Termination Paper Essay

Re: seeking my employee back from wrongful Termination Mon, September 28, To: robin. [email protected]. com Cc: lauren. [email protected]. com; stephen. [email protected]. com Hello, I been trying to get information about my decision on my termination. I have made several call and left message to you and did not get a respond back. I was told by Employee Relation that it was not there decision. I have/had goal at Walgreen and I felt that it was strip from me by someone who was on a power trip.

I did nothing wrong to lose my job and got run around when I was trying to plead my case. I am requesting to meet with all in higher power because I want my job and what ever evidents that was suppose to be prove was not prove and I am seeking my employment back. In all do respect, I do not think that all the other District treat there employee the way been treated. I busted my butt at the company so that I could fulfilled my goals and I always make sure that I surround myself with positive people. Every since Ms.

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Termination Paper Essay
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Wright took over Centerville store the employee’s and people felt like they was being robbed from the positive atmosphere that the store had gave. How can employess look up to someone who talk down about there boss but you can’t say anything about it because you might just lose your job or get your hours cuts. So, I am requesting that someone contact me to arrange a meeting for I am seeking my employement back but relocate to another store. Words to live by:”God bless you for I know he will bless me. “


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