Ten Mega Trends Shaping the Catholic Church Sample Essay

The article is about major events from the yesteryear which have affected Catholicism. Through the old ages. a batch have had happen in the universe and have changed the face of the Church. The writer listed his 10 mega tendencies which he believes have moved Catholicism and formed the faith what we know today. The first on the list was how Catholics from 1st universe parts. viz. Europe and North America have decreased while poorer parts such as South Africa and Asiatic parts have increased significantly. I believe this is rather alarming because come oning parts are going less interested and/less faithful on Catholicism. With this form. we should be scared that our faith would be confronting more jobs as the universe go more progress and engineering operated. It is because people would be populating in the present and be more concerned about the betterment of life and have lesser importance for the religious growing since people would desire to see advancement in their lives. Next is about the quest for Catholic individuality which states that the job is that we reject the nonsubjective truth or holding on one truth. This job divides the church members because of different instruction in faith to liturgy.

This is a job because of the different political orientations of people explicating similar topics create a confusion which causes besides a divide between Catholics. I think that this is both good and bad. Good in the sense that people may farther explicate and portion rich ideas to others and bad because. once more it can besides make confusion. But confusion can be fixed by doing a more flexible truth. intending holding it explained in different point of positions which will assist the church communicate better to people. Because I believe in a individual truth. but a individual truth holds a million of point of position. It is like looking at the Sun from different parts of the universe which gives you different point of positions but all true. Third is the rise of Islam which talks about the talk of the Pope which offended the Muslims. It caused a large impact because the relation between the two faiths was once more shaken. This merely made it more hard to carry on talk between both parties. This is truly sad because of merely a misinterpretation. households and friends from both faiths are caught in the center of such issue.

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Ten Mega Trends Shaping the Catholic Church Sample Essay
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The Forth negotiations about the different motions which have had expressed their different beliefs on the same God and have separated from the Catholic Church. This is a major tendency because once more. it divides the church and put down different positions. Next is the biotech revolution which is the consequence of the fast promotion and engineering of the universe today. It has an consequence on the church because some finds are contrary to the church’s base on morality and somehow is a manner of moving like God. This now divide people who are for development and those who are for morality and the church’s instructions. The 6th is about the universe being radio. It discusses how easy it has become to distribute information and it focused on the airing of Catholic Hagiographas. Alternatively of people sharing these Hagiographas. what they did was inquiry these sorts of things written by bishops and other church based establishment. Technology has caused harm alternatively of aid to the church. I think. what the church can make is reply these activisms and put things out with these people who are non-believers. Seventh takes on the Wojtyla Revolution which speaks of church taking on the universe outside as preached by the late Catholic Pope. Pope John Paul II.

He wants the church to evangelise the universe but so comes the job which leaves internal jobs unmanaged. This issue shows how the church is non yet ready and has to repair internal jobs foremost and construct a stronger foundation in order to take on the universe as envisioned. But this doesn’t mean it can’t right now. it merely necessitate to hold a better scheme to take on both issues. Following semen globalisation which negotiations about how the church responds to the economic jobs and how the church wants the universe to hold the same involvement and non divide people from the rich and hapless. It wants the universe to ideally be more equal and lessen the people enduring. This is of import for the church because of its moral instructions and values which the church holds steadfastly.

The 9th issue is the polarisation and discontents which shows how people have created groups wherein they voice out a different position or sentiment based from the church. This is a divide which once more weakens the church because they now have different conferences. linguistic communication and heroes. It is sad how people desire about the same ends with their beliefs but can’t unite and assist each other toward that end and alternatively interrupt up and go independent. Last is the sexual maltreatment crisis which gives the church a blow and somehow takes on its assurance and credibleness. It is sad because the community suffer as a whole. But this issue shouldn’t the decease of the church but a lesson in order for it to turn and go stronger to confront future jobs. It must be an inspiration that there will still be people who are strong with their religion and will stand by the church’s side.


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