Teen Pregnancy Editorial Essay

Teenage Pregnancy in America In recent studies, statistics show that the United States ranks number one with cases of teenage pregnancy. Teen pregnancy is an important issue that people need to pay more attention to. Women that get pregnant at a young age are likely to suffer from health related issues as well as emotional stress. They often resort in dropping out of school, therefore hindering them to get a good job. Young women need to stop and think of the consequences of having a baby at such a young age and the affects it will have.

There are many emotional issues that are associated with teen pregnancy. In today’s society peer pressure is one of the leading causes of teen pregnancy. Many teens with low self esteem fall victim and become pregnant because of the strong desire to fit in. Young girls are scared of telling their parents and friends about the pregnancy fearing they will be judged and cast out. As a result they are most likely not going to finish high school therefore, hindering a better job in their future. Teen mothers will often turn to drinking alcohol and drugs to deal with their stress.

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Teen Pregnancy Editorial Essay
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Many teen mothers will become suicidal due to feeling insecure about their pregnancy. A teenage mother giving birth to a baby at a young age without the proper care can result in health complications for the mother and the baby. Pregnant teens are less likely to get early and regular prenatal care. As a result, teen moms tend to have poor eating habits and will not take their prenatal vitamins as directed. Babies are born premature and can suffer from underdeveloped lungs, infant death, stomach complications and possible vision loss in one or both eyes.

In today’s economy with families already financially burdened, the parents of the pregnant teen will have the extra stress of having to support the teen mother and baby. It is highly unlikely that the teenage mother and father will be able to support themselves and their baby since they have dropped out of school and will not be able to get a decent job. Without the support of the parents or welfare, teenage parents will face difficulty in providing proper nutrition and care for the baby. There are many solutions to avoiding teen pregnancy.

First and foremost, teens should practice abstinence. Almost every school provides numerous sex education classes offered to teens to help prevent teen pregnancy. The state health department offers a variety of free services assisting with birth control. Different methods of birth control such as birth control pills, contraceptive patches, and the Depo Provera shot are just a few methods offered. Making sure teens are properly supervised is another way to help prevent teen pregnancy. It is very important that parents supervise and can account for their teenager’s friends and whereabouts.

Abstinence in my opinion is the best preventive of teen pregnancy. It is obvious that without parental support and the proper sexual education teens will continue to get pregnant at an early age. I am 28 years old with two children and I could not imagine getting pregnant while still in high school. Even though I would have had the support of my family and friends the emotional stress of getting pregnant at a young age would have been devastating. In my opinion, teens should not have sex at all.


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