Technology a Boon or Bane Essay

we cannot live without electricity nor can we survive the whole day without knowing whether which is the latest Gadget in use which would benefit the driver of an automobile to drive safely and at the same time work on his immediate assignment at hand. Basically, we need TECHNOLOGY and we are a big part of it already. We live, strive and thrive on computers, data base online, communication network, and the latest gadgets Technology today has given us both Nuclear weapon and Medicines that could cure the unthinkable of pain and diseases.

It has given us a better opportunity to preach and teach knowledge to those less privileged, those who cannot hear or see or speak and understand their language and be one and at the same time it has made it possible to grow in millions and preach out freedom to one. Technology creates options. Options lead to confusion. A man getting into a crowded bus will sit on any available seat. The same man in an empty bus will wonder whether he should sit in the front or back, window or aisle…. Err why I am even talking about all this.

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Technology a Boon or Bane Essay
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Without technology there wouldn’t be buses!!! Options besides creating confusion also create conflict. Technology creates wants, wants and more wants. The moment you satisfy few of them, many more raise their hydra head. In conclusion, we think that Technology is a must. It’s a Boon and it will stay so forever. Without it we could not have had this debate. We would not realize that it is possible to go beyond the age of 90 and still be fit and healthy. Technology has given that to us today Posted by MUNEER


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