Teenager Tries as Adult Sample Essay

Imagine a younger sibling or a younger cousin of yours. funny and happy. non holding a attention in the universe. They have non yet seen the dangers of the universe. Now. image this in your caput. image there normally happy faces are now covered with fright and a sad face. Once they were free but now they are have oning bonds around their weaponries and their legs. bonds to large for them. bonds meant for person older. Shackles non intend for them. Imagine if the last clip you saw your younger sibling/cousin you saw them. you see them acquiring escorted into a large metal coop and you watch as the door sweeps right in their small faces. It would be atrocious seeing that. Kids under the age of 16 should non travel to gaol. even if they do perpetrate the flagitious of offenses. because they are kids. Adolescents are old plenty to understand the difference between right and incorrect. but they are excessively immature to do the right picks yet. As Laurence Steinberg. Professor at Temple University. says “The teenage encephalon is like a auto with a good gas pedal but has a weak brake. ” Studies have shown that based on adolescent’s encephalon development. striplings are more likely to move on impulse. misread societal cues and emotions. and/or engage in hazardous behaviour.

Adolescents are less likely to believe before they act. or intermission to see the possible effects of their actions. These encephalon differences don’t mean that immature people can’t make good determinations or state the difference between right and incorrect. It besides doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions. It merely means that striplings are non able to do wise determinations. Another ground why childs shouldn’t travel to gaol is that it is incorrect to keep childs to adult criterions. Childs are non permitted to the same rights as an grownup because of their inability to do wise determinations. Scientists have identified a “specific part of the encephalon called the amygdaloid nucleus which is responsible for instinctual reactions including fright and aggressive behaviour. ” This part develops early. However. the frontal cerebral mantle. the country of the encephalon that controls concluding and helps us believe before we act. develops subsequently. For striplings. this part of the encephalon is non to the full grown yet.

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Teenager Tries as Adult Sample Essay
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With clip. this portion of the encephalon is still altering and maturating good into a good maturity. and with that. good determinations. So why should kids be held to adult criterions when they don’t have the same rights as them. For an illustration we don’t say. “This is a really of import election so let’s allow the childs vote” . right. so why should people state. “This instance is different and this child deserves to be treated as an grownup and locked off in prison” . It doesn’t make sense. Last. kids who commit offenses. even the 1s who commit the most inexcusable of offenses. can be rehabilitated and become responsible grownups.

Children should non travel to imprison because at the clip. you were excessively busy making this and likely non believing about your actions as you did. You merely knew that you needed to have/do this. you weren’t believing of other people. It’s after you got caught and were punished for it. that you reflect on your actions. You were punished for it. but you weren’t locked away for it. When it came the clip once more for that determination. you had learned better than that. But you didn’t even have to be locked off for that did you. You learned from your errors. We all make errors. Children who commit serious offenses still have the ability to alter their lives for the better. It is now up to up to the grownups to assist them. and take them out on the way of life This is why kids under 16 should non travel to gaol.


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