Technology Essay

Technology Essay Is technology a friend or foe? The positive use of technology is an issue that has been plastered on television and newspaper headlines, but is there a positive way to use the very thing that has your child up for hours on end? ‘Pads, iPhones, Computers and the internet, all contribute and play a big part of a teenager’s life as they are constantly on these devices. I believe that technology is bad for you because it distracts you from your studies and schooling, being physically and socially active and can also be addictive.

Firstly, many people state that technology has the advantages of giving you faster, easier and reliable access for researching assignments, but can it be trustworthy sometimes? On websites such as Wikipedia and ask. com, answers given on the website can be answered by anyone and can also be altered by anyone. Anything can be said whether or not it is true, false or someone else’s opinion. Would it still be reliable? Also, social networking sites such as Facebook and Tumblr etc. can also pull you off track of what you were doing.

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How any times do you find yourself sitting on the computer at home, doing your homework and you’re tempted to check your Facebook or your Tumblr? And when you do, you are on the internet longer than expected. It can also cause you to be socially inactive with people around you. Some internet sites such as Facebook and Omegle, where you can talk to anyone on in the world is very dangerous. Especially, for younger children who visit these sites. Due to the “wonderful” creation of the iPad and iPhone, shops are being forced to close down because the items that they sell re being sold online, them having no reason to still uphold their shop.

Thus leading them towards looking for new Jobs, new ways to earn money and new ways to provide for their families. Furthermore, technology can keep you from being physically active. It has come to the stage where kids would rather sit on the couch and watch television or play on electronics then go and play outside. Leading kids to become lazy, obese and more socially isolated. The more time your kids waste having their eyes glued to the screen, the less time they have to go out and be active.

Finally, technology is very addictive and can cause problems in the near future such as, neck and head pain, poor sleeping habits and depression. It also causes them to have a short attention span and also causing them to not have long enough sleeping hours, making it hard for them to learn and participate in school. Teens of society today spend hours on end on the internet or using technology yet they can’t even sit and pay attention in class for 50 minutes. Is that the example we want to set for the future generations?


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