Technology Implementation Paper: Management Recommendation Report Essay

University of Phoenix TEC401 Human Factors in Technology November 16th 2009 Technology has become an exponentially growing industry in today’s professional world. Today’s companies are relying on technology to maximize their work output and work at the most efficient pace. Today in this paper the focus will be on “Technology and Management Functions. ” This paper will examine how management at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company expects technology to improve the company in different ways around the world.

How The Ritz-Carlton’s current technology uses are meeting business needs will be discussed as well. First an explanation of what technology is will be looked at in the paper. “Technology is the process by which humans modify nature to meet their needs and wants. ” (The National Academy of Sciences, 2009) Technology is that which is used to carry out plans or gather resources. The product of science and engineering is called technology so therefore engineering and science is included in technology. Anissimov, M. , 2003-2009) Technology can be beneficial for everyone, and has the ability to be used anywhere. Technology can be of great assistance to those who may have a disability and need help with everyday things some of us take for granted. With technology an individual having trouble with their sight can transfer information from one computer to the next without have to use brail. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is one of the largest luxury hotel chain in the world with more the 88 properties worldwide.

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Technology Implementation Paper: Management Recommendation Report Essay
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The organization strives to provide its customers with excellent service and comfort, making each guest who enters the hotel feel at home. The Ritz-Carlton is working to not only expand their chain but also the customers who frequent their hotels. As the younger generations needs change in what they are looking for in a hotel, the company is working on adapting to meet those needs. The company y has invested in the latest technology to help each hotel track their guests, and keep much need information that the company calls guest preferences.

This is a way to meet each guests needs across the company without them having to ask for things. For example if a guest is known to like a certain type of beer and he is visiting a hotel for the first time that hotel might send up a couple of those beers to his hotel prior to his arrival as a way to wow the guest and keep that Ritz-Carlton mystique alive. The Ritz-Carlton uses technology to keep track of guest preferences, to spread offers from the brand across the internet and to drive occupancy levels with those special offers.

The Ritz-Carlton is also using technology to help reduce their carbon footprint with each hotel being encouraged to start green programs. At the Ritz-Carlton property I work at we have implemented green programs all over the hotel, from our Sales department to a recycling program. The Sales team at our hotel has a “green meetings” package, where the room has energy saving light bulbs, large water cooler rather then individual bottles, recycled paper products for notepads and a green menu that only uses locally grown products for the food.

The green meetings have been a great success with many clients who are also focused on green programs themselves, even Exxon Mobil who is a large client is using the green meetings more, a surprised from the worlds largest oil company. The company uses technology to spread the word about successful green meetings, encouraging other hotels to follow suit, and also incentivizing the sale of green meetings with bonus checks for the hotel that sells the most.

The Ritz-Carlton knows that technology plays an important part in the future success of the company, in our hotels last renovation many technology upgrades were made to the guest rooms. In each room the guest no longer has to crawl under the desk to plug in any electronics or chargers, a “Jak Pak” has now been placed in the dresser that has outlets as well as TV In/Out plugs so a guest could connect their computer to the large HD TV’s that were also part of the upgrade. Additionally an I-pod home has replaced the old alarm clocks, giving the guest a place to charge and use their I-pod’s. he changes in the guest rooms has not gone unnoticed, from many meeting planners I have hear good things about all the upgrades. As technology becomes more and more a part of our guests lives they want to have access to it at all times, so the company is making changes to allow them easier access when staying with our hotels. The company knows that success is measured by our customers and of course marinating a lead in the luxury brand is vital in this economy, so any new guests our hotel can earn helps keep others employed at the hotel.

As an employee with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, examples of how technology is valued are witnessed on a daily basis. The value was illustrated on a small and large scale. For example, the company has put much effort into the website, hiring an internet marketing manager to spruce it up and make it more attractive and welcoming. Giving more information on a web and allowing more hands-on agility can increase customer’s frequency of use and even help spread the word about the company.

The role as a Internet Marketing Manager is key to the success of the website, someone who is well versed in promoting the brand correctly to our key markets. Configuring its customer databases and being the catalyst for effective and efficient service is paramount. The position works with the company’s website on a daily basis to ensure that customers, employees, management, and other users will benefit from its interaction, interrelation, and system interdependence. Any organization including The Ritz-Carlton, can, will, and does benefit from the implementation of new and upgraded technology.

Management within the company have become more apt and obligated to adhere to technology for communication purposes, every manager at our hotel has a blackberry. The focus on technology improvements has helped the company move into the new century and opened the door to new tech-savvy professionals who enjoy the luxury hotel market. Reference: The National Academy of Sciences (2009). Retrieved on July 23, 2009 from: http://www. nae. edu/nae/techlithome. nsf/weblinks/KGRG-55A3ER? OPEN_Document


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