is a great menace to the traditional client / waiter theoretical account. Will it last?


Technology is bettering everyday. There is a new invention about on a day-to-day footing. Research companies are non resting. They are working on consumer demands twenty-four hours and dark. Over the past few old ages, the universe has realized advanced technological inventions being unveiled. The manner of transacting concern is non similar earlier. Technology has transformed the universe doing it to go a planetary small town where you can pass on with a individual anywhere anytime in the universe. The concern universe is the 1 that has realized much of technological progresss. This is because concern minutess have been made easy and faster.

Technology in the nomadic industry has gone a notch higher with the unveiling of the ipad. The nomadic engineering has been bettering sine it started to cut down the size of machines to smaller sizes. It started with a normal nomadic phone, so the iPod, PDAs blackberry devices, iphones, and now the ipad. This is really going g the nomadic phone revolution.

Before the nomadic phone, concern was conducted utilizing interrelated Personal computer computing machines with a waiter on one terminal and the client / user on the other terminal. This paper analyzes the client/ waiter theoretical account of concern and the latest engineering, the ipad engineering. Is the latest engineering of ipad traveling to replace the traditional engineering of client waiter theoretical account? Or are they traveling to run parallel? Is the ipad engineering the last or is at that place another that will out make the ipad engineering? This paper looks at the client / server theoretical account every bit good as the ipad.

Client waiter theoretical account

This is chiefly used in calculating web where there are computing machines labelled clients and waiters. There is exchange of information between the two computing machines in a web. The waiter normally portions what it has with the clients. The waiter is ever a high acting computing machine with big storage capacity. It portions what it has with the clients. The server Acts of the Apostless as the interface between the clients and the beginning of the informations or information requested by the waiters. The clients on the other manus are little computing machine with smaller capacities. They are used to recover information from the waiter. Therefore they initiate communicating between the waiter and themselves. Clients that place their petitions to the waiter could be more than one. The waiter has inbuilt maps where it can apportion its clip to different clients therefore functioning them really fast. This it does in a really high velocity. Such built-in maps include accessing the web, e-mailing, and accessing the database.

How it works

A good illustration of a waiter is a web browser. A client of a bank accessing his informations through a Personal computer ( computing machine ) sends his inside informations thorough a waiter located at the bank. On having the petition, the waiter sends the petition to one of its ain database client which will treat the petition and direct back to the waiter which will now give the client the feedback on his Personal computer.

Applications of client / waiter theoretical account

Calculating utilizing the web today makes a frequent usage of this client waiter theoretical account. Many concern internetworking is based on this theoretical account. Other users of this theoretical account are application protocols used in the cyberspace like the DNS, SMP, Telnet and HTTP.

This type of theoretical account is sometimes called a two-tier theoretical account. It allows sharing of resource and files stored on a waiter or someplace else accessible by the waiter.

Advantages of client to server theoretical account

  • A client waiter theoretical account facilitates the distribution of the functions among computing machine that know each other through a web. Through this, fix and care is made easier because fix and care can be done to the waiter without the cognition of the client or frailty versa ( replies, 2010 ) .
  • Waiters which have a higher control of security and storage capacity act as information shops. The security facet of the waiters comes in when the waiter restricts entree to data to merely to the permitted clients. And non any client can alter the information. Merely those permitted.
  • Through the centralized informations storage system, informations updates are easy made because the whole information is in one cardinal location.
  • Server client theoretical account can work really good with many clients with varied capablenesss.
  • Technologies on client waiter theoretical account are readily available in the market at low-cost monetary values.
  • Flexibility: this can happen in this theoretical account when there is a alteration in engineering. The running engineering can be easy integrated into the system since it is merely the waiter that is affected. Therefore the incorporation of the new engineering into the system is non merely easier but faster.
  • Inter-operability: this is where all constituents work together. Through the client waiter theoretical account, all constituents – the waiter and the client – operate together. They are interconnected. Therefore, it is easier to cognize when there is a job ( replies, 2010 ) .
  • Handiness: this is faster in this theoretical account since information is stored in a cardinal topographic point and connected to the clients though the web. Therefore, all the informations stored on the waiter can be accessed by many clients located in multiple diverse remote countries.
  • Back up: it is easier to supply backup in this theoretical account because the information is centrally stored.
  • Management and support: it is easier to do varied alterations and the consequence be felt in assorted parts merely from one cardinal waiter. E.g. it is non merely easier, but faster to do planetary alterations. The consequence of triping an antivirus on the waiter will be felt by all clients connected to server. They will besides be protected against the virus ( replies, 2010 ) .

Disadvantages of a client waiter theoretical account

  • Traffic: many at times there is a batch of congestion on the available web. This is most common when there are excessively many clients being served by one waiter. If all this clients make petitions at a spell to the same waiter, so the waiter will apportion limited clip to each client doing the service be really slow.
  • The client waiter non robust. It is a hazardous theoretical account because if the waiter fails, so all the clients will non be served ; they will be sent parking until the waiter is repaired.

Phone revolution

The nomadic phone has seen tremendous alteration since its innovation. It started with really large appliances and now really little one are in the market. Computer engineering has followed suit. There has been an betterment in the size of computing machine sizes in the market. Below are some of the latest technological inventions:

The iPod: this was invented in 2001 by the Apple Company. This is a device for playing music that is portable. Form the initial iPod, there has been a passage. Every subsequently invention was better than the initial one the initial iPod was ipod mini while the latest is the iPod shuffling. Ipods come in varied memory sizes therefore used to hive away the music they play every bit good as storage of informations. Therefore they can move as secondary informations storage devices.

The iphone: this is an illustration of a smart phone whose cyberspace and multimedia accoutrements have been enabled. Functioning as a camera, an iphone can execute other maps like those of an iPod ( media participant ) and a portable browser. It has a multi-touch sensitive screen with a computer keyboard that is practical.

Ipad: this is the latest invention in the market in a series of many like the iPod, the iphone, the PDA etc. This is a appliance that is rather little and therefore portable but with legion applications. Through this devise, you can efficaciously better client ‘s service while managing other applications anyplace. The Devi The ipad developed by the Apple Company is user friendly with many impacts on the market. Harmonizing to pcmag, 2010 ) , the ipad is described as the best device to be used to entree and position the content.

Major characteristics of the ipad

The ipad is packaged with multiple characteristics which include the followers:

Campaign: through this characteristic, you can entree the web page and see it as it is supposed to be. This includes colorss that are really vivacious and crisp texts parity 1 ) .

Mail: you entree your electronic mail in a brilliant mode than ne’er experienced before. It is possible to salvage web exposures straight in the electronic mail through an in reinforced exposure application para 2 ) .

Photographs: at that place really many exposure importing ways ; direct import, downloads, and synchronise from the computing machine. More so, the ipad provides an gratifying manner to portion your images because it is packaged with a vivacious show, chip and other alone package para3 ) .

ibooks: it is possible to read any book that you want either online or even after you purchase it. You can besides purchase a book or down burden it para 7 ) .

itunes: it is possible to shop music every bit good as bargain it. This application besides applies to podcasts and Television shows para 6 ) .

Video: it is possible to watch any sort of move on ipad merely because its screen is of really high declaration with the capableness to take either widescreen or full screen parity 5 ) .

Other of import characteristics that come in a fabulous mode include the undermentioned: you tube, picture, itunes, ibooks, app shop, notes, maps, calendar, contacts, spotlight hunt place screen and handiness. All these are every powerful characteristic that the ipad provides to the users.

Advantages of the ipad

Multi functional: the ipad can execute assorted undertakings at a spell. This include paging directors, monetary value confirmation, pavement gross revenues aid etc. para 2 )

Cost efficient: being little and powerful, the appliance can replace several machines in retail

operations that are expensive and cumbrous parity 3 ) .

The little and lightweight nature of the ipad allows its users to utilize it anyplace para 4 ) .

Lastingness: this little appliance is built to last because it can defy a bead of five pess to concrete. Due to this, it will drive down a company ‘s entire cost organizing its portable long permanent solution para 5 ) .

Technology: it is manufactured with a really powerful engineering. This can be displayed by a broad scope of characteristics like PXA 270, wireless, WLAN, bluish tooth, etc para 6 ) .

Scaning: the optical maser scan supports major barcode symbologies. This public presentation translates in really high scanning power. Para 7 )

Upgrading: the manner of formation of this device allows for easy upgrading because all ascents required can be done through a radio means and remotely through wavelink avalanche para 8 ) .

The capableness of VoIP: with voice over IP enabled, there is no demand for giving phones and beepers para 9 ) .

Low care cost: this is due to capablenesss of distant direction with the ability to keep a device before its public presentation fails para 10 ) .

Discussion: will the ipad replace the client waiter manner?

The foregoing analysis of both the client waiter theoretical account and the ipad has revealed quit a batch refering the technological promotion. Let us compare the two systems. Advantages of the ipad over the client waiter theoretical account:

  • The little size and the lightweight nature of the device make it portable. You can walk or travel with it anyplace. This means that you can work from any where every bit compared to the client waiter theoretical account one must describe to the office desk for him to work, failure of which no work will be done.
  • Lastingness: the ipad can defy the challenges that come with its motions everyplace e.g. it can defy falling from five pess. This is an version to it being carried every where.
  • The ipad does non necessitate physical web connexions like those done on clients. It has an in built web that makes it entree the web.
  • Technology: the device is manufactured utilizing really high engineering latest in the market. This makes it function merely like the other Personal computer computing machines that normally act as clients. This makes the user really comfy utilizing the device.
  • Manner: this device is stylish. It is the solution to the market trends that are altering daily due to technological promotion. Client / waiter theoretical account represent traditional manner of carry oning concern. The ipad brings with it the revolution in the concern field that suits the modern universe.
  • Cheap: the ipad is inexpensive in the long tally every bit compared to the client / waiter theoretical account. The devise itself is inexpensive and it does non necessitate physical cyberspace connexion. On the other manus, a client must be connected to the web with the waiter with other physical connexions. The other appliances that are required to link the client to the web are non required in the instance of the ipad. This cuts down the cost for the concern.

Other advantages of the ipad over the client waiter / theoretical account are convenience and flexibleness.

From the above we can see that the ipad is more suitable to the modern universe picturing the needed alterations. It shows that the concern universe is traveling to be transformed.In my ain position, the ipad will replace the client / waiter theoretical account in the long tally. Initially they have to run manus in manus due to proficient enlistments and besides as the concern adapts to the new engineering. But one time the gait is picked up, the whole concern universe will be transformed. Businesss will recognize a cut in costs with improved end product. This is a large part to the flexibleness of the work force.


Technological progresss are tremendous and inevitable. They are the ground behind the modern concern transmutation. Technology has improved with clip. It started with the iPod in 2001 and now in 2010 we have the ipad. In between there were iphones, PDAs, and black berry phones. This latest technological invention is non the last other s are yet to come. But, even as they come they are a menace to the traditional client waiter theoretical account. Due to the little nature and other powerful characteristics of the ipad, the concern fraternity will recognize a cut in their costs because the employees can work anyplace any clip. They do n’t hold to describe to the office for them to work.


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