Ted Talk Education Essay

Ted Talk, “Teach teachers how to create magic” by Christopher Edwin starts off describing how “right now’ there are all different types of teachers and powerful educators out there, ones that are boring one to death and ones that are sharing information with student at the edge of their seats. Edwin states that the master educators that know the skills about how to teach are far removed from classrooms. Also the teachers that want to become masters have no models.

According to Edwin the masters have not learned their expertise from any college or university, but by “being in the same spaces of those who engage… Like the black church” (Edwin). He says the skills our educators need to reflect a preachers “magic”. And it is fine if we keep teaching theories and facts but it is nothing with the absence of the “magic”. To improve our schools we need to instill the “magic” by requiring the educators to enter the black church, barber shop and the rap concerts.

Christopher Edwin, author of “Teach teachers how to create magic” presented himself with the magic of a black church preacher. For example he engages the audience by awakening them with an “amen” after a statement. I fully comprehend the message because my favorite teachers are the ones who instill fire or the “magic” In their lesson because those are the teachers that live a realistic life. Christopher Admen has a very valid point that If communicated will Improve education across our nation.

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Ted Talk Education Essay
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