Technology Creates Problems Essay

Technology creates more problems than it solves, and may threaten or damage the quality of life. ” ——————————————— Words 532, Today in this 21st century, with mankind having made an unbelievable progress in every field , nothing seems impossible. Everyday hundreds of new inventions, discoveries take place, taking technology one step ahead. Surrounded by technology we are now accustomed to get work done with push of a button. Automation has relieved us from banal works like washing clothes, utensils and cleaning homes with robots like roomba.

Housewives simply love such inventions. Sitting comfortably in their offices, men also enjoy such pleasure with large scale automation in industries. Not only do these machines relieve us from physical work but, they also take us places in very short times. There is not even a single imaginable facet of life where technology or science hasn’t been incorporated in. But being so much dependent on technology surely comes with a price. When we look at “Why do we develop technology in the first place? ” for comforts? to entertain ourselves? May be, but to some extent.

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Technology Creates Problems Essay
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Looking into past we can see that this was majorly driven by wars and very less by aforementioned factors. From daily use Teflon (non-stick utensils) to “safe” Nuclear energy all have been the outputs (side products) of war funded researches and race between nations to achieve dominance. Wars create technology and technology fuels wars, a never – ending cycle. Was it supposed to be like certain technology was developed to frighten the opponent, to end the war? But what happened was exactly opposite. Instead of solving the problems it generated “cold-wars”.

Most of us are well aware of imminent threat of global warming. Why would earth suddenly start heating up? With oil guzzling machines, from chemical factories to our daily use vehicles, we consume humongous amounts of fossil fuels creating pollutions. Due to technological inventions and financial constraints, we are indiscriminately polluting our earth, air, water, land all have been affected. We haven’t been left untouched by this menace. It has direct and indirect effects on all of us. Asthmas, cancers and psychological disorders and many more are caused by this revolution.

We look at the instant financial and corporeal gains but fail to look at the bigger problems. With technology creeping in every facet of our daily life, we tend to do less physical work. This in turn has resulted in lower health standards in people throughout the world. With overall effects of pollutions and lower health standards, life expectancy is decreasing. Effects can also be seen emotional fronts. We prefer to watch movies and visit social networking sites rather than enjoying subtle realities of life and nature, and it will have effects in long run.

So what has technology given us? Perhaps they might have found solutions to above mentioned problems as I write, but history has shown us, there will be newer and bigger problems. A rat race will be started to find the solutions for those. It seems what we have failed to learn is the view to look at technology. I feel it has to be developed in such a way that it is harmonious with us, our needs and above all nature. It should always be remembered that technology is for us and we are not for technology.


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