Technology-Trendy Communication Essay

CheckPoint: Technology-Trendy Communication Technology has come a long way in the past decade. Businesses have many more technological resources at their fingertips to use as forms of communication. I believe that most businesses are using these resources effectively as a more efficient means of communication. Many businesses used to rely on chalkboards and note cards when giving presentations. Not anymore. With the advancements in presentation software, an individual can put together a visually appealing and effective presentation in just a few hours.

I see many more businesses relying on programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint® to take care of their presentation needs. This is just the tip of the technological ice berg. There are so many technological resources that today’s businesses are using as forms of communication. Although most businesses are now using the internet to communicate with others around the globe, many businesses are now using the intranet to allow their employees to navigate within their company’s website for personal information and communicate with other co-workers, allowing for better worker collaboration.

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Emails, texts, portable media players, and personal digital assistants are also being used by businesses as forms of communication. Overall, I would say that most businesses are using these technological resources effectively as forms of communication. Although with most things in life, everything comes with a price. With businesses giving their employees more freedom to use these information highways, businesses find themselves constantly monitoring the employees’ usage of these resources to make sure that they are not being misused.


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