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One of the well known mysteries is the disappearance of Flight 19 on 5th December 1984. This disappearance is the beginning of realization of the existence of Bermuda Triangle. Over the years, there are several theories explaining the disappearances of planes and ships at the Bermuda Triangle. The mystery behind the disappearance of planes and ships at Bermuda Triangle can be cleared explained by the myth of Bermuda Triangle from the locals, the natural phenomena that is seldom but possible to occur at Bermuda Irlangle ana tne sclentlTlc perspectlves tnat Includes tne Tacts ana vidences from science researches.

There are many myths about the disappearances of the planes and ships around the Bermuda Triangle. Based on the myths from the locals, there were the advanced technologies that are left by the mythical lost city of Atlantis behind this mystery. “Research Paper on” (2009) states that, the lost city of Atlantis that is rich with crystals, lay under the Bermuda Triangle area radiated huge amount of energy and can mess up the engines of planes and ships. Besides, that city has a uniquely overpowering gravitational pull (Sexton, 2009) that only works nder particularistic condition.

There is also the modern myth that blames the aliens about this mystery. “The stories of UFOs and strange sightings over the Triangle have been recorded for centuries” (“Research Paper on”, 2009, para. 9). The aliens had come to our earth and had constructed a base at the seabed of Bermuda Triangle and will kidnap the ships and humans that passed through their place. Another story tells that these extraterrestrial beings brought their victims to the other dimension. Therefore, the myths about the Bermuda Triangle cannot be accepted because those re only stories from locals which do not have any supporting facts from trusted sources.

Moreover, the mystery of Bermuda Triangle can be explained by natural explanation. To begin with, Ceurstemont (2007) has found that the weather such as hurricane can be one of the factors behind this mystery because hurricane is a very powerful storm that can lead to death of people and destruction of planes and ships. “Research Paper on” (2009, para. 7) claims that “giant waves could be stirred up by the storms and could be large enough to engulf a ship and drag it under” besides that he Bermuda Triangle is also the source of black holes.

This theory is supported by the physicists that there are wormholes which “pop in and out of existence in the open air, unseen to the naked eye” (Lethurin, 2007, para. 25). These wormholes will appear and disappear at random. When this condition happens, these wormholes will suck up the occasional ships or planes. In our opinion, the natural explanations cannot be accepted because it seems ridiculous for every time the incident happened, the same natural phenomena will occur to mess up with the planes and hips.

Lastly, another explanation for this mystery is from a scientific perspective. Tidwell (2007) states that the disappearance of planes and ships at Bermuda Triangle most likely because of methane eruptions. The methane gas will be unlocked when the subterranean landslides occur and produce the low density of bubbles which will dissipate with the sea water hence, lowers its density then cause the ships that passed by sink like a rock. The stream with high current and warm water that circulate the Bermuda Triangle is a big helper for the methane gas to sink hose gigantic ships.

The stream will cause the ship which is experiencing the difference density of water will lost control and makes it to sink immediately. Furthermore, the Bermuda Triangle is surrounded by extraordinary geomagnetic field strength that can attract the ships and planes that pass by to the seabed besides give the variation reading of compass by interrupting its function. The Bermuda Triangle has this kind of magnetic field is because it is where the place of “magnetic north and true north are perfectly aligned” (“Research Paper on”, 2009, para. 7).

So, he navigator needs to consider these two north’s but in the Bermuda Triangle they must remember not to compensate. As a conclusion, this scientific view had answered our curlosltles aoout tne mlsslng 0T tne snlps ana planes at tne Bermuda Triangle because this theory has reliable evidence about the facts that been exposed. After doing the research and readings, we can conclude that the mystery of disappearance of planes and ships can be explained from a scientific perspective because it is the most logical explanation compared to other theories.

The combination of methane gas and the high current stream have answered why the hips cannot cross the imaginary line of Bermuda Triangle. This is because the bubbles of methane gas will make the ship to sink with the help of sthrong current from the seabed stream. While for the disappearance of the planes, it can be explained by the geomagnetic field around the Bermuda Triangle. Generally, the magnet will attract steel and same goes to this situation. The geomagnetic field that surrounds the Bermuda Triangle’s atmosphere is sthrong enough to pull the gigantic plane into the ocean.

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