Technology Trendy Communication Essay

Technology is changing the face of business communications. Do you think businesses effectively use these resources to communicate? Why or why not? Provide examples. In response to the above question I feel that some businesses do use the resources that are available to them. As an example working for a newspaper company, we have unlimited access to printing, but our company uses the internet more than our own paper for advertisement. I have seen some companies use printed advertisements along with internet advertisements and also using the local billboards along highways.

I think if all companies would utilize all of their potential in the advertising industry that production would be greater. There is a wide awry of advertising, I understand that some smaller companies have a limited budget for advertising but doing smaller advertising would be an achievement. This age is now into using technology, so using the internet would be the fastest and possibly cheapest way to reach as many possible consumers as possible. Along with using the internet it would save on printing and paying someone to possibly distribute them.

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Technology Trendy Communication Essay
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You can reach a bigger and broader prospect of customers with the use of the internet. I have also noticed that smaller companies can afford to use the internet for their advertising needs. As an example a small company can pay $20,000 to have 1700 ads printed in a newspaper, or they could pay Ten dollars an hour to have someone build a website with all of these ads provided on it. It would be less upkeep and easier to keep track of all the ads. So, in conclusion I think all companies should use all advertisement to their advantage don’t just rely on the word of mouth.


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