Teens and Sexual Education Essay

There are different cognitive and social factors that can contribute to high- risk sexual behaviors in some adolescents. One factor is lack of attention from their parents. Children who do not get enough attention from their parents feel unloved and unneeded more than other children. They do things to get more attention from other people to make up what they lack from their parents. This results to sexual behavior because they do more things to get attention. I feel that it is very important for school to have programs where they inform teens about sexual behaviors, the risk actors associated with it, and prevention ways.

It is important for teens to know what sex is. If they do not know what it is then someone could be taking advantage of them and trying to get them to do things that they do not know what it is. It is also important for teens to know all the risk factors associated with sex. If they know all the things that can happen to them if they have sex they are more likely to either not have sex or be safe about it. It is important to inform teens that they can get pregnant from having intercourse one time or get someone else pregnant.

Teens also need to know the different forms of sexual behavior. They need to know that there are risks if they do these actions to. Teens need to know that if they do have sexual intercourse or sexual relations they can get a SST, or even AIDS then it may prevent them from even doing it. CDC. Gob states that “Nearly half of the 19 million new Studs each year are among young people aged 15-24 year”. If teens were informed about these things and the number of people their age that get pregnant, HIVE, and Stud’s they may think twice about it.

It is one thing for parents to talk their teens about this stuff but teens do not like to listen to their parents. If schools inform them and give them all the facts and numbers then they are more likely to listen. Netscape. Com states that mooing adults and adolescents who are more oriented to the here-and- now are less likely to engage in health protective behaviors and are more likely to engage in risky health behaviors”. This is why I feel that it is very important for schools to inform teens about sexual behavior, the risks, and prevention ways.

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Teens and Sexual Education Essay
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