Tells you the definition of the science vocabulary word.

Term Definition
Reproduction The process by which organisms sexually or asexually generate new individuals of the same kind.
Cell division The process by which a cell, called a parent cell, divides to form either 2 or 4 daughter cells.
Somatic cells Any cell of a sexually reproducing organism that is not a germ cell. Also called a BODY cell.
Germ cells The reproductive cell of any sexually reproducing organism Also called a SEX cell.
Parent cell A cell that is the source of other cells, as a cell that divides to produce two or more daughter cells.
Daughter cell Either of the two (or 4) cells formed when a cell undergoes cell division by mitosis (or meiosis).
Cell cycle The series of events involving the growth, replication, and division of a cell.
Interphase The first stage in the cell cycle in which the cell grows and the DNA replicates (makes a copy of itself).
Mitosis A series of stages in the cell cycle of a somatic (body) cell in which the parent cell divides into 2 new daughter cells that are identical to the parent cells.
Meiosis A series of stages in the cell cycle of a germ (sex) cell in which the parent cell divides into 4 new daughter cells that are NOT identical to the parent cell.
Gene Hereditary Unit.
Double Helix Shape of DNA, looks like a twisted ladder.
Chromatin one of a pair of duplicated chromosome
Centromere where chromatins are joined in a duplicated chromosome.

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