Teen Bullying Essay

In this article titled Suspects in Video Beating Could Get Life in Prison by Rich Phillips from CNN is about eight teens beating and attacking another teen girl violently for “spreading rumors” on the internet and trying them as adults in court. The eight will be tried for verbally and physically attacking another teen victim. The 16 year old abused victim was sent to the hospital and suffers from blurred vision, hearing loss, and a swollen face from the attack.

The attack was meant to embarrass her and get back at her for talking bad about some of the other girls. The eight attackers were planning on posting it on youtube while you could hear them cheering each other on as the girl cries and huddles in the corner. Six of the eight were girls while the two boys were said to be watching the door. All eight of the teens in on it were from age 14-18. Although they are underage I think many agree they deserve to be tried in court as adults. In this situation the trial will be criminal.

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With the eight teens punching, kneeing, slapping, and thrusting her head and body against the wall she suffers in the hospital as of Wednesday. They will all face charges of kidnapping and battery. These are first degree felonies. They could face up to a lifetime in prison because they will be tried in court as adults with their first degree felony. Many people say they hope their 9 minutes of fame on youtube will last them a lifetime in jail because they will be attending a criminal trial. Society needs to crack down on the Internet and buckle down so these things don happen.

As the article says the teens see people doing this all the time on the Internet on youtube and such. They thought they were funny and cool. Websites like youtube and myspace should intervene to help out America so this doesn’t happen. Youtube should screen videos so that violent videos cannot be shown and myspace should not allow derogatory comments and language. It feeds into high schools so hat everybody thinks its ok. In conclusion websites should sensor everything so that harsh things like this don’t occur anymore.


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