Telephone Past and Present Essay

TELEPHONE PAST TO THE PRESENT YOLINDA RATLIFF INF. 103 COMPUTER LITERACY INSTRUCTOR MIKE JONES August 10, 2010 In 1862 Thomas Alvin Edison hung a telegraphy line from Port Hudson Railroad station to Port Hudson village and worked in the telegraphy office as he was taught as a child by his father this trade. In 1876-1877 Thomas Edison invented the telephone “button” the carbon transmitter that started telephony’s commercial success .

In the 1870’s Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray both invented the telephone, even though they both went to the patent office on the same day Bell arrived first so he was the one to receive the patent on the telephone. This started a legal battle between the two over the invention of the telephone, this legal battle became quite famous but as we know from history Alexander Graham Bell won the battle and received and maintained his patent on the telephone. Bell’s experimenting with the telegraphy to improve on it’s uses was how he accomplished the invention of the telephone.

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Bell’s understanding of sound and music and his great love of communication and the finding and inventing the unknown as well as his desire to improve on communication gave him the idea of sending several messages on the same wire at the same time, and he kept trying and by the process of experimenting and many failures I am sure his ideas worked and he proved he was correct to keep striving at his goal. He figured out that if you use different pitches that several voice notes could be sent at the same time on one wire.

Belle received his initial financial backing from his future father-in-law Gardiner Green Halberd that he needed to continue his work and get the bugs out. With all an ambitious electrician he had recruited by the name of Thomas Watson they developed a device that could send speech electronically. On June 2, 1875 Belle heard sound for the first time over a wire. It was the twanging sound of a clock spring. On March 10, 1876 Alexander Graham bell spoke to his assistant for the first time . His first telephone communication was “Mr. Watson-come here- I want to see you. ” Bell’s first United States patent no. as 174,465 issued in 1876 and it was the most valuable patent in history. The construction of the first telephone line was completed in 1877 reaching from Boston to Somerville Massachusetts, 47,900 telephone lines were hung in the United States by the end of 1880. In 1877 in Boston Massachusetts the first switchboard was established. Troy Firman got the first patent for the switchboard on January 17, 1882. In 1889 Almomd Strowger invented the switch that connected 100 telephone lines by using relays and sliders. Almond also was issued the first patent for the automatic telephone exchange in 1891.

The Erickson brothers and Frank Lundguist, ( Inventors of the first dial phone ) joined forces with the Strowger Company in 1893. On April 30, 1901 A. E. Keith and the Ericksons received a patent number 672,942 for a 1000 line telephone trunking system. Lindquest received his patent for the system that automatically selected a trunk that was idle and not in use in 1901, the patent number he received was 776,524. The dial phone instead of the push button method phone along with the newly patented trunking systems gave a new access to the telephone exchange resources.

R. B. Hill stated “ Dialing a number wound up a spring that’s tension, when the finger was withdrawn, caused the dial to return to its normal position. The return rotation was limited to a moderate speed by an escapement mechanism, and during the return, the required number of circuit interruptions took place to control the movement of the central office apparatus. ” The first touch tone phone system was established in Baltimore Maryland in 1941. The touch tone phone used voice frequency tones instead of the pulses that the rotary dial used.

The touch tone phone became part of the residential phone systems in the early 1960’s. The debute of the commercial touch tone phone was in 1962 at the Seattle World’s Fair. On June 17, 1946 history was made in St. Louis Missouri when the first phone call was made from a car phone. The mobile phone was invented by Alton Dickison and D. Mitchell associates from the Bell Labs also H. I. Ronnes (future C. E. O. of A. T. &T. ). Who worked together for over ten years to make mobile calling available and possible in over 100 cities.

The mobile phone service started out as a party line and cost $15. 00 a month and up to 40 cents per minute for a local call. The equipment weighed up to and over 80 pounds a phone. (A. T,&T, Enterprises, Line 19). In 1965 because of several improvements came the invention of smaller handsets, but still onlt about 40,000 subscribers were allowed access to the mobile phone services and when they wanted to place a call they had to wait upwards of a half an hour to be able to place a call, the mobile phone was still pretty much a party line system.

On April 3, 1973 Dr. Martin Cooper; the inventor of the first portable cellular phone; made the first cell phone call on the street in front of the Manhattan Hilton on the way to a press conference to unveil the Motorola Dyna-tac ( the name of the first handheld portable cell phone). Ironically he made history’s first cellular call to his competition Joel Engel. It was Cooper’s vision for people to always have the convenience and safety of always having a phone on their person that led to his idea and invention of the cellular phone.

The Motorola Dyna-Tac weighed 2. 5 pounds, its size was 9x5x1. 75 inches, it Had a 30 circuit board. The talk time on the Motorola Dyna-Tac was only 35 Minutes maximum and then the handset had to be charged for 10 hours Before it could be used again. There was other mobile phones before Martin Cooper invented the portable Handset but all of these required some sort of large pack to carry and attach to Or had to be connected to a car unit to mount the phone. In the mid 1980’s networks that were completely automated became available For cellular services.

This helped to decrease the price of owning and using a cell Phone. Then in the early to mid 1990’s cellular phones became a large consumer selling Product because the phones became much smaller and cheaper and cellular Service became affordable. In 1993 the computer video phone was created, offering customers the technology and ability to view and edit files as well as have video of the person who was on the other end of the phone connection. In 1994 A. T. &T. took over Mc Caw cellular company and became part of the new wave of cellular families. Today A. T. &T. as more than 17 million subscribers in the wireless world and is the largest of many prosperous cellular operations systems. In the 1990’s cellular services grew fast and changed even faster, In 1998 A. T. &T. developed the phone web which gives easy and convenient access to internet contents and web pages with the touch of a button on the cellular phone. And as of today, there are telephones and cellular phones that make it possible to have real time face to face conversations on a phone screen, cellular phones that take pictures, videos, surf the web, and you can even have video conferences from the screen of your cellular phone.

So, from a telephone that was talked into and listen to that weighed a considerable amount with party lines that others could listen in on your conversation, to today’s telephone and cellular technology where a person can just about run an entire business from a cellular phone the size of the palm of a hand and weighing about three pounds, the world of the telephone has come a long way and continues to grow and improve. The Telephone one of the most important inventions in history. MAJOR INVENTIONS AND EVENTS IN THE LIFE OF THOMAS ALVIN EDISON, GERALD BEALS; JUNE 1996 http://www. thomasedison. om/Inventions. htm THE HISTORY OF THE TELEPHONE: ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL MARY BELL’S; about. com GUIDE http://inventors. about. com/od/bstartinventors/a/telephone TELEPHONE HISTORY-TELEPHONE TECHNOLOGY About. com: Inventors http://inventors. about. com/library/inventor/b1telephone7. htm THE INVENTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE DIAL TELEPHONE: THE CONTRIBUTION OF THREE LINDSBORG INVENTORS. EMORY LINDQUIST, SPRING 1957, ( VOLUME 23, NO. 1) PAGES ONE TO EIGHT http://kancall. org/klng/1957_1_1_lindquist. htm 1941: TOUCH TONE TELEPHONES A. T. amp;T. ENTERPRISES; 2010 http://www. corp. att. com/attlabs/reputation/timeline/64touch. html MARTIN COOPER-INVENTOR OF THE CELL PHONE http://www. cellular. co. za/cellphone_inventor. htm 1983: CELLULAR PHONES A. T. &T. ENTERPRISES; 2010 http://www. corp. att. com/attlabs/reputations/timelines/83alltech. html 1993: THE COMPUTER VIDEO PHONE A. T. &T. ENTERPRISES; 2010 http://www. corp. att. com/attlabs/reputation/timeline/93vidphon. html 1998: PHONE WEB A. T. &T. ENTERPRISES; 2010 http://www. corp. att. com/attlabs/reputation/timeline/98web. html


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