Technology Has Been Detrimental Towards Society. Essay

Persuasive Essay: “Computers* have been detrimental to society” *(PC’s- Personal Computers) Nowadays, computers are becoming more and more affordable, acting as a major time and effort convenience for families across the world. The advancement of this technology within the last twenty years been tremendous and suggests much more progress is yet to come. But as the abundance of computers has increased immensely, society has fallen into an over dependence and reliance of them and the effects have been quite evident.

Undoubtedly, we should embrace the wonders of this new technology but has society taken a turn for the worst by the increasing reliance on them? Computers have become a major health risk for society, as an increase in daily, weekly and monthly activity have spiked within the last 10 years. Just ask how many people in your class or workplace, own or have regular access to a computer and how long they spend per day on it.

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Technology Has Been Detrimental Towards Society. Essay
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As new programs, networking websites, games, movies and various forms of appeal for all ages, have been released for computers and on the internet, more people are turning to computers for prolonged hours of usage, causing many health risks. Obesity has been a mass epidemic worldwide, caused by a combination of factors such as poor diets and sedentary lifestyles. Computers have certainly been an influence, leaving people inactive and isolated in front of the screen for long periods of time.

Nowadays, the majority of children have turned away from outdoor activity and seek the computer for recreational purposes. Studies done in 2000 in the U. S showed that 60% of all that occupational illnesses were due RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) from eye strains, back pains and carpal tunnel syndromes. These were all caused by hours remained seated by the office computer. Much evidence has been provided to suggest it poses numerous health risks to frequent users and reveal the effects computers have had, and continue to have, on society.

The over-use of computers has more or less “dumbed down” society, especially the younger generations, to encourage poor literacy skills, as well as poor social and communication skills and a general decrease in intelligence. Instant messaging, networking websites and email have all contributed to poor grammar and spelling of younger age groups, who drop correct English for short colloquial terms. Furthermore, social interaction between people has been substituted via the quick easy alternative of the internet. Experts say that 90% of communication is nonverbal including body language, tone of voice and hand gestures.

These intuitive abilities are actually part of emotional intelligence, a new field study that experts say is more important that your IQ. Computers simply cannot mimic this in a flat LCD screen. People are more inclined to stay in front of the computer and chat with someone rather than physically make the effort to see them personally. This mindset has swept through society’s computer users and caused this isolation from social interaction. However, computers have not been entirely negative in society. Computers have helped major business’ and industries manage company funds other relevant details.

Students can research and write out essays and complete projects with the convenience of the computer. It also provides entertainment for people of all ages. Recipes, events, maps, numbers, friends, music, and news can all be accessed via the home computer. In addition, in a world of continual technological advancement, it is necessary to keep up with the incessant changes and developments and remain familiar with computer technologies. But the increase in abundance and prolonged usage and has caused substantial effects and overall been detrimental to society.

Computers have become a crucial part of every day life, whether we like it or not. They have many positive uses yet are becoming increasingly outweighed by the negative effects they have on society. Health risks from prolonged usage are an evident factor of PC’s and the development of poor English associated with literacy skills. Computers will be necessary in the future so skills will be required to handle them technology but until computer reliance is reduced and limited, PC’s continue be detrimental and harmful to society.


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