Teenagers Who Play Sports Essay

Teenagers Who Play Sports Teenagers who play sports are healthier and show a greater confidence with in themselves. Playing sports teaches them good qualities such as teamwork, self confidence and respect. Teenagers who play sports in high school and junior high have to maintain their health so they are ready to play mentally and physically. Mentally they have to prepare themselves so they can perform at their best by being awake and alert. They do this by making sure they get enough rest each night before a game or a match. Physically teenagers have to work extremely hard to keep their bodies in shape.

They have to maintain a healthy diet such as more fruit and vegetables and less of the fatty foods. Athletes also have to spend everyday doing some kind of exercise to maintain their bodies. Five days a week they should be running for twenty minutes a day and lifting weights three day a week. This gives them more endurance and strength so they are ready for game day. Confidence and respect is automatically instilled in kids who play sports. Their coach is the one who teaches them they sport of choice and once they learn it this gives them the confidence to play.

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Teenagers Who Play Sports Essay
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Children learn a great deal of respect for one another by working together and listening to each other. They have to do this so they can work together as a team. By listening and teaching each other they motivate one another. This makes a great and winning team none the less. In conclusion sports offer all children a great deal of learning and respect in many ways and opens doors for future opportunity. Sports are an important part of our children’s lives and as proven give them a better way of life.


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